This page is the transcript for "Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special".

Part 1

(Episode starts with the opening. Electronic music plays. Blueprints are shown of previous items in Regular Show, such as the Maximum Glove from "Video Game Wizards", the I'm Eggscellent hat from "Eggscellent", and the Basketball Shoes from "Slam Dunk". Hyperduck is then shown and he does a fist pump that gives out a blue aura. The title screen is then shown, saying "Regular Show: Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special" with Japanese caricatures behind it. The anime opening then begins, with a person singing in the background. White flashes spark and a faded Mordecai is shown, as well as a small silhouette of him. The words "Created by J.G. Quintel" are shown. Then two faded Rigbys appear with "Written and Storyboarded by: Toby Jones, Owen Dennis" at the bottom right. Next, Benson, Muscle Man, and HFG are shown standing on a small cliff with wheat growing and with mountains in the back. They have their backs away from each other, looking down at the ground. "Supervising Art Director: Paula Spence" and "Supervising Producer: Sean Szeles" are shown at the top. Skips and Pops are then shown under a black background with small flashes. Skips poses while holding a red ribbon, and Pops also poses, holding a red rose. "Opening Music: Daybreak On A Rose~Petal" by Mutato Muzika and Owen Dennis" is shown at the bottom right. Rigby is then shown with a dark blue background preparing to fist pump. Mordecai joins him. They fist pump and suit up with the same outfits shown in "A Bunch Of Full Grown Geese". The Maximum Glove and Basketball Shoes are activated and Hyperduck is shown again. Mordecai and Rigby are running down a hill with Hyperduck's head behind them. The words "Baby Ducks" flash and Hyperduck's Maximum Glove rockets out of his arm, punching the four-headed geese monster. A series of small things flash past, including Andy's spacecraft, the evil Gooseowary X, a drawing of Mordecai with a red background, the word "Park", Pops in fetus form while naked, the word "Hamboning", an aerial view of the Park, the word "Tokyo", and Hyperduck firing music lasers. Then scenes from previous episodes are shown. The Duck Hunter getting chopped in half and Mordecai, Rigby, and the Baby Ducks "OOOOOHHHH!!"ing are shown from "A Bunch Of Baby Ducks" and Skips and Pops dancing with Party Pete's girls (who are seemingly twerk dancing) is shown from "Party Pete" for a split second. Then Mordecai and Rigby are shown riding in a car while Hyperduck flies from above. Another series of small things flash, including the Mother Duck, a duck with sunglasses that reflect the sky, an eye from a creature with a small red laser maze in its pupil, Mordecai and Rigby's fists fist bump while wearing the PlayCo Armboy from "Over the Top", Rigby setting the baby ducks free using one hand, Mordecai singing into a microphone with his outfit from "Return of Mordecai and the Rigby's", Hyperduck's face, the word "Fist Pump", Hyperduck punching his hands together, and Japanese caricatures. Mordecai and Rigby are shown with the outfits from "A Bunch Of Full Grown Geese" again and are playing video games inside Hyperduck. Hyperduck then runs forward. Mordecai and Rigby are then shown behind the blue background again and look up. Then Rigby is shown without the outfit behind the Regular Show purple back ground, crying sparkle tears and blushing. Next Mordecai, Rigby, and the Baby Ducks are shown laying on the grass and looking up at the sky, smiling. Finally, Hyperduck, and the Park Crew, including Mordecai and Rigby with their outfits from "A Bunch Of Full Grown Geese", are shown on a hill looking at the sky ahead of them. Behind them are mountains and a sun slowly setting, with a flock of geese flying towards it. The song ends and everything fades to black. After a couple of moments, the Earth is shown)

Narrator: (Park house is then shown) Everything seemed perfectly normal for our heroes. Just another ordinary day at the Park. Until... (Carter and Briggs are on T.V.)

Carter: (blazing a flamethrower at a person, turning them into a skeleton) YAAAAAHHH!!! (throws flamethrower)

Briggs: Now that's what I call, playing with fire!

Carter and Briggs: (while spinning donuts in their police car) AWWW YeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeYEAH!

Carter: (showing Carter and Briggs, Carter pulls down sunglasses) And now a word from our sponsors.

PlayCo Businessman #1: (cuts to his face) Carter and Brigs love to spin donuts in their car.

PlayCo Businessman #2: (pans out to show him behind the other businessman) And we like to spin circles around the competition with our toys!

