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(The episode opens up in the entrance of the park, where Pops is teaching Mordecai and Rigby how to make figures on a couple of plants.)

Pops: First, you envision the shape you want to make in your mind. And then... (cuts a leaf) ...voilá! (giggles)

Mordecai: Woah, that's pretty cool, Pops. 

Rigby: Yeeeaaah, I think I get it now. (Just as the two are about to trim the leaves, Benson halts them)

Benson: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Just stop it, both of you. (takes Mordecai's trimmer) I don't trust you guys to do this, it's way too important. (Cuts the leaves)

Mordecai: Hey, we could've gotten it!

Benson: Uhh, I doubt it. (Camera zooms in on Pops' face as Benson's dialogue slowly fades out) It's the first thing people see when they walk into the park. I don't want you guys mucking it up... (Scene switches to Mordecai and Rigby painting a shed with Pops peeking out the window, as Benson walks up to them) Back up, back up, back up. Let me show you how it's done. You have to be very precise when you're doing the trim. (Camera zooms in on Pops' face again, looking worried, with the dialogue fading out again) You guys are gonna make a mess of it, there's no way I'm letting you do this. (Scene switches to Rigby holding a garbage bag above the bin, with Benson walking up to them once more, and taking the bag away from his hands) Hey, hey, hey, give me that! I can't trust you two with anything. (Camera zooms in to the bushes where Pops is spying on the three with his binoculars, still carrying a worried look on his face. He shakes his head in disappointment.) You have to squeeze and release. Make sure the bag lands in the can.

(Scene switches to the mountainside where Pops' flying car lands on a clear field in the forest, with the four exiting it.)

Benson: Alright, Pops. What gives? What are we all doing up here?

Rigby: Yeah, what's the deal, Pops?

Pops: (deep breath) I'll explain to you the deal. Benson, I'm afraid you have a serious trust problem with Mordecai and Rigby. 

Benson: Are you serious? You brought us all the way out here for this?! (sighs) Alright, fine. Mordecai, Rigby, I trust you. There, I said it. Is that good, can we leave now? Because I have a lot to do today, I have to finish taking inventory and...

Pops: Okay, okay. If you trust them, then you should have no problem performing a trust fall. 

Benson: (groans) You've got to be kidding me...

Pops: (Mordecai and Rigby extend their arms) Simply fall back into Mordecai and Rigby's arms and we'll get back in the car and go home right now.

(Benson turns his back, arms crossed, all the while pausing to look at Mordecai and Rigby with their arms extended. He sighs, and starts sweating, looking back at them once more, only to end up becoming angry.)

Benson: Alright, fine! I can't do it! I don't trust them to catch me! Do you hear me?! I DON'T TRUST THEM! (last line echoes as the camera zooms away from the scenery with each echo, only to return to the scene with Benson breathing heavily) 

Pops: (was covering his ears) Well, that's what I thought. So here's what we're gonna do, you're gonna be blindfolded and led down the mountain by Mordecai and Rigby through a series of trust-based obstacles.

Benson: Please tell me you're joking...

Rigby: Aww, sweet! Benson's totally gonna trust us after this!

Mordecai: Yeah he is. (The two high-five each other)

Benson: No way, I'm not doing it. This is crazy. (Pops walks up to Benson and blindfolds his eyes) I can't trust my life in the hands of these two idiots!

Pops: Now make sure not to take your blindfold off until you reach the bottom of the mountain. You must let them lead you. Trust me, it'll be worth it.

Benson: Wait! (Pops walks back into his car) I can't even trust them to mow the lawn!

Rigby: It's all good, Benson. We've got it. (Pops' car flies up)

Pops: See you at the bottom! (Camera zooms to a full view of the mountain, where the car is flying back down the mountain)

Rigby: Later, Pops!

Mordecai: See ya! (Both turn to Benson) Man, by the time we get you to the bottom of this mountain, you're totally gonna trust us.

Mordecai and Rigby: WOOOOOOOOAH!! 

Benson: (groans)

(Scene switches to a different location, with a wooden sign saying 'Stump Test', where Mordecai and Rigby are assisting Benson in walking on the tree stumps)

Benson: You guys better not screw up.

