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[The episode starts with a montage of Muscle Man pranking Mordecai and Rigby as the Big Laugh by Jürgen Schlachter plays. He shakes a bottle of soda which Mordecai opens and it spills on him and Rigby.]

Muscle Man: [Laughs] Gotcha dudes! [Mordcai and Rigby head through a door and a bucket of water lands on them] Gotcha dudes! [Mordecai and Rigby are now playing a video game but their thumbs are stuck on a controller due to glue. Muscle Man is then seen again holding a tube of "Gloop D' Glue"] Gotcha dudes! [Scene then cuts to the hospital with Mordecai and Rigby's thumbs still stuck onto the controllers] Gotcha dudes! Gotcha dudes! Gotcha dudes! Gotcha dudes!

[Scene then cuts to The Park with a banner that says "Happy Birthday Muscle Man]

Everyone: Happy birthday Muscle Man!

Muscle Man: [tearing wrapping paper] Alright, gifts!

Mordecai: Dude, it's time to put Muscle Man in his place. You got the fake lottery ticket?

[Rigby holds up an envelope]

Mordecai and Rigby: Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm! [walks towards Muscle Man]

Mordecai: Hey, Muscle Man, happy birthday.

Rigby: Here's your birthday gift from us.

[Muscle Man tears open envelope]

Muscle Man: What's this? Aw, a lottery ticket? Wow, you losers really bent over backwards to get me a great gift.

Mordecai: Come on, just scratch it.

Muscle Man: Yeah, right, I'm not scratching nothing. Nobody wins these things.

Mordecai: Come on, scratch it dude. You could win a million dollars.

Muscle Man: Fine, but I'm keeping this quarter. [grumbles and scratches a one million] One one million, big deal. [grumbles and scratches a second one million] (excitedly) Whoa, two in a row! Okay. [murmurs and scratches a third one million] (ecstatically) I matched all three! I won, I won! Kiss my rich butt, losers. Woo! [runs and spins around on grass]

[Mordecai and Rigby laugh]

Mordecai: Dude, he totally fell for it.

Rigby: I can't wait to see the look on his face when we tell him we pranked him! Come on.

Skips: Wait, guys. You gave Muscle Man a fake lottery ticket?

Mordecai: Yeah, why? What's the big deal?

Skips: The last guy who pranked him with money didn't end up so well.

[Scene cuts to a flashback where a raffle is taking place]

Skips: (voiceover) It all happened a couple of years ago during the park raffle.

Biggs: And the winner of the one hundred dollar gift prize is ticket number three four six.

Muscle Man: Woohoo! It's me! I won a hundred bucks, baby!

Biggs: Oops! That's not the right ticket number.

Muscle Man: Huh?

Biggs: The real winning number is three four five! [laughs] Gotcha, Muscle Man! [laughs] Look at your face!

[Flashback cuts to a small building Biggs is walking out of]

Skips: (voiceover) Muscle Man didn't find the prank as funny as Biggs did.

[Biggs uses a vending machine until he sees Muscle Man's relfection and turns around]

Muscle Man: That was a pretty good prank you pulled back there, bro. I should return the favor. One good prank deserves another. [cracks knuckles]

[Biggs gasps and flashback ends]

Mordecai: What happened to the guy?

Skips: He never walked again. Or worked again, I can't remember, I don't know, I didn't really like the guy. But I like you guys, which is why you should be careful about telling Muscle Man you pranked him.

Mordecai: Dude, he almost killed a guy over a hundred bucks, imagine what he'll do to us over a million dollars!

[Mordecai and Rigby imagine that Muscle Man shoves them into the same vending machine and throws the vending machine]

Mordecai: Dude, we gotta go tell him before it's too late, come on.

[Mordecai and Rigby walk up to Muscle Man, who is wrecking a table]

Mordecai: Hey, Muscle Man, we need to tell you something.

Muscle Man: Hold up, bros, I'm busy. [elbows the table]

Mordecai: Whoa,whoa, Muscle Man, what are you doing?

Muscle Man: Now that I'm a millionaire, I'm gonna do some serious remodeling to this place. Now don't interrupt me again or I'll remodel your face. [smashes the table with his head]

Rigby: So maybe now's not a good time to tell him?