PlayCo Businessman #1: (cuts to a different angle showing the side of his face, but he is turned towards the camera with a smirk) Hi, we're PlayCo Industries. (points to camera) If you know us, you know our name is synonymous with (cuts to a list with a blue toy next to it, they showing another weird toy) quality, innovation, and just the best darn toy products on the market. (Cuts back to both businessmen) Isn't that right (they look slyly to the left) (Carter and Briggs appear next to them and the businessmen pretend to act surprised) Carter and Briggs!?

Carter: (nervous look, fake smiling, monotone) Yep, we sure like your toys.

Briggs: (both Carter and Briggs look at the camera and fake smile, Briggs looks upset) Our contract says we have to.

Rigby: (cuts to Mordecai and Rigby right by the T.V.) Woah, Carter and Briggs are doing commercials now?

Mordecai: Maaaan, I can't believe they sold out like this!

PlayCo Businessman #1: (cuts back to T.V., is laughing way too hard and slamming hand on the table) HAHAHA! (calms down) Oh man, those guys! And now a special look at our new line of Carter and Briggs figures!

PlayCo Businessman #2: (whispering to Carter and Briggs) Say it!

Carter and Briggs: (unenthusiastically) Awwww, yeyeyeyeyeyeyeah... (Cuts to special look)

Commercial Voice: (Shows Briggs going into time portal and Carter watching him) Carter follows Briggs into a time portal to become (shows toys) Carter and Briggs 3099! (shows toys in action) Alien crime lord attacks! (Alien toy breaks down toy wall)

Child Voice #1: (Playing with alien) Give me all your credits!

Commercial Voice: (shows toy Carter by the alien) Carter swopes in with his hover suit! (shows toy Briggs) Briggs hits the bad guy with non lethal fractal kick!

Child Voice #2: Hi-yah! (toy kicks alien)

Child Voice #1: Waugh! (toy alien falls in garbage can)

Child Voice #2: (Playing with Briggs toy) You have the right to remain dead!

Two Boys: (Shows two boys, one holding toy Carter and the other holding toy Briggs) Travel through time, tough on crime!

Commercial: (Shows toy Carter and Briggs, the alien toy, and a toy version of Carter and Briggs' police car) Carter and Briggs toys sold separately. From PlayCo. (Cuts to brand logo) PlayCo!

Mordecai: (holding up toy Carter in front of the T.V.) This piece of junk costs fourteen dollars? (Cuts to Mordecai and Rigby kneeling on the floor with the Carter and Briggs toys in the living room of the house) It looks horrible!

Rigby: No kidding. (cuts to him putting the toy near his face and mimicking the error with his eye) Mine's eyeball looks like it's leaking into his face!

Mordecai: (tries to make it stand up, but it falls) They can't even stand up on their own.

Rigby: I know! (Picks up Carter and has Carter and Brigg's backs to each other) You have to, like, lean them against each other!

Mordecai: (picks up Carter) And Carter's shirt! (points at the toy's torso) They painted it skin color so it looks like he's just shirtless. I hope somebody got fired for that one. (To Rigby) How about the fractal kick? Does that work?

Rigby: (Prepares to launch) Fractaaaaaaaaal! (it launches and lands in Benson's tomato bisque that he is eating on the couch)

Benson: (looks at Mordecai and Rigby) Grrrrrr! You ruined my tomato bisque with your ridiculous toys!

Mordecai: (In a know it all manner) They're not toys! They're collectibles? (normally) (looks at toy) At least, they're supposed to be.

Rigby: Yeah, these are pretty much garbage. PlayCo, more like PlayNo. (Chucks the Briggs toy towards the front door. It hits the door as Pops comes running in)

Pops: (crying manner) WAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! (runs to the couch, then uses an annoyed Benson's head as support when he runs towards the curtains. He uses them like a security blanket. Pops won't stop crying. The three others run over)

Mordecai: (concerned) Pops, what's wrong!?

Pops: (crying/yelling) I was ATTACKED by a prehistoric BEAST!

Rigby: (concerned) What, you mean like a dinosaur?


Rigby: (To Mordecai) Have we- have we seen one of those before?

Mordecai: (shakes a "no" back to Rigby)

Rigby: Huh. Well, I guess today's the day.

Benson: (to Mordecai and Rigby) It's not a dinosaur! *sigh* Come on, let's scope it out.

Mordecai: (complaining) Aw maaan.

(Scene cuts to outside, where a cassowary is seen. It screeches at the workers hiding behind some bushes)

Rigby: What? That's not a dinosaur at all.