Mordecai: Okay, step right. (Benson takes a step)

Rigby: Alright, last one. (Rigby walks to a puddle of mud, slips and causes Benson to fall off the stump)

Benson: Ugh... (Mordecai and Rigby try to help him up, but he refuses, gets up annoyed and takes off his blindfold) (sprints away from them) I knew I couldn't trust you! 

Mordecai: Dude, you can't take off your blindfold!

Benson: There's no way I'm walking around blind after that last test. (Benson throws the blindfold at the ground)

Rigby: It was just an accident, it won't happen again.

Benson: Sure it won't.

Mordecai: Come on, Benson. Just put the blindfold back on and try again.

Benson: I'm better off on my own.

Mordecai: You're supposed to let us lead you.

Benson: That's not gonna happen. (Benson smacks his head against a bees nest, causing the bess to break free. They chase after him, as he runs around screaming, eventually falling onto the lake)

(Scene switches to night time where Mordecai and Rigby are sitting on a tree trunk, Benson right beside them, with a campfire in the middle)

Mordecai: It's kinda funny that you took off your blindfold but weren't supposed to and then got blindfolded again anyways. By natuuure... (Mordecai laughs slightly as the scene switches to Benson's eyes being completely stung, rendering him sightless) Uhh, does your face feel better?

Rigby: (waves) Can you see anything?

Benson: No and no. (sighs) Can't believe I'm stuck on this mountain with you two.

Mordecai: You know, if you would've just given us a chance on these trust exercises we would've made it to the bottom of the mountain by now.

Benson: I gave you a chance, and I fell.

Rigby: Yeah, but we caught you.

Benson: No you didn't! Falling on top of you doesn't count.

Rigby: I think it does.

Benson: No it doesn't!! Besides, I'm not going to put my life in the hands of two incompetent slackers.

Mordecai: Pfft...

Rigby: Yeah, it's not our fault you have trust ♪issues♪..

Benson: Oh, it's not? It's not your fault? That's funny, because I can think of a few times when it was your fault.

(A flashback sequence begins showing various clips of Mordecai and Rigby goofing up [minus the end] in this order:

  • Trying to go through the rolling window of the bottom floor with Benson watching television, but end up going through the window, breaking it and knocking down the TV set; 
  • Letting a lawnmower go loose and run down the hill making it collide with a stone wall;
  • Benson telling them to take care of his pet dog, only to stop at Cheezer's and accidentally let him go rampant without its leash;
  • Swinging in a rope vine on the tree, which happens to be right next to Benson where he is sunbathing, only for the tree to collapse due to their weight and land on him.
  • The two rapping "Ra-ba-ba, Benson can't trust us, Benson can't trust us" whilst by observes them through the shutters, thus concluding the flashback.)

Benson: So I should trust you? I should trust you?

Mordecai and Rigby: Uuuhhh... (the two look at each other)

Benson: Yeah, I thought so. (gets up) I've had enough sitting around, I'm going to find my own way down the mountain.

Mordecai: Benson, you can't see anything! Can't you at least wait till morning?

Benson: Maybe you can wait till morning, but inventory and bath orders can't. (He walks off-screen, waving his arms back and forth to reach for an object and avoid it)

Rigby: Benson, there's a branch. (Benson hits his head on a branch) See, I told you!

Benson: (He gets angry, rips off the branch and uses it to guide himself whilst mumbling to himself) Just get me out of these woods.

Mordecai: We've gotta make sure he doesn't hurt himself. (The two get up and walk towards him) Shrub on your left.

Rigby: Rock. Rock. Bigger rock.

Benson: Will you two just... huh?

Mordecai: It's a sign.

Benson: Let's see. (He touches the sign, trying to read what it says, when it actually read "Keep Out: Sacred Animal Burial Ground") Oh, we're back on the main path.

Mordecai: Uh, Benson, this is definitely not the main path.

Benson: It's gotta be, why else would they put a sign here?

Rigby: But the sign says "Keep Out: Sacred Animal Burial Ground".

Benson: Yeah, right, you're probably just getting a kick out of seeing me blindly wander around. (He continues on with his path)

Rigby: Benson, wait up! (The two follow him)

(The two follow Benson as they come across a cliff where multiple piles of stones are scattered across the ground with the bigger pile being on the very edge)

Mordecai: This doesn't look right, Benson. Let's turn back.

Benson: I know what I'm doing, unlike you two.

