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Carrey O'Key is the manager of a karaoke place called Carrey O'Key's and is the main antagonist from "Karaoke Video".

Carrey O'Key is the manager of Carrey O'Key's, where the park workers go to for karaoke night. He was infuriated that there weren't many singers, so he wanted to release Mordecai and Rigby's embarrassing karaoke promo in which Mordecai and Rigby went crazy and poured out the feelings about their hatred of Benson, Pops, and Skips. He also has stage fright, and has to be slapped repeatedly by Carl before he heads up on a stage.

He is dubbed by the comic actor Salazar Fernandez in the French version.


He is an obese man with light blonde hair in a ponytail. His outfit includes a red polo shirt, a brown belt, white pants, and black shoes. 


  • Carrey O'Key's name is a pun of the word karaoke.
  • A single blow with a videotape from Benson was strong enough to knock him out, as well as break the tape into pieces.
  • It is unknown what happened to Carrey O'Key's after Benson knocked him out, although since he was a villain, he presumed by the creators to have been arrested by the police.