Skips: It's a double-waddled cassowary, an extremely aggressive gladiatorial bird. (Just his voice as the cassowary is shown) It's claws could tear through just about anything. (The cassowary then cuts a tree down using only one foot)

Benson: (Slyly looks at Mordecai and Rigby) Well, this looks like a perfect job for Mordecai and Rigby. (Annoyed) (walks away with Pops) Get that thing outta here or you're fired.

Skips: I strongly recommend wearing protection. (Mordecai and Rigby shake out of fear and look at each other) (Scene cuts to Mordecai and Rigby suiting up. Music starts playing. Mordecai puts on a red football helmet and Rigby puts a trash can lid on his chest. Scene shows the cassowary standing on a dirt road in the Park, looking around, when Mordecai and Rigby run toward it, banging pots and pans. The cassowary stares at them for a second and headbutts Rigby's pot and pan. It then kicks them away)

Mordecai and Rigby: OW!! AH!! (Next, the two are seen behind a bush, still wearing the "protective" gear. Mordecai is shown with a remote control. A small red toy race car comes out of the bushes in front of the two. Mordecai moves it forward until it runs into the cassowary's leg. The cassowary, having not noticed it until then, turns its head around and looks at it. The car hits the leg again, and the cassowary steps on it, destroying it. It keeps stepping on it while looking at Mordecai and Rigby. A part of the car lands in front of the bush they are behind. The part sets on fire and Mordecai and Rigby look at each other. Then, Mordecai and Rigby are shown driving forward in the golf cart, still wearing the "protective" stuff) AaaaaaaaAAAAAHH!! (They advance towards the cassowary)

Mordecai: (Yelling) I'm scared dude! I'm scared!

Rigby: (Also yelling) If I don't survive this, don't touch any of my stuff! Turn it into a Rigby museum!

Mordecai and Rigby: (Still advancing) AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! (Just as they are about to hit the cassowary, they stop. The music stops. They stare at it in horror. Mordecai beeps the horn on the wheel. "BEEP BEEP". The cassowary steps back a few steps)

Rigby: (Happily) Dude, it's working! (The cassowary stops. Everything is silent, until the cassowary opens a hatch on its chest and reveals three missiles)

Mordecai and Rigby: (Nervous and shocked) *GASP* (The cassowary launches the missiles at them) AaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHH!! (They jump out of the cart and the missiles hit the cart, causing it to disappear into nothing)

Mordecai: *Cough, Cough* (Groans)

Rigby: (Groans) (Both slowly look up at the cassowary)


Mordecai and Rigby: AAAAAAAHHHH!!!! (They start running away while the cassowary chases them)

Mordecai: (While running) Dude call them, call them!

Rigby: (Pulls out phone while still running) (Panicking) (Scene shows Rigby's phone's screen and reveals he is going to call the Baby Ducks)

(Scene then cuts to the Baby Ducks. Rock music starts playing. One is skydiving, another is skateboarding, another is riding a BMX bike, and another one is rollerblading down a rail pipe. All four are shown, they take off their stuff, and fly down to the ground. A blue aura is formed and the baby ducks land in between Mordecai and Rigby and the cassowary. Music stops)

Mordecai: (Smiles and is relieved) Baby ducks!

Baby Ducks: Hey dudes! (face the cassowary, one of them points at the cassowary and speaks) Time to send this cassowary bot to the cemetery lot! (Rock music starts again. They fist pump and are about to form Hyperduck, when a limo arrives. They stop the formation and the music stops) Huh? (One of them speaks) Did you guys order a limo? (A different one speaks) That's not a goose. (Another different one speaks, slowly) It's not our birthday yet.

PlayCo Businessman #1: (Opens limo door) (Slowly and menacingly, smirks) Baby ducks!

A Baby Duck: (angry) PlayCo!

PlayCo Businessman #1: (Comes out of limo with the other businessman, holding a briefcase. They stand next to the cassowary) You fell right into our trap.

PlayCo Businessman #2: (Shows contract to Baby Ducks) Now sign the toy contract, (clenches fist) or we'll be force to use more extreme measures.

Mordecai and Rigby: Toy contract?

A Baby Duck: They've been bugging us about this for months.

Another Baby Duck: We'll never sign!

PlayCo Businessman #1: (Only voice as scene shows Mordecai and Rigby) Mordecai and Rigby! (Shows the businessmen) We need you to sign too.

Mordecai: What?

PlayCo Businessman #1: That duck warrior you and the Baby Ducks turned into, (evily) it would make an amazing toy.

