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This page is the transcript for "Can You Ear Me Now?".

(Episode begins with the dome-sealed Park going through space.)

Mordecai: What an awesome trip to the Summertime Planet.

Rigby: Yeah, I've been dying to get one of these Uber soakers. (The duo squirt each other with the Uber Soakers) What's next?

Recap Robot: We're going to run some errands.

M and R: Errands!

(The spaceship lands on a dome platform. The scene cuts to Mordecai, Rigby, Chance Shureshot, Toothpick Sally and Recap Robot walking in the dome on a path)

Recap Robot: Welcome to Planet Lobius everyone.

Toothpick Sally: What are we here for exactly?

Recap Robot: I need to pick up a roll on film that I had developed.

Chance Sureshot: Why did you come here to get it developed?

Recap Robot: There the only planet that still does it.

(Sally, Sureshot and Recap turn their heads around to see Mordecai and Rigby playing with their Uber Soakers next to a tree. Rigby squirts first with Mordecai dodging the water. Rigby hides behind a tree and when he turns around he is squirted by Mordecai and says OOOOOHHH!!! in celebration)

Recap Robot: Hey, you know how you just said OOOOOHHH!!! really loud.

Rigby: Yeah?

Recap Robot: Well, never say that on this Planet. These people are very sensitive to sound. So be respectful and please keep it down.

Mordecai: No problem.

Rigby: Easy enough.

(The five walk out of the dome. During that time M and R look up by saying Woah. They see a group of ears (a couple holding hands and walking, another wearing a hat and reading the newspaper along with another person standing next to a building wearing a dress) much to the duo's astonishment. The gang keep walking and see a man at his house looking at his chimes.)

Ear 1: I can't stand these chimes. (removes the chimes off the top of his house and walks away)

(The duo notice an ear opening a bag of chips sitting on a bench next to another person on his phone. The ear opens the bag of chips and before he eats him, the lady interrupts him)

Ear 2: Do you mind?

Ear 3: Oh, sorry mam.

(An ear is walking a dog shaped like an ear. When a bird chirps and flies by, the ear dog reacts by barking.)

Ear 4: No, Rufus, that is too much!

(The ear places a chew toy in Rufus's mouth before he whimpers. The scene cuts to a mall called RX. We transition to Shuteshot, M and R and Recap Robot entering the mall via an automatic screen door)

Recap Robot: I'll be done in a jiffy. (moves away)

Chance Sureshot: I'm gonna see what they've got for hair gel.

Toothpick Sally: I wonder if they've got cinnamon toothpicks.

(Both Sureshot and Sally walk away together to find what they need. Meanwhile, Mordecai and Rigby look at each other and continue squirting their Uber Soakers. After Mordecai squirts his in Rigby's face, Rigby gets aggressive and fires back at him but unintentionally squirts a large cotton bud next to a sign saying Sale 50% off. The cotton on the bud absorbs the water, knocks down a large light, much to the horror of the Ears at the mall. The light knocks down a shelf of cell phones, causing them to vibrate and get electrocuted by the fallen and wet cotton bud in the process. Smoke is later absorbed into the fire alarm and starts blaring. Whilst the ears react in agony, the glass protecting the inside of the mall cracks and shatters. Recap Robot returns with Sally and Sureshot.)

Recap Robot: What's going on?

Mordecai: Uh... we should probably leave.

(Before M and R leave the premises, two ear guards arrest the duo.)

Ear Cop 1: You're under arrest.

Rigby: On what charge?

Ear Cop 2: For making a ruckus.

(The scene cuts to Lobius Courthouse)

Benson: Typical. They would do something like this.

Skips: Hey, innocent until proven guilty?

Benson: No they didn't.

Skips: Oh yeah.

Muscle Man: (Looks at an image of an ear with the words The Auricle engraved on the frame of the picture.) Who's the old lobe?

Recap Robot: That's The Auricle. The oldest most respected ear on Lobius.

Eileen: Shouldn't they call him the Earicle? It really seems like a missed opportunity.

Judge: Order, order in the court. Prosecution will now give its opening remarks.

Prosecute Ear: Thank you, your honor. Ladies and Gentle ears of the jury. We are here to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mordecai and Rigby intentionally caused a ruckus and should be punished seve-ear-ly. Ears chucke in the distance.

Judge: Public defendear, how do you plead?

Defendant Ear: Uh... Not guilty.

Judge: Alright. Prosecute ear, call your first witness.

Prosecute Ear: Gladly, your honor. I call Mordecai to the stand.

Police Ear: Place your hand on the Auricle if you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Mordecai: (places hand on the Auricle Stand) I swear.

Prosecute Ear: (walks to the stand) Mordecai, would you be so kind as to tell these folks what transpired earlier today? You know, when you and your friend made that horrible noise downtown?

Mordecai: We can explain.

Prosecute Ear: I'm 100% ready to listen.

Eileen: He really should have said "I'm all ears!" It's right there!

Mordecai: So, Rigby and I just got these cool new Uber Soakers. Rigby tried to squirt me but he missed and it was all just a big accident! Okay?!

Prosecute Ear: Oh! An "accident?" Why don't you tell that to poor little Jesse down in the ICU! (pulls picture of Jessie wrapped in bandages on a bed. All the ears gasp in shock after seeing the image.) Jesse has already been hit by a car but that loud noise interrupted his favorite show. Very tragic. No more questions.

Rigby: (looking at the Defendant Ear) You gotta help us man! We're dying out there!

Defendant Ear: Don't worry. All I gotta do is present these records that prove that you were nowhere near that phonebook.

Rigby: Our case doesn't have anything to do with a phone booth!

Defendant Ear: Wait, is this Room 17?

Rigby: NO, IT'S NOT!

Prosecute Ear: I now call Rigby to the stand. (scene cuts to Rigby at the stand) So, what would you say happened, Mr. Rigby?

Rigby: Like Mordecai said: Uber Soaker, accident, loud noise, boom!

(Ears gasp)

Judge: Watch your point, or I'll hold you in contempt.

Mordecai: Oh, geez. Come on, can't you do something.

Defendant Ear: Uh, uh, I'd like to call for a recess, your Honor!

Judge: Make it quick.

(The scene cuts to a room with a bookshelf and ear paintings. The Defendant is in the room alongside Mordecai and Rigby, walking around and feeling nervous.)

Defendant Ear: What we need is uh... OH! Character witnesses! You know, people who would testify that you would never make a loud noise on purpose. Say that you would not troublemakers or something.

Mordecai: I think our friends can do that.

Rigby: Yeah. If there's anyone we can count on, it's their friends.