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Broken Bonez

Broken Bonez is a video game which was installed at The Coffee Shop in the episode "High Score".


To play, one needs to use a joystick and two buttons to do stunts in the air while riding a dirt bike. Landing safely will earn points for the amount of daring stunts one does. If one lands on anywhere other than the wheels of the bike, one gets "Broken Bonez". If one gets five "Broken Bonez", the game is over.


  • G.B.F. is the former holder of the high score and the universe score, both are now held by Mordecai and Rigby, where the score is 1,300,000.
  • It is possible to score negative points in this game.
  • At first, the game featured a manual start button to initiate a game, but after a while, it switched to using "1-Player 2-Player" buttons to start.
  • Broken Bonez is a play on the words "Broken Bones".
  • It references Excitebike because of the objective and graphics.
  • The video game Mordecai and Rigby play in "Benson Be Gone" is similar to Broken Bonez.

Gallery of Broken Bonez Gameplay

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