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Caffeinated Concert Tickets is the third episode of Regular Show's first seasonIt first aired on September 20, 2010 and was written & storyboarded by JG Quintel and Mike Roth.


Mordecai and Rigby make a deal with a Coffee Bean to help them stay awake to work major overtime to pay for concert tickets.


Watching TV at the Coffee Shop, Mordecai and Rigby discover that a Fist Pump concert is coming up at a local venue. Rigby instantly wants to go, but Mordecai think it's for losers. Suddenly, his feelings towards the band change when he learns that Margaret is going. Both Rigby and him agree to ask for overtime so they can afford tickets. Benson is amused by this request considering that they don't even bother finishing their regular work, and denies them the chance, explaining that Fist Pump is for like Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost. Still determined to get tickets, Rigby begs Benson for overtime. Skips and Pops back up the duo's request and Benson reluctantly agrees.

Mordecai and Rigby work hard to get their money across multiple jobs, but quickly start to feel tired. Mordecai puts an end to this however with the power of coffee. Now under the influence of caffeine, the duo finish their jobs energetically. Impressed, Benson gives them $50 each. Mordecai and Rigby arrive at the venue and pay for two tickets, but are shocked when the ticket booth worker tells them that regular tickets are sold out, and all that remains is two super-deluxe front-row seats, which are $200 each. Mordecai is on the verge of giving up, until he sees Margaret wearing a tank top, which convinces him to work even more.

Mordecai and Rigby ask Benson for more overtime, but he explains that the only job left is to mow the lawn across the entire park. Despite not wanting to do it, the duo agree to it, with it being their only chance of tickets. Mordecai thinks they can get through it with coffee, but quickly discovers that they've ran out of it. Instantly, they are joined by a giant coffee bean and a translator, who offer to bring them caffeine so they can finish their job. Rigby naively signs a contract offered by them, leading to their assistance in obtaining Fist Pump tickets. The duo successfully mow the lawn and are rewarded by Benson with $150 each, meaning they can now afford the deluxe tickets.

As Mordecai and Rigby are amazed by their diamond-coated tickets, they are suddenly confronted by the Coffee Bean and his translator, who are asking for the whereabouts of their Fist Pump tickets, which was a detail Rigby ignored in the contract. The duo explain that they only had enough money for two, leading the Coffee Bean and Translator to poison them with Chamomile Tea and take the tickets for themselves. Mordecai and Rigby instantly pass out as the Coffee Bean and Translator make their way to Fist Pump, stealing the golf cart. Mordecai quickly wakes up and brings Rigby along to chase after them in the lawnmower, knocking Benson over in the process. When confronted, the Translator pulls out a chainsaw and cuts off the lawnmower's handlebars, leading it to spin out of control and crash into the venue, along with the cart.

Mordecai and Rigby block the Coffee Bean & Translator's path to the entrance as they confront them and take back their tickets. The Coffee Bean and Translator attempt to get in, but are quickly stopped by a bouncer. Entering the venue, Mordecai and Rigby find their seats and celebrate their victory. Mordecai instantly turns around to search for Margaret, and is greeted by a sweaty T-shirt in the face, thrown by Muscle Man. He then quickly spots Margaret, but is horrified as he learns that she's there with her new boyfriend, Slasher, who insults Mordecai. Margaret then breaks up with Slasher for being a jerk, and he threatens to kill Mordecai. Mordecai ashamedly turns around and falls straight to sleep. Fist Pump come on stage, but Rigby's eyes won't stay open, and he ends up falling asleep too, missing the concert.






Production Notes

  • This episode received 1.715 million views nationwide.

Episode Connections

  • Margaret makes her debut in this episode. A loose arc revolving around her relationship with Mordecai would occur over the course of the show.
  • Mordecai and Rigby would later get the chance to see Fist Pump again. [1]
  • The Coffee Bean and his translator made a reappearance at a Dodgeball Tournament. [2]

Pop Culture References

  • The rock song that Mordecai and Rigby are fist-banging to at the beginning of the episode is in homage to the song, "Hold the Line" by Toto.
  • This episode features the song "Working for the Weekend" by Loverboy, the first of many licensed songs to be used in the series.


  • Skips and the cart briefly disappear when Rigby begs Benson to give him and Mordecai overtime.
  • When Skips starts talking about the concert, Rigby is missing his tail. In the next shot, it reappears.
  • The people in the crowd at the venue disappear and reappear after close-up shots of Mordecai, Rigby and Margaret.
  • When Benson throws the keys to Rigby, the garage door is seen to be open, but when Benson drives off in the cart, the garage door is locked.
  • The coffee jug disappears in various shots.
  • During the 'Working for the Weekend' montage, there are handles which Mordecai uses to operate the lawnmower. They disappear when the Coffee Bean and the Translator are on the mower.
  • The doorknob on Mordecai and Rigby's bedroom door changes in various forms.
  • The dresser next to Mordecai's bed disappears when Rigby wakes up.
  • Hi Five Ghost is credited, though he does not have a speaking role in this episode.
  • Skips isn't credited for this episode, despite making a speaking role in the episode.

Alternate Versions


  • "They're ready to rock your 11-15 year old pants off!" was changed to "They're ready to rock your 11-15 year old jeans off!"
  • "You morons!" was changed to "You idiots!"
  • "Aw crap" was changed to "Aw crud".
  • "You're lucky I care about lady pecs" was cut.
  • The coffee bean squeezing coffee from his breasts into Mordecai and Rigby's mouths was cut.


  • "I can't believe your going to a fist pump concert just for some lady pecs" is cut.
  • The coffee bean squeezing his breasts in order to squeeze out coffee was cut, but the scene where Mordecai and Rigby are consuming it still remains intact.
  • Rigby saying "Aw, crap!" was cut.

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