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"Benson's Suit" is the eighteenth episode of Season Six (and the one-hundred and seventy-first episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on February 26, 2015.


Benson wants to feel better about himself.


The episode starts out with a black car rolling up to a tailor. Three men enter, and an old tailor greets them. The leader of the group of three (referred to as Rich Steve by the tailor) asks if the suit is ready. The Tailor responds with a yes, and explains how the suit is the apex of tailoring technology, and that is also equipped with military grade weaponry. Rich is pleased and says he treats his friends well, slipping a 10 dollar bill in the tailors pocket. The tailor is obviously displeased with the payment, and says his suit is worth much much more, so he refuses to sell it now. Rich is now angered and orders his goons to grab the tailor, and for one of them to hold an explosive, the other with the detonator. Then he tells them to blow the store up (with the goons and tailor inside) when Rich is a safe distance away. Once rich escapes and the store blows up, the suit appears to be self aware screaming, "Father, no!". The suit then kicks Rich and manages to escape.

Now we are at the Park, Mordecai and Rigby run outside the house while blatantly saying how they will slack off and take Benson's car (in front of Benson), but strangely Benson just sighs it off. Skips, who is rummaging through a box labeled "Lost And Found", asks Benson why he has been acting so down lately. Benson tells Skips how he feels about his job. He believes no one around the park respects him as their boss. Skips then try's to comfort him, but his words fall on deaf ears. Suddenly, Benson finds a very expensive looking suit that's in perfect condition and Skips suggests he try it on. After putting it on, and looking in the mirror, he says he feels great and confident, but he says his butt looks a little small. Suddenly the suit's pants inflate his butt area a bit and Benson is surprised but goes with the flow. He states that whoever lost it probably won't come back for it and decides to take it for himself.

We now find ourselves at the average role call of the workday. Everyone is present except Mordecai and Rigby whom turn up late but, surprisingly, Mordecai and Rigby call Benson "Sir" and seem sincerely sorry, and everyone starts to compliment his suit. This makes Benson feel great. Now we see a montage of all his good luck and confidence throughout the day, however one of the montage incidents leaves Benson's suit very dirty. Benson quickly gets home after work and try's to bleach his clothing to clean off the stains. Sadly, with one wrong move, Benson bleaches the suit turning some of it white, making him devastated. He takes the suit to his backyard and starts to bury it while telling the suit how much he loved it and all the good it gave him (mind you, he does not know it is self-aware yet).

Skip to the next day and we find Benson awaking, with the suit, in perfect condition, right beside him in his bed. He is stunned but does not question it. Suddenly, the suit begins to talk and they share a conversation about how the suit can do many other things and help Benson with Mordecai and Rigby, and how the suit wants to live a simple life (not the life he was supposed to be used for a weapon, but he withholds this information). Now at the park its another role call, but it is interrupted by Rich Steve. The suit explains to Benson (the gang can't hear the conversation) what is going on. Rich threatens Benson for the suit but Benson holds his ground. Rich then calls in an army. The suit tells Benson to work with him to defeat the army. Benson agrees and tells the gang to stand back so they don't get hurt. After a big battle, Benson and the suit are able to defeat Steve and his army.

After fading to another scene, we find Benson in a laundry room. Benson is about to lower the suit into a laundry machine because the suit says that he must be destroyed or many bad people will hunt him down, leaving the park to be destroyed. Benson is devastated but understands, so he tells the suit that he was a great friend and he really made him feel confident. However the suit tells Benson, "it wasn't me it was you who got all the respect you needed, however, the fighting was mostly me". Benson now lowers the suit into the washing machine which is set on an unstable setting. As the suit descends, he gives Benson a thumbs up.


S6E18 Benson's Suit Credits




  • The back of Benson's apartment is seen for the first time.
  • A bunch of baby birds that were seen in the "Lost & Found" box resembles the Baby Ducks.
  • The sound effects that play when Benson uses the suit are similar to those heard in The Six Million Dollar Man.

Episode Connections[]

  • When Benson buries the suit he is seen eating a bucket of chicken wings while expressing drunk-like emotions, which first started in, "Dodge This" and "Gold Watch."

Pop Culture References[]

  • When the suit said it could defend Benson against evil men, and when the scene cuts to the evil men, one of them resembles Sagat from Street Fighter.
  • This plot is similar to an episode of, The Simpsons, where Moe feels unappreciated and gets a suit to get him to feel comfortable about himself.
  • The scene where the suit has Benson destroy him to ensure that no evil person can use him and gives Benson a thumbs up is a reference to the Terminator's death in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
  • The concept of a special suit that grants its wearer special abilities is a reference to the 2002 comedy-action film, The Tuxedo starring Jackie Chan.
  • The concept of the suit being self-aware and granting it's wearer amazing abilities is similar to the anime Kill la Kill. Where the main heroine, Ryuuko Matoi, works together with a living school girl's uniform, Senketsu, to take down an evil organization and the suit offering to help take them down.
    • The dead tailor and prior to him creating suit is an reference to Soichirio Kiryuin and him creating the below mentioned Senketsu
    • Suit is a heavy allusion to kamui Senketsu both talking, both alive, both being suits, and both saying their goodbyes to their wearer
    • In the beginning where the tailor is killed is a reference to Nui Harime
    • The black and red tie is a heavy reference to COVERS.
  • When Benson takes the mounted fish out of the lost & found box, it has a red button on it, making it resemble Big Mouth Billy Bass, a singing toy made by Gemmy Industries.


  • Benson says there is six of them against an entire army, even though there's seven of them.
  • Benson stated that he didn't know how to fight in this episode, despite the fact that he has been in numerous fights.

Alternate Versions[]


  • The guards complaining about being blown up was cut.
  • "Dig up a rich old uncle" was changed to "Get it from a rich old uncle."
  • "... and he killed my father" was cut.