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The Capicola Gang was a group of living animatronic anthropomorphic animal characters who appeared in the episode "Fuzzy Dice". They were the band that played at the Fun Fun Zone and the main antagonists of "Fuzzy Dice" and "Steak Me Amadeus".


The Capicola Gang are three animatronics.


Dominic is a brown bear. He wears a backwards red-and-white snapback baseball cap, a white collared shirt, a navy-blue tie, a navy-blue pinstripe sports coat, navy blue pinstripe pants, and red-and-white hi-tops. In his second appearance, his face is severely damaged (looking similar to Two-Face's face from the Batman franchise), revealing his endoskeleton. A brown fedora replaces his baseball cap, and a tan trenchcoat replaces his sports coat. The weapons he has used are a Thompson M1928 (better known as a "Tommy Gun"), an H&K P2000, and a lead pipe.


Amelia is, as stated, a white duck. Her bill is orange, her legs are yellow, and she has purple eyeshadow. She has a large brown afro, peach hoop earrings, brown glasses, a fuchsia shirt with pink frills, a peace-sign necklace, a purple skirt, fishnet leggings, and black high-heels. In her second appearance, an eyepatch replaces her glasses and she wears a dark purple coat. Her appearance is extremely reminiscent to 1970's female styles. Her weapons of choice are a H&K P2000 and a S&W Model 17


Louie is an obese tan badger. He has the most simple appearance, wearing only an orange beanie and a purple vest. In his second appearance, he was completely stitched together, creating a Frankenstein-type appearance. His weapon of choice is a H&K P2000.


At one point of time, the gang knocked over Big City Jewelers and made off with a stash of uncut diamonds. They kept the stolen diamonds in a pair of fuzzy dice. Knowing the police would come after them, they went down to the Fun Fun Zone, storing the fuzzy dice in the prize walls.

The Chase

Ten years later, after Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, Hi Five Ghost, Skips and Benson won a million tickets to claim the fuzzy dice, the gang tried to make off with them. The group pursued them all the way to the docks, where the FBI showed up shortly after and shot them with guns. It took a lot of firepower to bring them down.


They reappeared in "Steak Me Amadeus", albeit crudely stitched back together. However, they were blown to bits once again by Amadeus Martinez when Dominic made a negative remark about how school was overrated.

In Court

Dominic makes a cameo as an incriminating witness in "Can You Ear Me Now?" where he testified in court against Mordecai and Rigby.



  • They were a possible spoof on Chuck E. Cheese's animatronic bands.
  • In the Credits they were called Main Bear, Duck Lady, and Louie.
  • The Leader might be based on Vito Corleone from "The Godfather".