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Benson Dunwoody[1] is one of the seven main characters of Regular Show. He is a gumball machine, and was originally known as The Park's manager in the entire series until the series finale, when Mr. Mallard dies. As a manager, he is the boss of every park worker (with the possible exception of Pops). He has a short temper and has a tendency of yelling at Mordecai and Rigby every time they slack off. Benson made his debut in J.G. Quintel's animated short "2 in the AM PM", where one of the cashiers (voiced by Sam Marin) transformed into a prototype version of Benson after being drugged from candy. He then made his first appearance in the pilot. In the short film The Naive Man from Lolliland, proto-Pops calls his chauffeur Benson, however in the film Benson appears to be a human, not a gumball machine. He is voiced by Sam Marin.


Benson Dunwoody is a gumball machine with pinkish-purple/red gumballs enclosed by a glass dome, sunken eyes and a large, straight nose that just about overlaps his mouth. The gumballs may act as facial hair for Benson, as noted by story boarder Benton Connor. It is also worth noting that the dispenser slot sits in a rather phallic position. The turn switch on his chest is shaped like a heart symbol, hinting that's probably where his heart is. When his latch is open it is considered to him being naked, as well as his private area. If shown sick, as shown in "Sandwich of Death", his gumballs will turn green. It has been hinted that Benson once had hair in "150 Piece Kit,"  when one of the band members of Hair to the Throne had insulted Benson by asking him, "What happened to your hair?" and calling him chrome-dome, with Benson responding that it's hereditary, although the band members were shown to all be wearing wigs at the end. Also, in Benson's flashback in "Stick Hockey", Benson was shown to have long black hair. But in "The Dome Experiment" Benson was able to grow a full head of hair despite being bald. In "Peeps," Benson had some stubble where his gumballs were for a short period of time, which could've meant he was growing a beard, even though this was the only episode showing it in his real-life self. In total, there have been four times Benson had facial hair. As already mentioned, Benson had stubble for a short period of time in "Peeps" and also in "The Dome Experiment". The other two times were in the episodes "Jinx" and "More Smarter". In "Jinx", he had a full beard in his negative demon form, and he had stubble in his barbaric form in "More Smarter," hinting he is able to grow facial hair. In the episode "Expert or Liar".


Benson was born somewhere in the late 60s or early 70s. During his childhood, his family often argue and abuse each other, even at dinner, which may be the reason for his short temper. As shown in "Think Positive", his father taught him about yelling, in their philosophy that they won't get anything in their lives unless they yell.

Since "Weekend at Benson's", he was in a relationship with Audrey. However, their relationship ended, causing him to be depressed for months.

Benson is shown ripping his hair out during a flashback after losing on a game show. Also, in "Terror Tales of the Park IV" (Unfinished Business), in Benson's flashback in which he was conversing with Mr. Maellard, he had the same hairstyle as he did in "Expert or Liar" (before it fell out), implying that this event took place before the game show and was perhaps even his first day at the park.


Benson is easily the most short-tempered character of all. His short temper is usually contributed by the lack of productivity by Mordecai and Rigby, as they always prefer to slack off and play video games rather than doing their jobs. Benson often threatens to fire Mordecai and Rigby if they don't finish their work or do a simple task such as buying tortillas or going to a Karaoke Bar. Whenever they destroy park property or slack off, Benson loses his temper, turning varying shades of red, and often flips out on Mordecai and Rigby. Aside from this Benson is usually calm and, in fact, is friendly and social, even with Mordecai and Rigby. Whenever Benson is in a good mood, he'll reward his employees with time off, usually in the form of nightly entertainment or dining out.

As of season six, Benson's short temper began to soften and Benson has a more sarcastic attitude than grumpy from this season onwards. Even though Benson still gets annoyed with Mordecai and Rigby when they don't do their jobs, he stops portraying them as incompetent and lazy.