PlayCo Businessman #2: So whaddaya say? (Evil smirk) Sign over your likenesses?

Mordecai and Rigby: (Disgusted groan) UGH!

Mordecai: (Furiously points at them) No way! Your toys suck.

Rigby: (Also points) Yeah PlayCo! More like LameCo!

Mordecai: (To Rigby) (Gets idea. Rigby looks at him, confused) Wait wait, (Mordecai laughs lightly) more like (looks at businessmen) PlayBlowers! (Rigby sneers at them)

Mordecai, Rigby, and The Baby Ducks: OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!

PlayCo Businessman #1: (Annoyed) Hmm... Well, (opens briefcase to show one one hundred dollar bill inside) does this Play-Blow?

(Opens briefcase and $100 is show)

Mordecai: (Annoyed) You think a month's pay is gonna change our minds?

PlayCo Businessman #1: Fair enough. (Throws briefcase aside and takes another briefcase from the other businessman. Opens it up to reveal prototypes of the toys) But maybe a look at our prototypes will.

Mordecai and Rigby: (Squint and walk over to the briefcase, curious)

A Baby Duck: Careful dudes!

Mordecai and Rigby: (Look at prototypes) HEY!

Mordecai: (Scene shows toys in briefcase, Mordecai's voice only) These are horrible! (Both grab the toy versions of themselves)

Mordecai: (Looks at the toy, annoyed) They only have like, three points of articulation!

Rigby: (Also looking at toy, annoyed) Yeah, and they don't look anything like us! (Looks at businessmen) Maybe if you at least got the colors right.

PlayCo Businessman #2: (Yelling) Hey! Who here runs a billion dollar TOY company?!?

PlayCo Businessman #1: (holds him back) Cool it, Neil. (Neil glares at Mordecai and Rigby) Hehe, uh, look guys, it's too expensive to change the molds at this stage. (Keeps trying to convince them) Aw, come on! Kids won't notice anyways.

Mordecai: You screwed up the Carter and Briggs toys, and the us toys (both throw the toys away at the word us) are even worse. NO DEAL! (Both cross their arms)

PlayCo Businessman #1: Weeeee thought you might say that. (Both businessmen evily smirk) So we invited some friends to help convince you. *Snap* (Another limo then arrives and the Full Grown Geese open the door)

A Goose: RAAH!

A Baby Duck: Geese!

Neil: (Confident) Heh, they signed months ago.

A Goose: (Full Grown Geese walk towards Mordecai, Rigby, and the Baby Ducks) Join us. Become immortalized in plastic and cheap paint!

Rigby: Never!! (Benson and High Five Ghost come out of the house)

Benson: (Angry) I've heard enough!

Mordecai: How'd you hear?

Benson: (It is revealed that Skips, Muscle Man, and Pops followed Benson and HFG. Still angry) You've been yelling this whole time! Just sign the contract and get that cassowary thing outta here!

Rigby: (Squinting at Benson) You too, Benson?

Benson: (Calm) Listen, be sensible?!? Selling out can be very lucrative. Those toy royalties could really beef up your retirement fund!

Mordecai: No! (Mordecai and Rigby walk over to Benson) You can call us a lot of things. (Counts on fingers) Lazy, slacker, irresponsible. But there is one thing we're not, and that's sell outs. (Both turn toward the businessmen) We're DRAWING a line in the sand! (A baby duck draws a line in the sand. Skips, Pops, HFG, and Muscle Man nod in agreement. Benson is in shock)

Skips: (To the Park crew) I respect that.

Muscle Man: (To Mordecai and Rigby) Nice, bros.

Benson: (Mumbling to himself) They don't get it.

PlayCo Businessman #1: Hmm, looks like we're gonna have to force your hand... (opens briefcase) to SIGN! (Presses red button inside the briefcase. The cassowary launches into the air and turns into a robot. Everyone looks at it)

Skips: Never seen that before. (The Geese turn into a robot as well)

Mega-Goose and the Cassowary: RAAAAAAHHH!!

Mordecai, Rigby and the Baby Ducks: *GASP*

A Baby Duck: Mordecai and Rigby! Remember what to with these? (Raises a fist up)

Mordecai: (Both raise up a fist) Yes we do.

Benson: No, no, wait a second! Everybody just-! (Gets cut off by Mordecai, Rigby and the Baby Ducks fist pumping. They transform into their outfits and Hyperduck is formed)

Mordecai and Rigby: Hyperduck Extreme:...!

