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Cash Bankis is the main antagonist of "Bank Shot". Cash is very good at the game of Bank Shot. Every time he plays against someone, he wagers them.


At Wing Kingdom. when Rigby asks if there's anyone who would like to play Bank Shot against him, Cash requests to plays. The two agree on a wager; the loser pays for the winner's bill. When Cash wins the bet, he shows Rigby the bill--$12,000 for a night of eating gold plated chicken. As Rigby is unable to pay that much, he decides to take the bet up a notch (double or nothing). He bets Cash that he can make "the greatest bank shot of all time" off the wall. He accepts. but only if Rigby passes off his Eggscellent hat as a side deal. When Rigby's guts "fail" him, he steals the hat and demands Rigby to pay up $24,000. Rigby didn't have that kind of money on him, so he threatens his friends to pay the money. This forces Rigby to demand another rematch (triple-or-nothing). Cash gives Rigby until the following day to get prepared. He tells him not only will he pay him the money, but he and his friends will be forbidden to hang out at Wing Kingdom.

When Rigby is fully prepared (with help from Don), the two meet up at Wing Kingdom again and begin the rematch. After Cash makes his first successful shot, Rigby makes his successful shot. They go at each other with amazing bank shots, until Cash fails one. Rigby makes another shot, and wins the triple-or-nothing bet. That meant Cash had to pay for his own bill, and Rigby asked for his hat back. Cash said he won the hat fair and square on the side deal. Then, the God of Basketball appeared and told Rigby his double or nothing bet was still in play. It's revealed that Rigby's ball continued to bank after going out the window. It returns to Wing Kingdom, and bounces the hat off Cash's head before going through the hoop. Which meant Rigby truly made the greatest bank shot of all time.


He has a basketball net for a head and is wears a red hoodie.



  • With the double or nothing and triple or nothing bets that he made with Rigby. He owes Rigby $60,000 dollars from the two bets.