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Carl Putter is CJ's father. His only appearance is in the Season 6 Episode "Daddy Issues". He is a world famous professional golfer.


When CJ was young, Carl would take her out to play mini golf with him. However, she did not take the game as seriously. He would often pressure her to try harder, and sometimes when trying to make a hole in one, he wouldn't let her win. He'd brag about it in front of her face, making her feel bad. During the Junior Championship Mini Golf Tournament, Carl pressured CJ to not mess up, and when she made her shot just up to the obstacle, he scolded her for trying to "play it safe". That was when she decided to quit playing minigolf.

Years later, Carl learned his daughter won the Sink Hole ide Queso challenge, and was going to compete in the Putter Palooza. He joins in so he can beat her. They both made excellent shots, and were both eventually neck-in-neck for first place. As a result, they had to take the sudden-death putt-off. After missing the final hole and preparing to flee the demons that appeared to attack him and CJ, he has a change of heart when CJ stands her ground and alongside Mordecai, helps defend CJ as she hits the final hole. Afterwards, he congratulates his daughter and apologizes for the verbal abuse and constant golf beatings he put her through, saying it was the only way he knew to prepare her for the world.


  • He is a world renown mini golf champion.
  • Carl is one of the few humanoid males to wear clothing.
  • Him being a professional golfer antagonist in his premiere episode maybe a reference to his actor's role of Shooter McGavin from the film Happy Gilmore.