Hyperduck: ...Fusion Mode! Ready to fight! (Gets into fighting stance. Everything is silent)

Mega-Goose and the Cassowary: HA HA HA HA HA! Hyperduck Extreme?!? Really?!? That's all you got?!? (The Mega-Goose and the cassowary form together)

Gooseowary X:  Moto Gooseowary X!

Mordecai and Rigby: (amazed) Wooooooooaaaaaahhh....

Mordecai: (To Rigby) Looks like we're gonna need some help. (Hyperduck points at the Park crew) (Yells) You guys!

Rest of the Park Crew: Huh?

Mordecai: (just voice as Hyperduck makes fist pump motion and raises arms) Pump your fists and help us take a stand against poor aviary merchandise!

Rest of Park Crew: (Music starts playing) Right!

Muscle Man: (Muscle Man and HFG fist pump) HA! (Scene cuts to a waterfall in the middle of a jungle. The waterfall splits and a black tank charges out)

Muscle Man and High Five Ghost: (Driving the tank) WOOOOOOO! WOO! WOOOOO! WOO! (The tank adds in between Hyperduck's torso)

Skips: (Fist pumps) (Grunts) (Scene cuts to a volcano. It erupts and lava shoots out, along with a jet with the jet rockets looking like the Fists of Justice. Skips is shown driving it) This is pretty wild! (The rocket gloves put themselves on Hyperduck's hands)

Pops: Hahahahaha! (Fist pumps) (Scene cuts to an ocean. A jet that looks like Pops' head emerges from the water. It starts to charge and it zooms forward. On its way, dolphins are riding the waves next to it. Then the Pops Head Jet sheds itself and only the mustache remains. It starts twirling around like a propeller. Pops is shown driving it) Wooooohahahahaha! (It attaches itself onto Hyperduck's bill. Hyperduck mechanically puts on shades and turns its hat around)

Benson: (Annoyed) *Sigh* If it'll get rid of the bird... (Fist pumps) (Scene cuts to a carving of Benson in a mountain. Its mouth opens and a giant clipboard flies out. Benson is shown driving it, screaming really loud) WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It attaches like a shield onto one of Skips' glove rockets. Benson's chair then lowers) Huh? What the-(Him and his chair go through a long tunnel, Benson screaming the whole time) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! (Then it shows Benson standing on a platform with a light shining above him) Wa? (Half of a sphere thing surrounds his body. Benson tries to get out. As he gets out of some black goo, he is suited up. It also tones his rear, and Benson notices) Oh. (Once he's out, he sees blue lightning around the platform. Then the two halves of the sphere spray him with a cloudy white gas) *Cough, cough, cough* (A chair lifts him into the main control station) Make it stop! *Cough* (It is shown that all of the Park Crew is in the main control room, wearing the same outfit as Benson)

Mordecai:  Alright!  (Scene shows newly upgraded Hyperduck) Hyperduck Extreme: Park Variant! Ready for battle! (Hyperduck Extreme gets into fighting stance)

[Cut to Commercial]

Part 2

(Scene cuts to the two machines just standing there, and blue lightning streaks the sky. Petals on plants then show. Rain drops start to land on the petals and stream off of them. It then starts downpouring. Everything is silent for a few moments. The Gooseowary X growls, then starts running towards Hyperduck. It does the same. They punch at the same time, canceling each other out. It stops raining for a bit, then starts downpouring again. Its silent for a few seconds, until Hyperduck advances, but the Gooseowary X knees it. Hyperducks almost falls, but regains composure)

Baby Ducks: La-la-la-... (fires off four Laserdiscs) LASERS! (They hit the Gooseowary X's four heads)

Rigby: In your face!

Gooseowary X: RAAAAAH!! (Its starts charging at them again)

Park Crew: (Panicking) Aaaahh! (Hyperduck charges as well. They try kicking each other, but they cancel out. They keep doing this, at the same time going higher and higher into the air. They pass clouds and keep going up. The PlayCo businessmen see and decide to help)

PlayCo Businessman #1: (Looks at contract) Hmm... (looks at Neil) looks like we'll need some extra insurance. (They each run into the drivers seat in one of the limos. They turn them on and start flying up into the air. The two machines are still trying to kick each other. The two limos arrive, the machines stop kicking, and the limos attach their rocket jets onto the Gooseowary X's back. The front wheels of the limos stretch out and become steel wings. The cassowary robot head moves from the chest to the head. The four heads come close to each other and the cassowary head takes their place. The metal waddle breaks and a red ribbon streams out, waving like a flag. The Park Crew can't believe it)

Mordecai, Rigby, and Skips: *GASP*

Benson: AH! (The others are speechless. The newly improved Gooseowary X floats for a second, then punches Hyperduck. It takes the machine and flies higher. Scene cuts to Barry and Jones from "Grilled Cheese Deluxe" in a satellite)

Jones: (floats to him) Barry, did you eat all the astronaut ice cream? We only had five left! We're gonna starve! (They see the Gooseowary X fly past the small window) What the-?!?