(Benson accidentally knocks some of the rocks from two of the piles down with the stick, causing the ground to shake.)

Mordecai and Rigby: Woah... Wha...?

(Eventually, smoke starts to form from all the piles. Mordecai begins to mutter in fear.)

Rigby: What's going on?

(The smoke grows and spread across the whole cliff, until supernatural figures emerge from the smoke. The first one being a bear, the second a goat, the third an owl, and this progresses until the cliff is surrounded by animals made entirely out of light yellow smoke.)

Benson: What's going on?!

(A final ghost  appears,revealing itself to be a giant moose.)

Ghost Moose: Children of the living, you belong not in this realm. 

Benson: Oh, nice try Mordecai. I've heard you make that voice before.

Mordecai: What? That's not me.

Ghost Moose: You tread on sacred ground. Turn back while you can.

Benson: You're not gonna fool me with that old trick.

(The other Animal Ghosts crawl closer to the three.)

Mordecai: Benson, we've gotta get outta here.

Rigby: Yeah, come on, come on!

Benson: No, let go of me! (He swings his stick, trying to hit Rigby, but ends up knocking over another pile of rocks. This angers the other ghosts)

Ghost Moose: You've gone too far. You will pay the ultimate price. (The moose's eyes light up, showing fire on its pupils, as the other animal ghosts crawl towards the three)

Mordecai and Rigby: Ahh! (They run away, grabbing Benson by the arms)

Benson: Hey!

(The three are being chased by the animal ghosts, as they run through the forest, and the bushes)

Rigby: Did we lose them?

Mordecai: I don't-

(Mordecai trips on a branch and the three fall down the debris, with Rigby knocking his mouth into a rock, followed by the three falling off the ledge and landing on a surface beneath it. They start to groan in pain, whilst the animal ghosts catch up with them.)

Ghost Moose: You will not leave this forest alive. (The other ghosts fly to the left and right, landing on the other surfaces next to the injured characters. Their groans of pain are clearly audible)

Mordecai: It's all broken...

Rigby: (His mouth is in pain, as he cannot utter a word except for small sounds. He removes a leave stuck inside his mouth and the leave turn out to be poison ivy much to his horror)

Benson: Ugh, my arms. (Howling and barking is heard in the background) That isn't you guys, is it? (The ghosts float closer to them, still on arms)

Mordecai: Nope, definitely not us.

Benson: Okay, maybe I was wrong about that being the main path but I just can't trust you. Give it to me straight, do we have a chance of getting out of here? (Mordecai looks to his left and finds a rope wrapped around a branch)

Mordecai: Yeah, there's a chance. But the only way it's gonna work is if you trust us. (More howling and barking is heard on the left and right sides)

Benson: I don't have much of a choice, do I?

Mordecai: Alright, Rigby, grab that rope over there and take it to Benson.

(Rigby ties his legs and arms in front of Benson's body, as well as Mordecai doing the same thing behind him. The ghost bear growls, making Rigby scream internally.)

Mordecai: Benson, you're gonna run as fast as you can, and when I say 'jump', you're gonna do a little jump.

Benson: Jump? Jump how far?

Mordecai: Not far.

Benson: You better know what you're doing!

(The animal ghosts jump off their platforms towards the characters)

Mordecai: Run! (Benson runs at full force with the ghosts chasing after him) Jump! (The three fall fast heading towards the forest and scream)

Benson: What's happening?! I thought you said it wasn't that far!

Mordecai: I didn't think you'd jump if I said it was far! Okay Rigby, get ready to grab as hard as you can! (Rigby moans in approval) Now! (Rigby manages to grab the top of one of the trees and slide down in circles) Now let go! (The three sadly hit a nearby tree, bounce off and start landing on tree branch after tree branch before eventually landing on a pile of pinecones) Whatever wasn't broken, it's broken now... (Benson gets up from the pinecones and walks backwards to the trunk, as the three are confronted with a bear ghost) Duck! (They succesfully ducked leaving the bear to make a mark on the trunk which leaked out some sort of yellow goo) Run! (They proceed to run again with the bear ghost on their tail) Flip!

Benson: Front flip or backflip?

Mordecai: Front! (Benson does a front flip and jumps off the branch before this one was totalled completely by the ghost's claws) Spin right! Run! (The two continue running again with the ghost still chasing) Now run forward and backflip!

