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Bistro en le Parc Employees
S3e32 bistro employees
Biographical Information
Occupation: Waiters at Bistro en le Parc
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde/Brown
Relatives: Unknown
Show Information
Voiced by: Unknown
Appears in: "Fancy Restaurant"

The Bistro en le Parc Employees were seen in the episode, "Fancy Restaurant" as the secondary antagonists. They worked at Bistro en le Parc. They all spoke with Italian accents and wielded dangerous weapons. They attacked with boxing-chains, their fists, feet, sharp forks, Swords, and pitchforks.


They all wore a red tuxedo with a white-ish shirt underneath. One of the employees, who the manager told to keep an eye on Muscle Man, and had black hair was wearing a white apron, a black tuxedo, a black bow tie and white shirt. Another employee had brown hair, a black tuxedo, a red bow tie and a white shirt. Another employee also had black hair, a black tuxedo, a black bow tie and a white shirt and also had a black mustache.


  • Most of them looked like British soldiers from the American Revolutionary War.


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