(Scene cuts to the Gooseowary X flying to the moon. It shoves Hyperduck against the moon's surface, making a soft crashing noise. The Park Crew feels the impact. Hyperduck lays in a newly formed crater, and a crack begins to form, breaking the moon in half)

Skips: Never seen that before.

Muscle Man: Party Mode activate! (Takes out one of his shirts and starts swinging it around so it hits the red "Party Mode" button. Hyperduck gets up and takes off its propeller from its back and starts twirling it around. Using its new speed, it charges toward the Gooseowary X. It brings out a giant metal white rectangle that says "Contract" on it in red. The propeller hits the metal, stopping its spinning)

Neil: This contract is non-negotiable! (Opens a black briefcase and presses a red button saying "Litigation Launch". The "Contract" reveals rockets. The Gooseowary X lets go of the "Contract" and it charges into Hyperduck's stomach. As it moves back, small parts of the moon begin to hit the back of Hyperduck's head. The Park Crew doesn't know what to do. Hyperduck crashes into a half of the moon, the Gooseowary X retrieves the "Contract" using a mechanical grappling hook. With the other hand, the Gooseowary X generates an ink pen and clicks it)

PlayCo Businessmen: Time to close this deal! (The Gooseowary X flies towards the moon with a gun shotting at Hyperduck. Mordecai and Rigby panic.)

Mordecai: Benson, use the Medusa reflection technique!

Benson: The what?!? How?!?

Rigby: (frustrated) Just button mash! You only have one button!

Benson: (sees a red button and joystick and randomly uses them) Aaahh! (Hyperduck then uses the metal clipboard as a shield. Using it, he slowly gets up on his feet again. As the Gooseowary X approaches, it uses its metal wings as a shield and continues advancing. Hyperduck puts its propeller wings on and rockets off the moon. They run into each other)

Gooseowary X: (Pulls out the "contract") Sign the contract! (it punches Hyperduck in the hollow stomach (dumb maneuver), then Hyperduck grabs the Gooseowary X's arm, turns and knees it in the face. The force brings the Gooseowary X towards the moon)

Mordecai and Rigby: Never!

(Hyperduck raises its left arm, the scene cuts to the Great Spinx in Egypt, its head opens, then an electric guitar is flying to Hyperduck, then it uses the guitar to blast the Gooseowary X on the moon repeatedly until it can't move)

Park Crew: (cheering)

Gooseowary X: (laughs evilly as spikes in it starts attaching pieces of the moon on its body)

Park Crew: (gasps as quick closeups of the Gooseowary X with pieces of the moon go up and down repeatedly, then it slowly goes up one more time)

Gooseowary X: Lunar Gooseowary X: Omega Warrior!

Pops: The moon?!? Oh, we can't fight the moon! (The Gooseowary X throws a half piece of the moon to Hyperduck; Mordecai and Rigby are shocked)

Muscle Man: (also shocked) It's been an honor kicking robot goose butt with you bros.

Hyperduck: Hold on, dudes! (the half piece of the moon hits it and it began to spin and so does the park crew)


(The rocket boosters tries to work, but couldn't)

Mordecai: The boosters aren't catching!

Briggs: (voice) Looks like you need some extra horse power! (He and Briggs are in their flying police car to help Hyperduck)

Mordecai and Rigby: (excited) Carter and Briggs!

Carter: There's no way we're letting anyone else get stuck with that awful contract!

(Hyperduck starts transforming with two police sirens appeared on his shoulders and the body transforms into a base with Carter and Briggs' car inside)

Carter and Briggs:  (wearing Cruiser Mod Maximum suits)  Hyperduck Extreme: Cruiser Mod Maximum!

Mordecai and Rigby: (wearing the same suits in the main control room with the Park Crew) Alright!

Andy: (voice) Hey, guys, don't go chicken on me now.