Mordecai: Yeah, probably not a good time.

[Scene cuts to the house, where Muscle man is smashing the coffee table]

Muscle Man: I'll put the Jacuzzi here. [smashes sofa] And the flat screen here. [smashes television] Now that I'm a millionaire, I can whip this place into shape. [walks out of living room whilst tearing a drape]

[Benson walks into the room]

Benson: What the- (exasperated) Argh!

[Benson barges into Mordecai and Rigby's room]

Benson: Alright, I've had it. Get out there right now and tell Muscle Man that lottery ticket's a fake.

Mordecai: We're working on it.

Benson: Well quit working on it, and just go tell him! He's trashing everything, because he thinks he can buy more stuff to replace it!

Muscle Man: (from the outside) Woo!

[Benson, Mordecai and Rigby look outside the window. Muscle Man is driving his trailer]

Muscle Man: [laughs] Oh, yeah! [steps on accelerator and breaks to let the trailer come loose]

[Trailer crashes into several things. Muscle Man lights a flare and puts on shutter shades]

Muscle Man: Out with the old, and in with the new. [throws flare onto trailer']

Rigby: Can't you just tell Muscle Man?

Benson: Yeah, right, I don't have enough time to be put in the hospital. (goes red) Now go tell him it's a fake or you're both fired! (He leaves a room, slaming a door shut.)

Rigby: Dude, what are we gonna do?

Mordecai: Maybe if we break it to him gently?

Rigby: What, so only half of our bones are crushed?

Mordecai: No, I mean, if we get him in a good mood he won't be so mad when we tell him.

Rigby: Okay, but how do we do that?

[Scene cuts to Wing Kingdom'. Muscle Man is wearing a tuxedo t-shirt and shutter shades.'']

Muscle Man: Aww, yeah, guys, thanks for taking me to the wings place to celebrate. It's gonna be my treat, because there's no way you can afford my appetite. [rapidly taps bell] Yo, service, service!

[Muscle Man, Mordecai and Rigby are sitting at a table. Muscle Man is eating buffalo wings.]

Muscle Man: You sure you guys don't want anything?

Mordecai: Uhh, no thanks, water's good.

Waiter: Okay sir, I've got the triple threat gourmet sauces right here. Platinum esquite barbecue, foie gras surpreme and chipolte hollandaise all in diamond encrusted containers.

Muscle Man: Aww, yeah, hook me up with that fancy sauce. I'm going all out now that I'm rich. All thanks to Moredcai and Rigby for giving me that lottery ticket. Now what was it you guys wanted to tell me?

Mordecai: Huh? What?

Muscle Man: Don't you remember? You said you wanted to break something to me. What was it?

Mordecai: Uh, I wanted to break these chicken bones with you, 'cause I know you love breaking things. [laughs nervously]

Muscle Man: You got that right, bro. I love breaking things. Especially things that disappoint me. Things like these meatless buffalo bones. [laughs and Mordecai and Rigby sweat at the same time] Oh, man, why is breaking bones so easy? (to the waiter) Yo, bro! Another round of wings up in here! In fact, now that I'm a millionaire, [stands up on chair] Hey, everyone! Wings on me!

[Everyone cheers. Waiters give wings to everyone in the restaurant. Muscle Man breaks a table as he's dancing on it]

Muscle Man: It's cool, I can buy another table now that I'm rich. All thanks to Mordecai and Rigby. Woo!

Moredcai: Dude, bathroom. Now.

[Cuts to Mordecai and Rigby in the bathroom]

Mordecai: This is getting worse. He's never gonna be able to pay for the stuff he's breaking.

Rigby: No thanks to you backing out of telling him the truth.

Mordecai: I don't see you telling him the truth.

Rigby: I'm not telling him!

Mordecai: Argh! Rock, Paper, Scissors for who has to tell him.

Rigby: Fine.

[Mordecai loses rock paper scissors]

Mordecai: Argh.

Rigby: Hm hm hm!

[Mordecai and Rigby exit the bathroom to find Muscle Man has left]

Mordecai: Huh?

Rigby: Where'd he go? (to waiter) Hey, man, did you see where the fat guy with the lame t-shirt went?

