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"California King" is the twenty fourth episode of Season Seven of Regular Show (and two hundred and fifth overall) It first aired on April 9, 2016.


After Rigby wins a king-size bed, he gets rid of his trampoline. But when he realizes that he can't sleep without his trampoline, he has to go through an elaborate junkyard to find it.


We begin with Rigby making a dramatic speech at a party at the house.  As it turns out, the party is in honor of Rigby getting rid of "Trampy," the trampoline he normally sleeps on, and replacing it with a king-sized bed that he won at the "82nd annual hot dog horf."  Rigby then proceeds to send Trampy off "in style" by doing three flips on said trampoline before throwing it into the dumpster.

That night, Rigby tries out his new bed, but cannot find a comfortable position resulting in him not getting any sleep that night.  Early the next morning, Rigby realizes how much he needs Trampy only to hear the garbage truck arrive at the park.  Rigby rushes outside and proceeds to chase down the truck, but Ziggy, the garbage man, sees Rigby pursuing him in his rear view mirror and smugly remarks, "no second chances" before leaving a brokenhearted Rigby behind.

Upon recruiting a reluctant Mordecai to his cause, Rigby and Mordecai head to the City Dump to get Trampy back.  When they get there, they are greeted by a cloaked old man who tells them that they can find Trampy "at the very tip of garbage mountain in Ziggy's shack" he also warns them of the impending dangers and to come back with the trampoline before sundown due to liability issues.

The two first get past the gatekeeper by ignoring his riddle and going through a hole in the fence.  Once they get inside, they are in awe at the size of the dump and the fact that their city alone produced that much garbage.  Along the way they come across a sentient can of corn who doesn't like being treated like garbage despite literally being garbage.  The can refuses to help them as Ziggy is a cruel "king of the dump" who will "mess them up."  But Rigby won't give up and he and Mordecai journey onward.

Meanwhile, from his shack, Ziggy is spying on our heroes through a garbage can.  When his minions question what Ziggy will do if Rigby succeeds in his quest, Ziggy is confident that the two won't make it past, "the frozen caves."

While in the caves Mordecai and Rigby encounter several old television sets that were left on too long and as a result have to speak through the images "burned into them."  The TVs refuse to tell Mordecai and Rigby how to get to Ziggy's shack for fear of his wrath, but decide to ask them three questions in exchange for directions.  But before the TVs can do so, a TV featuring a man leaving the men's room tunes in late and tells our heroes that one must "scoot through the secret tunnel in the back of the cave then it's a hop, skip, and a jump up garbage mountain road, you can't miss it."  This angers the other TVs as they have "rehearsed the riddle a million times." 

As Mordecai and Rigby then continue their journey, they encounter many an obstacle as they nearly fall in to a "brick-o pile", rescue a purple hairy monster from abusive jerks only to discover that the monster is evil, witness a demon in a cereal box remove his head, call an ambulance for said demon and get directions from one of the paramedics.  They finally reach the shack much to the chagrin of Ziggy, who goes off to prepare for their arrival.

With little time left to spare, the two are about to go inside when they get stuck in old spaghetti.  They are rescued by "Corny," the can they met earlier, and beg for his help once more.  Corny is reluctant to help due to Ziggy's motto of "no second chances," but Rigby helps Corny empathize with his situation by telling him that Trampy was like family to Rigby and wondered if Corny could relate.  As it turns out, Corny can relate to this as he remembers being picked out by a boy in the grocery store with his mom, who proceeded to serve Corny's contents to the boy.  This memory of "family" proceeds to take our heroes to a shortcut he knows, which leads them to a room filled with trampolines.

Rigby searches through the trampolines, but none of them are Trampy.  Ziggy then appears (now bearing a shocking resemblance to Jareth from Labyrinth) and reveals himself to have Trampy in his possession.  Rigby demands Trampy back, but Ziggy and his minions refuse to do so due to "no second chances."  Corny tries to plead Rigby's case to Ziggy, but he won't listen to "trash" and throws Corny away.  Rigby then proceeds to avenge Corny by climbing up the pile of trampolines only to be stopped by Ziggy's minions.  Rigby then points out that Ziggy is the real trash in this situation and he isn't "so tough without his minions."  Realizing that Rigby won't give up, Ziggy challenges Rigby to a game, and takes the two of them high into the air.  He then sets up playing field over a lake of fire where Rigby and Ziggy must jump across a series of trampolines to get to Trampy at the very end.  If Rigby can make it to the end, he can keep Trampy, but if he falls, he relinquishes Trampy to Ziggy and will naturally be incinerated.  

And so the game begins and both parties are off to a great start.  A little ways into it, Ziggy gets tired and fixes Rigby's trail to make him fall, but Rigby grabs the rigged trampoline just in time and proceeds.  This shocks Ziggy who tries to cheat again by putting a fire tornado in Rigby's path.  Rigby gets past this by doing his flip from earlier much to the surprise of Ziggy who gets so distracted that he slips off his trampoline and falls into the lake of fire.  Rigby then goes on to cross the finish line and reclaim Trampy. 

Unfortunately, just as Mordecai and Rigby are about to leave, Ziggy (who did NOT die in the lake of fire) manipulates Trampy to pin Mordecai against a wall holding tight to his "no second chances" rule.  Apparently, the reason for this unfair rule is a result of him accidentally throwing away his portable cassette player twenty years back and being forced to stay overnight at the dump as punishment when he attempted to retrieve it from there (and continued to live there by choice forever after).  Ziggy then tries to crush Mordecai with Trampy and will only set him free if Rigby gives Trampy up.  But before any decisions can be made, Corny jumps on Ziggy's head knocking him out cold, fulfilling a twenty-year ambition for Corny.  Ziggy is then carted away by his minions and discarded among a bunch of "used wigs."  Happy at their victory, and grateful for Corny's service, Mordecai and Rigby take Corny home with them and recycle him as flower pot (as per Corny's request).


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  • The title of this episode refers to type of mattress Rigby won.
    • California King-size mattresses are 4 inches wider and 4 inches narrower than standard king-size beds.

Pop Culture References[]

  • When Mordecai and Rigby needed to solve riddles and find their way through a maze to get the trampoline back, it was a reference to the movie Labyrinth.
  • The antagonist's name (Ziggy) and the references to Labyrinth could be a tribute to David Bowie as he starred in Labyrinth and performed as Ziggy Stardust in 1972.
  • Corny maybe a reference to the talking can of vegetables in the movie, Wet Hot American Summer