Benson: What?! Forward and a backflip?

Mordecai: Just trust me! (Benson does exactly that and the three trap the ghost inbetween trunks) Keep moving! (Benson continues to run, whilst in the background, the Ghost Moose and three goats are watching them. The moose nods its head and the three ghosts knock a bunch of rocks downhill) Left, right, jump! Left, right, jump! (A noise is heard in the background)

Benson: What's that noise? (Mordecai looks up and sees a rock avalanche sweeping down their path, as it destroys the trees encountered along the way)

Mordecai: Rock slide! Jump! (Benson jumps, making Rigby grab another branch, but a ghost owl flies close to the branch and eventually explodes itself, and the branch, making them fall) Monkeybars! (Rigby mumbles and uses his arm to jump through each branch whilst doing a backflip and the exploding ghost owls still run rampant) Frontflip! Monkeybars! Forward! Backflip! Up! Right! (The last ghost owl remaining flies towards them, as they scream) Flip!

(The last remaining ghost owl explodes and Rigby jumps up to another branch. Meanwhile, in the background, the Ghost Moose, and a bunch of ghost beavers can be seen next to the river where a lot of branches are holding off the water. The beavers start biting away the wood causing the ground beneath them to be submerged in water. The tree starts falling very quickly.)

Mordecai: Pull up! Legs! Back! Twistflip! Hands! Flip! (The three eventually land on a floating tree in the river) Balance! Run in place like a lumberjack! (Benson runs backwards making the tree move forward faster. At the same time, ghost piranhas jump out of the water) Duck! (A noise is heard in the distance) You hear that train? Run towards it and then jump!

Benson: You better be right about this! (Benson moves to his left all the while avoiding the piranhas)

Mordecai: Run! Jump! (Benson jumps out of the river, and the three fall into the direction of a moving train, all the while screaming) Arms! Legs! (The three land between platforms and they hold on to it. Rigby's arms and Benson's legs slip fast) Go up! (Benson and Rigby use their body members to jump up and when reaching the top, they encounter the Ghost Moose)

Ghost Moose: This is where it ends. (Mordecai and Rigby scream)

Benson: Who's there?!

Mordecai: Backflip! (Benson does so right when the moose was about to hit them) Hands! Feet! (Benson does what he was told, multiple times) Hands! Feet! Hands! Feet! Hands! Feet! Hands! Feet! Hands! Feet! Hands! Stop! (It can be seen that the three have reached the edge of the last platform on the train)

Benson: What's the matter, why did we stop?! (The moose floats full force towards them)

Mordecai: There's nowhere else to go but down!

Benson: What?! (The moose is still floating towards them)

Mordecai: Do you trust us?

Benson: (breathing heavily) (Voice breaks) Yes!

Mordecai: Do you trust us with your life?

Benson: YES!! I trust you with my life! (The moose is dangerously close to them)

Mordecai: Then jump!! (The moose was unable to kill them, as they jumped off the train and down into the forest, yelling. It looks at them with the same serious eyes, but changes its tone)

Ghost Moose: I admire your level of trust for one another, children of the living. If you survive this fall, you are free to go. (The moose disappears into the night sky and the train speeds away. The three characters are still screaming, as they fall down to the forest)

Benson: I'm sorry! I should have trusted you!

Mordecai: It's okay, Benson! Sometimes we slack off!

Benson: I love you guys!

Mordecai: We love you too!!

Rigby: (indistiguishable gibberish that closely resembles "I love you!")

(The three characters continue screaming as they fall into the forest. They are about to land head first into the bottom of the waterfall)

Mordecai: Trust fall! (The three characters dive into the water. Scene changes to Pops standing at the bottom of the mountain, right beside his car, as he looks at the sewer pipeline, where the water is coming out and into a small stream, and the three characters land on the concrete of the park)

Pops: (Giggles and claps hands) Good show! Benson, I'm so proud of you for completing the task! (Benson spits out water and coughs, while Mordecai groans in pain. At the same time, Pops gives them each a plate with a sandwich and three slices of apple on it) Now, I fixed us all some ham sandwiches, which I trust you'll enjoy. (He takes a bite of the sandwich, all the while giggling)

Mordecai: Take us to the hospital.

(End of "Blind Trust")