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"Blind Trust" is the thirty-second episode in Season 4 (and one hundred-eleventh episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on July 15, 2013.


Benson must trust Mordecai and Rigby to get him down a mountain.


The episode begins with Pops teaching Mordecai and Rigby how to do plant sculptures. They begin to understand, but before they could begin trimming, Benson comes up and starts doing the job himself, telling the two that he can't trust them. He ends up doing it repeatedly throughout the day, to Pops' disappointment, so he takes the three of them up to the top of a mountain to test Benson.

First, they try a trust fall, but Benson refuses, thinking that Mordecai and Rigby would not catch him, so Pops blindfolds Benson and tells him that Mordecai and Rigby are going to lead him down the mountain through a series of tests. Benson reluctantly agrees, and Mordecai and Rigby think that Benson will definitely trust them more after it's over.

The first test that they come to (a stump test) goes well until the end when Rigby slips in some mud and Benson falls on to the ground. Benson immediately removes his blindfold and starts angrily walking away, despite Mordecai and Rigby pleading for him to keep trying. This ends up with Benson running into a beehive while he wasn't looking, angering the bees who sting him in the eyes, effectively blinding him as he falls into a lake.

At the campfire, Mordecai jokes about how Benson was blinded by nature after taking off his original blindfold. But Benson says he isn't going to trust them to help him get down the mountain. Rigby says it isn't their fault Benson has trust issues, but Benson reminds them of the past mistakes they've made, which led him to have trouble trusting them. Benson then walks off and tells the two of them he is going to find his way down the mountain himself, despite being unable to see. Mordecai and Rigby still follow him, though, warning him about rocks in the way.

They eventually find their way to a path, and Benson feels a sign that warns about an ancient animal burial ground. He thinks that they've found the main path, so despite Mordecai and Rigby's warnings, Benson walks towards the burial ground, knocking over piles of rocks which release the Animal Ghosts, including a moose which warns them to turn back. Benson doesn't believe them, though, thinking that it was Mordecai doing a deep voice.

Benson ends up knocking over another pile of rocks, which angers the moose, so the ghosts begin chasing the three of them, Mordecai and Rigby leading Benson. Unfortunately, they end up tripping over a branch and rolling off of a cliff. Thankfully, they land on a lower portion of the cliff, but Mordecai ends up breaking multiple bones, Rigby's mouth swells because of poison oak in his mouth where he can't talk, and Benson has broken his arms. This forces them to work together to survive, so Mordecai tells Rigby to tie the three of them together with some rope, and they jump off the cliff, Rigby using his arms to swing down to the ground, Benson using his legs, and Mordecai telling them where to go.

After landing on a pile of pinecones (causing Mordecai even further injury), the three of them work together as they run through the forest, dodging the animal spirits and even a rock slide, before jumping off of a log on a river on to a train. They run towards the back of the train before being cornered by the moose. Mordecai asks Benson if he trusts them with his life, and Benson finally says yes. Mordecai tells him to jump off, and they fall off of another cliff. As they fall, Benson says that he should've trusted them more, while Mordecai admits that they slack off sometimes. They even say that they love each other, before they land in the river, washing out of a pipe on to the road in front of Pops.

Pops congratulates Benson on a job well done getting down the mountain, and gives him, Mordecai, and Rigby each of them ham sandwiches in celebration. However, because of the injuries they sustained during the whole trip, no one is in any mood to celebration, so Mordecai asks Pops to take the three of them to the hospital.






Episode Connections[]

  • One of Benson's flashbacks includes Mordecai and Rigby taking his dog out for a walk then they took the dog to Cheezer's and it ran away. [1]

Production Notes[]

  • This episode was aired alongside "World's Best Boss" as a half-hour special, making it the first Regular Show airing to include two new episodes in one day.