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Carmenita is the name of Pops' car from Cruisin'. Mordecai and Rigby used Carmenita to try to get a girl's phone number.


Carmenita is a white car and has special gears. They are to only be used by professionals, as Pops says. Carmenita is supposed to resemble a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, possibly due to the familiar name.


Carmenita has special gears which gives "her" the ability to fly and glide with wings.


Before Mordecai and Rigby asked Pops to borrow Carmenita, Pops was seen washing the car with a towel. Trash and Scabitha didn't seem to be interested in the car, they only wanted to make their boyfriends jealous so they can appreciate them more. The car was hit and it released the engine, causing Mordecai and Rigby to fall to the ground. It landed safely, but it crashed at a tree. Rigby mentioned that they had to pay for the damages for Carmenita, In Skips' Stress, the gang flew to the bell all the way at the Himalayas in her. In Trailer Trashed, Carmenita was one of the vehicles used to defend Muscle Man's trailer. Unfortunately, one of Frank Jones' henchmen shot an arrow at it on the bottom, which resulted in it leaking oil, and ended up crashing. She was also seen in Blind Trust when Mordecai, Rigby, Benson and Pops flew up to the mountains. In The Real Thomas, the whole park used Carmenita to chase after the chopper Thomas and Natalia were in.

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