Rigby: Who's that? (He and Mordecai see a black square-like space craft on the screen)

Baby Ducks: (one appears on the screen) It's our long lost teenage brother! (others appear on the screen) Andy!

Andy: (while flying in his space craft) I've been studying abroad finding myself. (pulls down his glasses a little) Now I found myself ready to kick some butt!

(Hyperduck starts to transform again, and this time, its propeller transforms into real wings, and Andy in his Fury Gigawing suit)

Andy: Hyperduck Ultimate Fury Gigawing!     (The word "wing" echos while the scene shows newly upgraded Hyperduck, then the scene zooms out to a PlayCo Focus Testing room) 

PlayCo Tester: So kids, like what you were seeing? Samantha, I noticed your fun-o-meter is stuck in the middle. Why is that?

Samantha: Well, the robots are cool, but weren't there any girls? Why couldn't their long lost brother have been their long lost sister, and how are all of their disparate technologies able to even connect to each other?

PlayCo Tester: (writing on a notepad) "Doesn't like boys, doesn't understand robots."

Samantha: That's... that's not what I said.

(The scene zooms back into space)

Gooseowary X: Sign the contract or be destroyed, Hyperduck!

Mordecai: Then it looks like you'll have to destroy us, 'cause we'd rather die than have our likenesses turn into poorly made toys.

Benson: What? No!

PlayCo Businessman: So be it! Scramble Missiles:...!

Gooseowary X: ...Crisis Spread! (The scramble misiles appears from the lunar armor. They suddenly shoot out toward the Hyperduck.)

Mordecai and Rigby: Quad-Cannon: Melee Mode!

(They grab handles and push down to release Muscle Man in his Quad-Cannon)

Muscle Man: WHOOOO!!!! AW ha ha, yeah!

(Pops and Benson are also released in their Quad-Cannon positions)

Benson: No, no, no, no, no, no!

Mordecai: Max energy!

Briggs: On it!

(They start doing donuts on their machine)

Andy: Loud and clear! Cerebral screeeeeaaaaaam! AAAAAHHHH!!!

(He uses his cerebral scream power, then the Hyperduck surfs on the guitar and gets off and flies to avoid the missiles as the camera moves around the Hyperduck to Benson firing missiles of the Quad-Cannon at the scramble missiles)


(The camera then moves to Muscle Man firing missiles of his Quad-Cannon position firing the scramble missiles)


Neil: What are we waiting for? Launch the Nega Missile!

PlayCo Business Man: GRRR!!

(The Nega missile appears on the lunar chest armor and they shoot towards the Hyperduck, which hits the shield, causing it to dissolve the Hyperduck's arm.)

Park Crew: AAAAAHHHH!!!!

Carter and Briggs: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! (They lost their spin and their cruiser flips)

Andy: (lost his sense of his cerebral scream) AAAAHHH!!! I lost my link, dudes! What's going on?!?

(The Gooseowary X grabs the Hyperduck, then he grabs the other half of the moon and pulls it closer to the Hyperduck and pounds it, then the Gooseowary X gives the pen to the Hyperduck towards the contract and clicks it.)

Gooseowary X: (chuckles evilly) Face it. You have no choice but to sign the contract.

Park Crew: (grunting as the main control room start to malfunction)

Mordecai: NO!

Rigby: Those toys are so LAME!!!

Skips: Oooh! Well, I guess immortality had to end sometime.

Neil: Just accept it. We're a multi-national conglomerate. We can afford to keep hounding you forever! Can you afford new friends?

(The Hyperduck keeps being pounded by the Gooseowary X, and the main control room malfunctions even more)

Pops: Oh! Too hot! Bad show!

Benson: Uh... Uh...

Rigby: I don't wanna almost die on the moon again!

Mordecai: I think... I think we just have to sign it, dude.

(The Hyperduck places the pen on the singing line to sign the contract)

Benson: Uh... NO!

Mordecai and Rigby: Huh?

Benson: You guys taught me something today by putting behind those Quad-Cannons, and it's to always stick to your guns! Don't sign that contract!

Skips, Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost: Hmm!

(The Hyperduck places the pen away from the contract)

Mordecai: You're right, Benson. At least, this way, we'll go out as the good guys.

A Goose: Good guys?!? HA HA HA HA HA! HONK! You're the bad guys! The contract even says so! HA HA HA HA HA! HONK!

Rigby: (reading the contract) Nope, it looks like the contract says you're the bad guys.

Andy: Aw, dang! You gotta get your eyes checked, dog!

A Goose: WHAAAAAT?!?

