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Broseph Chillaxton is a judge who keeps the "laws of cool" from them being broken. His first appearance was in Cool Bikes.



Mordecai and Rigby are summoned to the "Courthouse of Cool" for being "too cool," with Broseph presiding over the trial. He, like any other judge, does not show favourites and hears everyone out, telling the prosecuting attorney to "roll with it bro, I'll allow it."

His court, like any other, has many witnesses, including Muscle Man, Benson and the Das Coolest employee. Mordecai and Rigby, along with Benson escaped from the courthouse after the two were sentenced to death for being too cool, with the trio throwing their bikes at the teleporter, blowing the station up and ultimately killing Broseph.


He is an invisible man. He has a white curled judge's wig, white gloves, black sunglasses, black shoes, a metal chain around his neck, and a black robe with a red v-neck. He also has what appears to be two golden medals on his robe.


Broseph is seen as a very calm and collected person, only getting infuriated when Mordecai and Rigby attempt to escape from the Courthouse of Cool. He is egotistical, placing himself over others, and seeing himself as very cool.


  • He was briefly seen in "Exit 9B" (on his judge chair) while Garret Bobby Ferguson Jr. and Sr. remarked that the park dwellers were "outnumbered."
  • His name "Broseph" is a portmanteau of the word "Bro" and the name "Joseph."
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