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Benson's Pig is the thirteenth episode of Season 7 (and one hundred and ninety fourth overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on November 12, 2015.


Benson decides to stop being a cat person and becomes a pig person, so when he gets a pig, he asks Mordecai and Rigby to look after it.




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  • A clip of this episode was viewed at NYCC 2015.
  • This is the first episode where storyboard artist Calvin Wong is Supervising Director.
  • The Police Helicopter in this episode bears a resemblance to AH-64 Apache, although this is inaccurate that the Apache was never used by any US Police Department in real-life.
  • Benson gets a pet pig named Applesauce.
  • This episode was announced at New York Comic Con 2015.[1]

Episode Connections

  • Benson claims he's no longer a cat person, which is a call-back to "Cat Videos."

Production Notes

  • This is the fourth episode to air during the second "Regular Show Bomb."
  • Originally, a machine gun was going to be used, but this was changed to a beanbag gun by demand from CN due to it being violent for younger viewers.[2]


  • In one scene where Roughauser throws the TV down onto the ground and Rigby throws a pillow down below the TV, the screen is covered by the pillow. However, in the next scene where the police shoot beanbag guns, the TV is not covered by the pillow. Instead, the TV is tilted upright showing the screen.