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"Camping Can Be Cool" is the fifth episode of Season Three (and forty-fifth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on October 17, 2011.


Mordecai and Rigby take Margaret and Eileen into a restricted area of a forest.


At the coffee shop, Mordecai and Rigby are watching the weather, which states that the weekend will be nice and sunny. Margaret and Eileen approach the two friends and ask why they are concerned about the weather. Mordecai explains that he and Rigby are going on a camping trip during the weekend. Eileen comments on how she loves camping. Margaret, however, has never been camping, much to the dismay of everyone else. Mordecai then proceeds to invite the both of them, while Rigby gets mad at this. While Eileen is excited to go, Margaret is more skeptical, since she has never been camping before. Mordecai and Eileen convince her to come, while Rigby comments on how Margaret's boyfriend wouldn't like her camping with two guys. She says she is not dating anyone now and that guys are jerks, to which Mordecai secretly celebrates. The four settles to collectively going on a camping trip.

After a musical car ride montage, the four friends arrive at the National Forest. When they enter the park, Eileen tries to get directions to the campgrounds. However, Mordecai shows Eileen and Margaret to a secret camping spot, which happens to be a restricted area. At first, Margaret is unsure if it is okay to do this, but she decides to go along with Mordecai's plan. When they reach the secret spot, Mordecai shows them the best spot of the campsite, an amazing cliff-side view of a large river and waterfall, along with the rest of the National Park. Margaret thinks it is beautiful, to which Mordecai agrees. After an almost romantic moment, Rigby asks Mordecai where the matches are so he can make hot dogs, but the matches are nowhere to be found. Then, Eileen makes fire without matches and tells everyone else that she is an excellent survivalist. When Margaret asks how she became one, Eileen tells her it's because she got lost in the forest last year due to a phase she was going through. Rigby comments on how awesome it was when Eileen made the fire, to which Eileen blushes. Rigby, now feeling awkward, throws hot dogs at Eileen to start cooking. After another musical montage that includes hiking, swimming, and observing wildlife and a deer, Rigby and Eileen are playing handheld video games by a fire, while Mordecai and Margaret are gazing at constellations in the stars. Mordecai observes a constellation he thinks is called Ursula Merger (The Big Bear), but Eileen corrects him and says that the actual name of the constellation is Ursa Major. She then tells him that the constellation he is currently gazing at is Orion, not Ursa Major. Mordecai then turns on the car radio, and after being extremely close to holding hands with Margaret, he asks how her college classes are. She says she can't wait to graduate and quit her job at the coffee shop. Mordecai then comments on how the coffee shop wouldn't be the same without her. Mordecai then asks if Margaret thinks that all guys are jerks when she suddenly hears a strange noise in the forest. When she turns back to Mordecai so he can re-ask the question, it starts to rain heavily. Mordecai asks Rigby where the tent is, to which Rigby says that he forgot to pack it and that he also forgot to pack the tarps. The fire then goes out, and Eileen tells Margaret that she has a tent in Margaret's car. When Margaret goes to get it, she discovers that Mordecai accidentally locked her car keys inside the ignition slot. Just then, a park ranger drives up and tells the four friends that they are in a restricted area and that he will get tools so he can get Margaret's car unlocked.

Meanwhile, the four build a shelter out of sticks and branches, and when Margaret is looking for sticks, she discovers the deer that they had been watching earlier. She sighs in relief but then screams when the deer emerges from the bushes and reveals that he is actually a deer-human monster forest hunter. The deer-man yells at the four for polluting his forest with their vehicles, music, food, and other things, and then tells them that he has had enough. He threatens that he will hunt them for food, and after quickly counting to ten, he begins to chase after them. The four start running away when Eileen breaks the car window. Everyone gets inside and starts driving away, while the deer-man follows in hot pursuit. The deer-man pops one of the car tires, causing everyone to get out and run away on foot. When the four reach the highway, the deer-man is about to kill all of them when the park ranger drives by and accidentally runs over the deer-man. Later, the park ranger tells the four friends to leave while they tend to the deer man (have him taxidermized). On the way back, everyone talks about how they had so much fun on the camping trip, to which Margaret thanks Mordecai for showing her that camping was fun. The episode ends with the four driving into the sunset, laughing about the trip.


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  • This episode reveals that Margaret is in college studying journalism, which would play a bigger part later on in the series.
  • Eileen's reveals her interest in astronomy.
  • It's revealed Mordecai attended art school.
  • Rigby is first shown to start warming up to Eileen.

Episode Connections[]

  • The music on the car radio is the same music from Rigby's flashback with Don. (TV: Don)
  • The super-premium hot dogs from Season One return in this episode. Rigby brings them to the campsite where Eileen comments that “these are really good hot dogs.“ (TV: Meat Your Maker)

Production Notes[]

  • This episode received 2.047 million views.