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Carter and Briggs
Carter And Briggs
Biographical Information
Home: Unknown
Occupation: Actors
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde (Carter)
Black (Briggs)
Relatives: Unknown
Show Information
Voiced by: Steve Blum (Carter)
Roger Craig Smith (Briggs)
First appearance: "Carter and Briggs"
Latest appearance: "A Regular Epic Final Battle Part 2"

This article is about the character. For the episode, see "Carter and Briggs".

Carter and Briggs are characters seen in the episode Carter and Briggs. They're the main protagonists in the TV show, "Carter and Briggs". Briggs mentions briefly that Carter's name is Brad (though it is unclear whether it was his real name).


Carter and Briggs are first seen where they announced that they will be hosting a contest where the person (or people) that can do the most donuts in a row will make a cameo appearance in their next episode. The contest was eventually won by Mordecai and Rigby after they were victorious over characters posing as Carter and Briggs. During the next episode, they arrests Mordecai and Rigby doing actual harm to the duo.

They are seen again in "The Thanksgiving Special", along with other celebrities, singing apart of Richard Buckner's song, "Chewing On Freedom".

They made a cameo appearances in "Paint Job", in a TV special that Rigby is watching that features RGB2, "Carter and Briggs Meets RGB2".

They make a brief cameo in "Bachelor Party! Zingo!!" when Quips was doing everything he wanted to do for his bachelor party.

Prior to Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special, they were forced by Play Co. owner to signs a contract to do his ridiculous toy sale advertisings. Upon the Park Gangs and the Baby Ducks are in trouble of trying their best declining the contract from Play Co. owner assisted Geese, Carter and Briggs, along with the ducks older brother, Andy, later a now redeemed Geese assist them in order to free themselves from that dumb contract he Play Co. made & manipulates them. With the Play Co. owner drop his toy selling plan, he decides to stick with video game selling instead, much to everyone's agreement.


Carter is white, with blond hair and stubble.  He wears sunglasses, which the impostor in the Carter costume had on his mask.

Briggs is African-American, with an a mustache and pushed-up hair. He also wears a white suit with a red tie.

Episode Appearances

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

Season Seven

Season Eight


"Carter and Briggs"

"The Thanksgiving Special"

"Paint Job"

"Bachelor Party! Zingo!!"

"Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special"

"Just Friends"

"Win That Prize"

"Terror Tales of the Park VI"

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