Biographical Information
Home: Rock and Roll Underworld
Occupation: Club Bouncer
Species: Demon
Gender: Male
Eye color: Red
Show Information
Voiced by: Mark Hamill
Appears in: "Guitar Of Rock"

He appears in the season 5 episode Guitar of Rock where he guards the opening to the "Rock and Roll Underworld".


Death puts Mordecai and Rigby on the list so they can get past the bouncer and go inside. Death doesn't go in there with them. They go inside and meet Bruce and he asks for a pen to sign it with. But nobody brought a pen and only the bouncer has a pen. Benson tries to distract the bouncer as Mordecai and Rigby try to take the pen away.

However, they are caught and the bouncer wants to make sure they are rockstars so he makes them play on stage in front of everyone, but they play badly due to their stage fright & they are almost sucked into the "Fake Rockstar Underworld" but Mordecai hits the bouncer and gets the pen and get Bruce to sign it. Death gets them on his motorcycle and they barely escape with the signed guitar.


He presents himself like a generic "biker dude" with a long, scruffy, grey beard and tattoos all down his arms. He wears a denom vest over a check shirt with ripped sleeves and some ripped jeans as well.

He is a demon or some sort of undead being which is why he has a green skin tone and red eyes.


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