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Benton Connor

Benton Connor (born August 6)[1] is a storyboard artist for Regular Show. A graduate of CalArts,[2] Connor holds the distinction of being the only storyboard artist on the show to storyboard an episode in all eight seasons, and also storyboarded more episodes than anyone else with 62. Connor also helped storyboard the movie.

Regular Show

When asked how he was hired on Regular Show, Connor answered with: "I originally got my start at Cartoon Network by writing/storyboarding for Thurop Van Orman’s The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. J.G. Quintel was the Creative Director on the show and Mike Roth [Regular Show’s Supervising Producer] was my first-ever writing partner at the time. Since they both knew my work from Flapjack, I was very fortunate that they called upon me to do [story]boards for Regular Show."[3] For his work on Regular Show, he has also been nominated for an Annie Award for his work in storyboarding.[4]

Since Regular Show wrapped production, Connor briefly worked as a storyboard artist on J.G. Quintel's latest show Close Enough, and is currently a supervising director on Apple & Onion.

Other work

In addition to his work on Regular Show, he also wrote and storyboarded for Adventure Time and as mentioned above, is an alumnus of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.[5] In 2012, Connor made a pilot titled Paranormal Roommates, though it did not become a series.[6]

Boarded episodes

Season 1

  1. "Don" (with Kat Morris and J.G. Quintel)

Season 2

  1. "It's Time" (with Calvin Wong)
  2. "Peeps" (with Calvin Wong)
  3. "Party Pete" (with Calvin Wong)
  4. "Muscle Woman" (with Calvin Wong)
  5. "Temp Check" (with Calvin Wong)
  6. "Grave Sights" (with Calvin Wong)
  7. "Over the Top" (with Calvin Wong)
  8. "More Smarter" (with Calvin Wong)
  9. "Go Viral" (with Calvin Wong)

From left to right: Calvin Wong, Connor, James Hong, Hilary Florido, Hellen Jo and Toby Jones

Season 3

  1. "Bet to Be Blonde" (with Calvin Wong)
  2. "Skips Strikes" (with Calvin Wong)
  3. "Cool Bikes" (with Calvin Wong)
  4. "Cruisin'" (with Calvin Wong)
  5. "Weekend at Benson's" (with Hilary Florido)
  6. "Fortune Cookie" (with Hilary Florido and Calvin Wong)
  7. "Video Game Wizards" (with Hilary Florido)
  8. "Big Winner" (with Hilary Florido)
  9. "Trash Boat" (with Hilary Florido)
  10. "Busted Cart" (with Hilary Florido)
  11. "Prankless" (with Hilary Florido)
  12. "Sugar Rush" (with Hilary Florido)

Season 4

  1. "Starter Pack" (with Hilary Florido)
  2. "Terror Tales of the Park II" ("Payback"; with Hilary Florido)
  3. "The Christmas Special" (with Sean Szeles, Kat Morris and Hilary Florido)
  4. "Ace Balthazar Lives" (with Hilary Florido)
  5. "Limousine Lunchtime" (with Hilary Florido)
  6. "K.I.L.I.T. Radio" (with Sarah Oleksyk)
  7. "Cool Cubed" (with Hilary Florido)
  8. "Meteor Moves" (with Sarah Oleksyk)
  9. "Family BBQ" (with Hilary Florido)
  10. "Steak Me Amadeus" (with Hilary Florido)

Season 5

  1. "Terror Tales of the Park III" ("The Previous Owner"; with Andres Salaff)
  2. "Power Tower" (with Andres Salaff)
  3. "The Thanksgiving Special" (with Toby Jones, Andres Salaff and Calvin Wong)
  4. "Dodge This" (with Andres Salaff)
  5. "Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit" (with Sarah Oleksyk)
  6. "Video 101" (with Sarah Oleksyk)
  7. "Expert or Liar" (with Sarah Oleksyk)
  8. "Skips in the Saddle" (with Sarah Oleksyk)

Season 6

  1. "New Bro on Campus" (with Madeline Queripel)
  2. "Daddy Issues" (with Sarah Oleksyk)
  3. "The White Elephant Gift Exchange" (with Madeline Queripel)
  4. "Merry Christmas Mordecai" (with Madeline Queripel)
  5. "I See Turtles" (with Madeline Queripel)
  6. "Party Horse" (with Madeline Queripel)
  7. "Garage Door" (with Madeline Queripel)

Season 7

  1. "Dumptown USA" (with Sam Spina)
  2. "Birthday Gift" (with Sam Spina)
  3. "Benson's Pig" (with Sam Spina)
  4. "Snow Tubing" (with Sam Spina)
  5. "Gymblonski" (with Sam Spina)
  6. "Cube Bros" (with Sam Spina)
  7. "Marvolo the Wizard" (with Sam Spina)
  8. "Lame Lockdown" (with Sam Spina)

Season 8

  1. "Cool Bro Bots" (with Sam Spina)
  2. "Ugly Moons" (with Sam Spina)
  3. "Spacey McSpaceTree" (with Sam Spina)
  4. "Space Escape" (with Sam Spina)
  5. "Christmas in Space" (with Minty Lewis, Ryan Pequin and Sam Spina)
  6. "Meet the Seer" (with Sam Spina)
  7. "A Regular Epic Final Battle" (Part 2; with Minty Lewis, Ryan Pequin, Andres Salaff, Owen Dennis, Madeline Queripel and Sam Spina)



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