Waiter: Oh, yeah, he said he was going to the lottery plaza to cash in his ticket.

[Mordecai and Rigby gasps. The scene cuts to the lottery plaza. Mordecai and Rigby begin to imagine another scenario]

Mordecai: Muscle Man, wait!

Muscle Man: What is it?

Mordecai: There's something we need to tell you. The lottery ticket. It's fake. We wanted to get you back for pranking us.

Rigby: It just got out of hand. We're sorry.

Muscle Man: It's okay, I'm not mad.

Rigby: Really?

Muscle Man: Nope. I'm furious!

[Mordecai and Rigby gasp. Muscle Man shoves Mordecai and Rigby into the ticket checker and then catapults it over a wall. The imaginary scenario ends]

Muscle Man: Well, what were you gonna tell me?

Mordecai and Rigby: Uhh...

Rigby: Mordecai has something he wants to tell you.

[Mordecai punches Rigby]

Rigby: Oww!

Mordecai: I just wanted to tell you... that... I hope you don't forget us when you're rich. [laughs]

Muscle Man: Whatever losers. [Rigby makes arm language telling Mordecai what the heck!, Muscle Man puts the ticket into machine to be rejected. Pulls out ticket] Huh? [re-inserts ticket to be rejected repeatedly] Ticket not valid? Can you believe this? They're trying to cheat me out of my money!

[Mordecai and Rigby laugh nervously]

Muscle Man: This machine's not valid! I have a winning ticket! Give me my money! [punches machine] I want my money! [kicks machine repeatedly]

Mordecai: Dude, Muscle Man calm down!

Muscle Man: [screeching] MONNEEEEYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...! [punches machine repeatedly]

[Mordecai and Rigby restrain Muscle Man unsuccessfully. Armed men suddenly appear]

Man: Sir! Disrupting and tampering with lotto machines is a federal offence. If you do not stop we will use force!

Muscle Man: Force this! [picks up and throws man]

[Two other men charge at Muscle Man to be thrown back]

Man: Requesting backup for unit C, I repeat, we need backup!

[Many more armed men run towards Muscle Man with batons and shields. Muscle Man defends himself by kicking, punching and throwing them everywhere.]

Mordecai: Muscle Man, you gotta stop!

[Muscle Man throws an armed men near Mordecai and Rigby. We see him holding an armed men's leg and swings him around at the other guards.]

Mordecai: Dude, this has gotten way out of control! We gotta tell him.

[Mordecai and Rigby attempt to get through the armed men while Muscle Man continues his rampage]

Mordecai: Muscle Man! We have something to tell you!

Muscle Man: Not now, bro, I'm trying to get my money that I rightfully won from the lottery ticket you guys gave me! (Throws armed men away)

Mordecai: No, Muscle Man, you didn't win anything! The lottery ticket is a fake! We pranked you!

Muscle Man: [kicks a man's head off] Huh? What? You guys pranked me?

Mordecai: We're sorry! We didn't mean for it to go so far!

Rigby: Yeah, you were just pranking us so much we wanted to get you back!

Mordecai: Look at the ticket!

[Muscle Man looks at ticket. 'Property of Joke's On You! Inc.' is written in the corner]

Muscle Man: You guys pranked me?

[Muscle Man is punched into unconsciousness by a man. The scene cuts to the lottery customer service building]

Man: Again I'm very sorry, we've been trying to recall those tickets for months now. We will of course take care of any damages to lottery property and personnel.

Mordecai: And the park too, right?

Man: Nope, sorry. Read the contract. You take care now. [closes door]

[Muscle Man is driving them all home]

Mordecai: We're really sorry Muscle Man.

Rigby: Yeah, man.

Mordecai: We'll help pay for the wings.

Muscle Man: No that's cool, I can pay for those. I just can't believe you pranked me so hard.

Mordecai: You mean you're not mad?

Muscle Man: (smiling) Mad? Why would I be mad? A good prank is a good prank. (seriously) Hey, you bros have health insurance, right?

Mordecai: Yeah, why?

Muscle Man: 'cuz you're gonna need full coverage when I prank you back. [laughs]

[They drive away. End of Big Winner]