(The PlayCo Business Man and Neil look at each other)

Another Goose: We never would've said "yes" if we knew we were gonna be the bad guys! YOU LIED TO US!

Neil: Your robot's black and gray. Of course, you're the bad guys!

A Goose: If we can't be the good guys, then NO DEAL!

Neil: No! Wait!

(The Geese leave, then pieces of the moon and the arms detach the Gooseowary X)

PlayCo Business Man: AAAH!!

(They see pieces of the Gooseowary X heading towards the Hyperduck)

Park Crew: Uh... AAAH!!!

(Hyperduck starts to transform again, and this time, the pieces start to attach the Hyperduck into a body)

Park Crew: (wearing white cloths with pink neck collars and fancy hats) Hyperduck...!

Baby Ducks and Geese: ...Kingbreaker...!

Carter, Briggs and Andy: ...White Lightning! (shows the newly upgraded Hyperduck)

PlayCo Business Man: Now- Now, hold on! We can negotiate! Fast food deals, movies; apps where you can record your voice and it comes out high-pitched! It's funny! I-It's SYNERGY!

Mordecai: Synergize this!

(They pull out their guitars and they play them as the old Hyperduck paddle and new Hyperduck starts to energize a ball)

Narrator: Mordecai, Rigby and their friends summon the Galaxy Blade from a distant moon!

(From a distant moon, the Galaxy Blade flies out of a temple as it flies into space, flies through Mars, which gets destroyed by it, and lands in the Hyperduck's hands. The Hyperduck uses the Galaxy Blade to cut the contract and it uses its arm on the Gooseowary X as they fly down back to Earth)

Hyperduck: STEP OFF!


(The Hyperduck flies down towards the Park to crush the Gooseowary X as outside the city, a doe watches, and the Hyperduck slams down the Gooseowary X causing a massive explosion, destroying the house, Cheezers, the ocean current, the city and the entire Earth. We cut to the now-destroyed Park)

Narrator: The Galaxy Blade can only be reeled to by those who can show true friendship and courage in the face of overwhelming odds. Is this the end for our entrapped heroes? (The camera pans to a crater) Wait, look! In that crater! Could it be? Could it be?

(Benson gets out of the crater)

Benson: That... was... amazing! (Mordecai and Rigby get out of the crater) I've never felt alive! I don't even care if the Park was destroyed! You guys feel like this all the time?

Mordecai: Yeah, pretty much.

(The Baby Ducks, Pops, Skips, Muscle Man, Fives, Carter and Briggs walk up to them)

Carter: Hey, thanks for getting us out of that contract.

Briggs: Yeah, now I can finally sleep soundly in my eight-million dollar mansion.

A Baby Duck: I'm just glad we're all safe. Wait, where's Andy?

(They look up on Andy's space craft)

Andy: Gotta jet, dudes! I've got a hot date on Europa! It's been real! (He flies to Europa)

Pops: Oh, what a nice fellow.

(The Geese come up to the Baby Ducks)

A Goose: Thanks for helping us, Ducks. We are mortal enemies, but just this once, we were comrades, and that was pretty cool. (Places his wing)

(A Baby Ducks places his wing closer and swipes it)

A Baby Duck: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!! I really thank you.

(The Baby Ducks and the Geese shake wings)

Baby Ducks: That was great. That was cool.

Geese: Sure is. That was great. Yeah, that was great.

(The PlayCo Business Man and Neil climb out of the crater)

PlayCo Business Man: Okay, fine. No toys. That's cool. But have you ever considered video games?

Mordecai: Sure, why not?

Rigby: Oh, yeah, totally.

Baby Ducks: Definitely. Uh-huh.

Mordecai: There's no such thing as a bad video game.

(The guys jump in the air shouting "YEAH!!!" The words "Executive Producer: J.G. Quintel" is shown. We are then shown to several scenes such as: at the Baby Ducks' place where Mordecai, Rigby and the Baby Ducks are partying, Pops, Benson, two Baby Ducks and Skips waiting for Mordecai and Rigby to ride with them, the Baby Ducks eating dinner while the Mother Duck is cooking, the Baby Ducks on a stegosaurus battling a Tyrannosaurus Rex with machine guns in the prehistoric times while Mordecai and Rigby use a map, Mordecai, Rigby and the Baby Ducks look at the stars to see an image of Andy on it, and the size comparison chart of the Hyperducks, the Mega-Goose, the cassowary, the Gooseowary X's, and the characters' mechs. We fade out. Episode ends.)

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