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"Bet to Be Blonde"
Season 3, Episode 2
BTBB Title
Production code: 302
Premiere date: September 26, 2011 (USA)

July 9, 2012 (UK)

Directed by: Mike Roth
Written &
storyboarded by:
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"Skips Strikes"

"Bet to Be Blonde" is the second episode of season three (and forty-second episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on September 26, 2011. It received a total of 1.991 million views worldwide.


After being forced into going blonde by Rigby's dishonest victory on a video game, Mordecai joins an all-blonde cult.


Mordecai and Rigby are playing the video game Xtreme Xcape on the couch. Mordecai taunts Rigby for his inability to beat him. In response, Rigby proposes a wager: whoever loses the next game has to get his respective video game character's haircut for a week. The two seal the bet, but Rigby immediately collapses, saying he will die without a glass of water. Mordecai thinks Rigby is faking but fetches the water anyway. While he is gone, Rigby unplugs Mordecai's controller. When the game resumes, Mordecai realizes that his controller is unplugged, but loses the game (and the bet) before he could plug the controller back in.

The next day, Mordecai and Rigby in the Coffee Shop, but now Mordecai has a blonde haircut. Rigby starts to ridicule Mordecai with blonde jokes, but all the while feels ashamed about cheating on the bet. The next thing Rigby notices is Mordecai has now made friends with a group of blonde men, who welcome blondes that are ridiculed by all "normal-hairs".

Later that day, Rigby tries to hang out with Mordecai, but Mordecai is having such a good time with the blondes that he even moves into their house, leaving Rigby on his own. Rigby turns for help to Skips, who says the only way to get his friend back is to admit his dishonesty. Rigby finds Mordecai and almost confesses, but backs out at the last second. However, Mordecai has different plans, saying that his permanent initiation into the blondes' club would be sealed when he blonds an "outsider" to death. Rigby is to be that outsider.

Rigby is taken hostage, ending up being tied to a rope over a boiling vat of supposedly blond hair dye in what is clearly the blondes' secret lair. Mordecai is given a sacred ring by the Blonde Men and is told to lower Rigby into the vat. Just before Rigby plunges into the vat, he admits cheating on the bet, which causes Mordecai to stop the rope from lowering at the last minute. Mordecai then reveals that his blonde hair was actually a wig, and that he was doing it to get Rigby to admit his dishonesty. However, the Blonde Men have other ideas - they were not in on Mordecai's plan.

The reunited duo make a run for it as they are chased by the now angry blondes with their sacred laser rings. Mordecai and Rigby get ready to escape via an elevator, but not before Mordecai pushes over barrels of flammable hydrogen peroxide and switching his ring to self-destruct. Mordecai throws the ring to the barrels, and escapes with Rigby just in time to avoid the explosion that follows. While the police was checking the building Mordecai and Rigby was getting patch up from their injuries by the paramedics. Rigby learns that it not cool to cheat on bets and never gonna do it again. Mordecai jokingly ask if Rigby wanted to bet on it with blonde dye which the duo laughs but Rigby says no.


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  • This episode has one of the shortest casts in the series.
  • The blonde brute with BLOND 4LYFE on both hands has six fingers on each hand.
  • The 'I-Haul' moving truck is a reference to the real life moving company 'U-Haul'.
  • When Mordecai sets his ring to "self destruct" , the switch is on the underside of the ring top , and Mordecai uses it , but at the same time he didn't know it was there. However, the Blondes could have told him about it off-screen.
  • After the ring self-destructs , the entire house is destroyed , sending the elevator with Mordecai and Rigby inside out onto the front yard , but the elevator door still works and the beeping noise when the elevator arrives at the selected floor is heard, but if Mordecai and Rigby pried the doors open themselves it would be hard to do so.
  • When Margaret says “Hey, Rigby! I got your usual.”, the TV subtitles incorrectly spell Rigby’s name as ”Ribgy”.
  • Benson is listed in the credits as one of the characters Sam Marin voices in the episode, yet he does not make an appearance.

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