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Blitz Comet is a CrewCrew member.


Blitz is a member of the CrewCrew. He, along with the rest of the CrewCrew, challenged Pops to a rap battle. He is defeated by Mordecai, when he sprouts wings and flies away into the sky. His ultimate fate is unknown, but he most likely flew into space, killing him from the lack of oxygen, since he is never seen again in the show. Despite this, he was not revived in Exit 9B. He is voiced by the rapper Tyler, The Creator.

Rap Battle with Big Trouble

Blitz Comet on the scene.

You step to me and you gonna get creamed-

Corn! All up in your teeth, you reek,

you're the opposite of chiq, ya freak!

Your rhymes are all antiques.

Nobody wants em

They throw em all away

Right from the get go like your brain is on delay

Matter of fact, yo, you better get a check up

Go ask your doctor, why you be so ugly from the neck UP?

Rap Battle with Mordecai

Okay hold up!

You wanna talk words and verbs

but your face is distracting.

So ugly it bugs me.

Take care of that mess and sweep it under the rug please.

So trust me,

you're only takin' matters from bad to worse.

Only solution is to turn around in reverse.


Blitz resembles Tyler the Creator of Odd Future in various ways. He wears a purple hoodie, with a green cap (resembling "Supreme" caps he often wears), has gapped teeth, and a black undershirt. The black undershirt has the initials B.o.B. with a cross through it. He also wears blue shorts and blue shoes, as well as knee-high socks.


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