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Carlocks are the antagonists that appeared in the episode "Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit." The Carlocks are an unknown underground species that are the first and last of their mighty underground race, according to their leader. The group resemble a tribe as they have a leader and a small group of only six members. The Carlocks live on the gifts that are given to them by the sky people, however Rigby reveals that there are no sky people, but that it was him and the others who crash cars into the Crash pit.

The Carlocks are first seen gathered in a group watching the video tape recording of Rigby falling out of the car, as it is funny they all laugh and one mentions how Rigby is 'cowardice' and 'screams like a baby'. Soon Rigby yells 'he's not a baby' and they are caught by the Carlocks as intruders, the leader asks for a reason as to why they have disturbed their realm, then Mordecai mentions he wants no trouble but they need the camera back. The Carlocks leader refuses as before for decades their only source of entertainment was a ball and string, however one of the Carlocks got hungry and ate the ball, the leader then explains that this camera is a new source of entertainment 'laughter', which they explain that they have received from the Sky people, to them the sky people are people who bestow them with gifts. However Rigby mentions there are no sky people, but it was him and the others who had crashed cars into the crash pit over time. Mordecai pleads for the camera again but the leader still refuses saying that the device stays there, as a result Rigby jumps onto the leaders face and he drops the camera, Rigby picks up the camera and run with the others. Then mordecai tells them to get in the car, them Muscle Man hot wires the car but the Carlocks try to stop them, but their weakness is light from the torch which Rigby had shined at them. Then they drive off, but the Carlocks get into their own cars and try to get the camera back. There are three Carlocks cars chasing the guys, one of the Carlocks jump onto their car but they shake her off and she falls onto one of the cars driving, then that car falls into a deep pit. However up ahead Thomas dumps a load from the excavator into the crash pit. But Mordecai drives up it like a ramp, Thomas dumps another load into the pit which falls on a car then the car explodes. Now the last car with the leader is following them however the leader jumps onto their car and tries to get the camera back, however Skips dumps a big load from the truck which falls onto the last car crushing it, and the leader falls of the car that the guys are driving and the last of the truckload dumped by skips submerges the Carlocks leader and his last word is noooo. Thus marking the end of the Carlocks race.


The Carlocks appear to be blue with various hair colors. Their bare feet and hands are covered in what looks like grease or motor oil, and most members wear a seat belt and various other car parts as a head band. The leader is distinctive from the others by the exhaust pipe helmet, carpet type cape and gold hump cap chain that he wears. They improvise their clothes by covering their bodies with car parts such as tires, exhaust pipes, seat belts, number plates, hump caps and other car parts.


  • The Carlocks are the first and the last of their mighty underground race.
  • For decades their only form of entertainment was a ball and string.
  • The Carlocks thought that a camera was a movie picture machine.
  • They had possibly survived on the beef jerky left in cars which Muscle Man had crashed.
  • They believed that the gifts that they received are from the sky people who is seen as god to them. The leader explains the sky people as "The great ones from above who bestow upon us the means of our very survival".
  • When Skips and Thomas covered up the crash pit, they had wiped out the entire race of Carlocks thus meaning that their race are extinct.
  • The Carlocks hate light, this is shown when Rigby shines a torch at them as a result they all shy away like vampires.
  • The Carlocks are based on the Morlocks from H.G. Well's novel, "The Time machine". Thier appearance is based on the Morlocks seen in the 1960 George Pal Film of the same name.
  • It is possible that the Carlocks were originally humans who have fallen into the Crash Pit.