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"Butt Dial" is the sixteenth episode in Season 3 (and fifty-sixth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on February 13, 2012.


Mordecai must find Margaret's cell phone and delete an embarrassing voicemail he left after butt-dialing her.


Mordecai feels elated from the previous night when both Margaret and Eileen came over for game night. Rigby agrees that it was fun, and proceeds to play around with Mordecai's new phone. Mordecai is so happy that he doesn't cause too much of a fuss when Rigby pushes his buttons. That feeling diminishes when he realizes he had accidentally recorded an embarrassing voicemail (called Having a Good Time) via butt dial and sends it to Margaret while taking out the trash with the park cart. Mordecai then gets Rigby to come alongside him to delete the voicemail to save himself from embarrassment.

Mordecai and Rigby go to The Coffee Shop. Mordecai heads in to distract Margaret, while Rigby gets under the table and tries to get Margaret's phone. Rigby fails, and Margaret picks up the phone, finding a new voicemail. Mordecai panics and knocks the phone out of Margaret's hand. It lands in coffee, and it turns out to be Eileen's phone. Margaret explains that her phone may be in her car, because she'd misplaced it. Margaret gives Mordecai and Rigby the keys and they go to find the phone.

Mordecai and Rigby go in the car and search for the phone. They can't find it, so they call it, hoping to hear it ring.

It turns out Margaret's phone was still at the house with Pops from last night's game night, so the duo race back to the house for the phone before Margaret retrieves it. Unfortunately, Mordecai messes up the pass-code three times to unlock the phone, and both he and Rigby are transported inside of the phone and meet the Phone Guardians, each of them representing an archaic mode of communication.

The Guardians attempt to punish them for trying to hack into the phone, when Margaret arrives and Pops shows her to her phone. Just before the duo are erased, Margaret unlocks the phone only to hear the voices of Mordecai and Rigby inside it. Demanding an answer to why the two tried to hack her phone, Margaret plays the embarrassing voicemail. Once the love-professing song ends, Margaret is in a better mood, allowing the Guardians to release them from her phone. Instead of ruining Mordecai and Margaret's relationship, the sweet song brought the two closer; Margaret even makes Mordecai's song his custom ringtone and playfully threatens Mordecai to call her. Mordecai is thrilled at her response, and jokingly stammers that he'll hopefully call her with his hands, and not his butt next time.






  • This is a Valentine's Day special.
  • This is the first episode in the series where on-model animation was prioritized.

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