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Benson's Pig is the thirteenth episode of Season Seven (and one hundred and ninety fourth overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on November 12, 2015.


Benson decides to stop being a cat person and becomes a pig person, so when he gets a pig, he asks Mordecai and Rigby to look after it.


Whilst Benson is going through a staff meeting, a delivery truck arrives, which turns out to be for Benson. Upon opening a crate, a pig called Apple Sauce is inside it, which Benson introduces his new pet to the Park and states that he is no longer a cat person due to the events of Cat Videos. Benson tells Mordecai and Rigby to watch Apple Sauce whilst he is at a meeting for three hours.

Whilst the duo enjoy themselves with the pig, they decide to get something to eat at a food truck. Distracted by the food menu, Mordecai and Rigby lose Apple Sauce, who aimlessly walks into a Donut Shop across the street. When Benson calls up to check on Apple Sauce, Rigby sabotages Benson by impersonating Benson's pig. Meanwhile, in the Donut Shop, Apple Sauce walks up to an old lady, who asks Apple Sauce if he wants a bite of her donut. Instead, he snatches the donut with his teeth and is arrested in the process. Mordecai and Rigby head to the police station to retrieve Apple Sauce, but have no luck as Low Five Ghost reveals that the Donut Shop Apple Sauce went into turns out to be the "best donuts in town", which the police take seriously. In the interrogation room, the two police officers who arrest him try to get the pig to respond as to why he robbed the Donut Shop, with one of the officers threatening to arrest him if he still kept silent. When Low Five Ghost enters the interrogation room, Apple Sauce manages to slip out of his handcuffs with a bent paperclip, takes a group of keys from one of the police officers and makes a run to the Security Room, where he opens a cell numbered "7" with the cell member being "Harry Roughauser". Apple Sauce leaves the main room and returns to the front desk, with Mordecai and Rigby believing that the police let Apple Sauce out.

Apple Sauce leaves the prison room and returns to the front desk where Mordecai and Rigby are waiting for him. When the gang are about to start the cart, Apple Sauce puts his hand on Mordecai, implying him to wait. Harry Roughauser runs towards the cart and tells Apple Sauce (his real name Leroy) to floor it. Roughauser thanks Leroy for busting him out of jail. Both Mordecai and Rigby have no idea what's going on until Roughauser reveals that he and Apple Sauce were criminals who robbed banks for a living, with Roughauser being the brawl and Leroy being the brains. The two split up after having a fight, causing Roughauser to get arrested. He also states that he used his one phone call on Leory to bust him out of jail by pretending to be a cute little pet pig.

Mordecai and Rigby arrive at Benson's apartment with Roughauser remaining on the look out for cops. Mordecai tells Roughauseer to leave after receiving a phone call from Benson who is about to come home. Harry leaves and asks Applesauce to come with him but refuses, making him furious. His behavior goes too far after picking up a refrigerator. After realizing what he did was wrong, he leaves but enters the house after he sees a bunch of cops outside. The cops tells Harry to leave but refuses, forcing the police officer take more drastic measures. A bunch of armed cops rush into the building and blast Benson's apartment with a beanbag gun. They shoot three beanbags at Harry with a beanbag gun, making him fall down the apartment. Before falling, Applesauce grasps Roughausser and tells him that he will never forget him. He lets go of Harry and is arrested once more. After the police leave, Benson arrives and is in complete shock. Before asking why his apartment is trashed, Rigby tells Benson that there is an issue with Applesauce.


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  • A clip of this episode was viewed at NYCC 2015.
  • This is the first episode where storyboard artist Calvin Wong is Supervising Director.
  • High Five Ghost reveals that his favorite food is Apple Sauce.
  • This episode was announced at New York Comic Con 2015.[1]

Episode Connections[]

  • Benson claims he's no longer a cat person. (TV: Cat Videos).
  • The SWAT Team makes their second appearance since their debut in a Season Three episode (TV: Big Winner).

Production Notes[]

  • This is the fourth episode to air during the second "Regular Show Bomb."
  • Originally, a machine gun was going to be used, but this was changed to a beanbag gun instead.[2]


  • In one scene where Roughauser throws the TV down onto the ground and Rigby throws a pillow down below the TV, the screen is covered by the pillow. However, in the next scene where the police shoot beanbag guns, the TV is not covered by the pillow. Instead, the TV is tilted upright, showing the screen instead.