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Hecho "(Alive) Cart" en México is a golf cart that is seen in several episodes.


Cart became alive in the Season 3 episode "Out of Commission", and had a short lived life. He was created when Mordecai and Rigby poured soda on his hood, which brought his motor to life. However he was unable to enjoy his new life due to having been replaced by a new cart and being scheduled to be scrapped at the dump, so to make his short life worthwhile, Mordecai and Rigby decided to let him experience all the fun he could have and then grant his dying wishes which were to see the sunset, get a "real" car wash, get into a fight at the Family Restaurant, and go off a cliff into an ocean with fireworks from a third-world country. After he sank and exploded, Benson called Mordecai and Rigby to tell them that they needed the old cart back due to the new one being too expensive. Mordecai then somberly told Rigby that they needed to get the cart out of the water. After this the cart was likely repaired or replaced but was apparently no longer alive.


The golf cart is an average golf cart. It is mostly white, with grey poles on its sides to hold up the roof. It has a white seat, and has a white body. Its wheels and tires are black. The alive version of Cart looks exactly like his normal cart form, except that his lights are round for eyes. He is dirty and scratched up, much like his inanimate state.


  • The cart came to life and was destroyed in the Season 3 episode "Out of Commission".
  • Mordecai and Rigby are its most frequent users, however, Muscle ManHi Five GhostBensonPops, and Skips also drive it.
  • He always wanted to mate with lady carts. Mordecai and Rigby helped him do this by connecting him to a red (Presumably female) Volkswagen New Beetle together with jump starter cables.
  • This is the first time that the cart appeared with round headlights. This was probably a side effect of him coming to life.
  • He appears to enjoy drinking black oil.
  • He likes to watch the sunset, get carwashes, and get into fights.
  • Rigby refers to him as the eighth member of the park and Mordecai refers to him as a member of the family.
  • Goof: Cart had stickers on his hood for one scene, then they weren't there the rest of the time. They may have possibly been taken off by Mordecai and Rigby, however.
  • Goof: Cart appeared clean before he had his first carwash.
  • Goof: Although one of Cart's dying wishes was to go off a cliff with fireworks from a third-world country, (Which Mordecai and Rigby supposedly went and got) it appeared he already had fireworks in his back compartment before they left. This was only shown for a very brief moment.
  • He had been writing a novel, or planned to.
  • He wanted Mordecai to answer Benson's call in French accent, and then he wanted Mordecai to say he's going to pick up his momma.
  • He said he had seen things other carts haven't. This could mean that there are other carts that had the same soda spilled on their engine.
  • The Cart was voiced by storyboarder on the show and the episode, Toby Jones. Jones stated originally someone more famous was to voice the Cart, but did not specify who.
  • It is unknown why, but the driver has to spin the cart around a number of times to make it start.
  • According to "Out of Commission", his name "Hecho en México" translates to "Made in Mexico".
  • Cart's speech at the end of "Out of Commission" parodies the "Tears in Rain" speech performed by actor Rutger Hauer in the 1982 film Blade Runner.
  • Cart sounded like Kristofferson from the 2009 film Fantastic Mr. Fox.


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