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Carlton Tanner is a minor character in Regular Show. He made his debut in the episode "Ugly Moons". He is the commander of the Space Bush Station. He is the rival of Colonel Rawls.


Tanner is a tall man with a slightly pointy triangular nose. He also has short brown hair with a slightly spiky top. He wears a colonel uniform.


Tanner is arrogant and enjoys childish pranks and harassment (not unlike Muscle Man, though on a greater scale).


When they first met, he's been pranking Colonel Rawls since their days in the academy. He tried to getting back at him for years but he was too good. He is finally put in his place by an elaborate prank by Muscle Man.

He later appears in a space race against the other space stations. His racers are beaten by Mordecai and Rigby, much to his dismay.

Episode Appearances

  1. "Ugly Moons"
  2. "The Space Race"


  • His rivalry with Rawls is similar to that of the park rivalry between Benson and Gene. However, he is far worse than Gene since he is willing to resort to murder to achieve his goals.
  • Since Tanner only appeared in two episodes, his fate in light of Anti-Pops' attack is unknown. It's possible he was killed along with Space Bush in his attack on the space stations but it isn't confirmed. He wasn't shown returning to Earth in the finale either.


"Ugly Moons"

"The Space Race"