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The British Taxi is the main antagonist in "Ello Gov'nor", a film about a possessed taxi that kills members of a street gang that murdered the driver.

Rigby, who is scared by the movie, imagined himself being frequently attacked by the taxi.

There is also a costume for The British Taxi, which is worn by The Movie Shack Hut Employee when he tracks down Mordecai and Rigby to get their overdue tape.


  • While the plot of the movie claims that the car's driver seeks vengeance on gang members who murdered him, he just seems to attack and kill random people.
  • In the film, he has the ability to eat people.
  • "Ello Gov'nor" was a popular British greeting phrase during the first half of the 20th century.
  • The British Taxi resembles a Were-Car from the Futurama episode: "The Honking". He also looks similar to Gaskette from Bendy in Nightmare Run.
  • The British Taxi is based on the Austin LTI FX4.
  • The British Taxi resembles the car in "2 in the AM PM".
  • The British Taxi may be a parody of the evil murderous cars from the movies "Christine" and/or "The Car".
  • He was attacked by Rigby, but then it turned out to be a costume worn by The Movie Shack Hut Employee, as mentioned above.
  • One of the Villains didn't revive in Exit 9B due to just being a hallucination by Rigby