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King Thrift Employee

He had a bald head grey side-hair and a moustache. He mentions just selling the stick hockey table to a man named Jeffy, but then recalls there was another stick hockey game had, which was actually a Foosball table, which Benson encouraged Mordecai and Rigby to buy even though they hated it.


Jeffy had a Thrift store called Thrift World. Jeffy was sold the table from King Thrift. He wore a white vest had blonde, long hair and beige pants. He sold it to a flower store.

Flower Store Owner

He was sold the Stick Hockey table by Jeffy and sold it to the Rich Man. He wore a blue suit, white shirt, orange tie and a beige hat. He had a brown moustache.

Rich Man

The Rich Man was sold the stick hockey table by the flower store owner. He had a brown fur coat on and a grey comb-over.

The Others

The others are the:

  • Restaurant Owners
  • The Taxidermist
  • Mechanic
  • Scrapyard Owner
  • Subway Men
  • Playground man
  • Sewer Men
  • Secretive Man
  • Stick Hockey Club Bouncer.
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