  • Short Temper - Benson is known for his extreme mood swings. Some notable examples are "Think Positive" when Benson almost killed himself and others because he got so angry, that he went into a freak fireball, and when he finally cracked, he yelled at Mordecai and Rigby so hard that they temporarily became deaf due to tinnitus. Also, in "Busted Cart," he got so mad at Mordecai and Rigby for pit-stopping at an arcade while he was asleep that he actually began to cry. His neurotic personality and tendency to become quickly angered is a running gag in the series. An example is in "Jinx," when Rigby threw trash at him. Benson flipped out by throwing a trash can into the sky and kicking it angrily. Benson has also gotten physical with Mordecai and Rigby in "The Best Burger in the World," when he kicked them onto the ground.
  • Athletic - In some episodes, Benson has displayed incredible feats of athleticism. In "Blind Trust", he was able to do a backflip and a front flip, and was able to dodge the enemy's attacks while carrying Mordecai and Rigby. In "Fool Me Twice", he ran through the gameshow's lethal obstacle course without sustaining any injuries. Finally, in "The Dome Experiment", he managed to sneak through the security in the dome and knock out all the scientists.
  • Fighting - While not as strong as Skips, Muscle Man or Mordecai, Benson is more than capable of holding his own in a fight.
  • Drummer - In "This Is My Jam," it is shown that Benson has a mysterious past where he was formerly a very skilled drummer. It was revealed in "150 Piece Kit" that he was a former drummer of Hair to the Throne. In the same episode he proved that he could drum better than a robot with his 150 piece kit.
  • Stick Hockey Expert - Benson also has a mysterious past where he was a very skilled stick hockey player known as "The Death Dragon," as seen in "Stick Hockey." He is shown playing stick hockey with Mordecai and Rigby in "Benson Be Gone".
  • Motorcyclist - In "Busted Cart," Mordecai and Rigby ditch Benson at an arcade and drive off toward the cart dealership, so Benson asks a guy with a motorcycle how much he wants for the bike. He then takes it and drives full speed trying to catch up to Mordecai and Rigby.
  • Bus Driver - In "Just Set Up the Chairs," Benson has to drive a bus full of kids to the park for a birthday party.
  • Stingy - Benson is shown to be an occasional cheapskate to his workers. Despite obliging everyone to show up at Karaoke Night, he only offers to treat them with one song each, so the food and drinks are on them. In "Over the Top," Benson would only pay for drinks up to $1.50. He also demands Rigby to pay for the crate of eggs he took during Halloween. However, during his streak of good luck in the episode "Fortune Cookie," he buys the whole cart of food for the gang in the restaurant.
  • Cat Person - Benson seems to be a cat person, due to all the cat portraits inside his apartment, as well as a checkbook with pictures of cats, in "A Skips in Time". On "Cat Videos", it was revealed that he has an addiction of watching cat videos. In "Terror Tales of the Park IV", it was also revealed that he has a pet cat and also a cat sitter. However, this could be incorrect, as seen in "Out of Commission," when Rigby tells Mordecai about a dog they took to Cheezer's, and it ran away, and it belonged to Benson.  
  • Lonely - Benson looks for a date. In "Grilled Cheese Deluxe," there is a hidden cameo in which Benson is looking at a page on the internet with other gumball machines, but this was only shown for two seconds. Since "Weekend at Benson's", he shows interest at Audrey. Later on, they established their relationship, but have broken up, sometime before the events of "The Real Thomas".
  • Slacker - He has only been seen slacking off in the episode "Benson Be Gone," when he slacks off with Mordecai and Rigby instead of following Susan's commands. In response, she fires him, but he yells "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" instead. He also does it a little in "Skips Strikes," when he shouts "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" with the group, as well as in "The Real Thomas". 
  • Pinball Expert - Benson was shown to be an expert at pinball in "The Christmas Special." He played a pinball machine so the gang could cross the bridge to the lava pit.            
  • Partying - Benson finally cut loose after successfully asking Audrey out in "Party Re-Pete", after he was abducted by Party Savers and forced to serve them in clone-form as "Party Benson."  By the end of the episode, Mordecai, Rigby and the "Real" Party Pete all admit Benson is the best at partying.
  • Nauseous - Benson displays a tendency to get easily nauseated by a disgusting sight, as seen in "Peeps" and "Terror Tales of the Park". 
  • Sore Loser - As shown in "Dodge This", Benson is very competitive, and when he loses the dodgeball tournament, he doesn't take it well.
  • Drunk on Wings - Whenever Benson eats chicken wings, he tends to talk in a straight-up kind of way, as shown in "Dodge This", "Gold Watch", "The End of Muscle Man", "Benson's Suit", "Men in Uniform, and The Parkie Awards.
  • Trust Issues -  As seen in "Blind Trust", Pops brings them to a forest and Mordecai and Rigby have to train him so Benson can trust them. The training escalates when Benson tries to walk away.
  • Unlucky in Love - Benson has horrible luck with women, even worse so than Mordecai. His first girlfriend, Veronica, left him in a deleted scene from "Mordecai and the Rigbys", Audrey, whom he got together within "Weekend at Benson's", broke up with him sometime before the events of "The Real Thomas", and in the latter episode, his new girlfriend Natalie/Natalia was revealed to be a Russian spy. After meeting Pam during "Pam I Am", he no longer has any bad luck in romance.



Mordecai and Rigby

Benson strongly disapproves of Mordecai and Rigby and always screams at them to stop slacking off and threatening to fire the duo. In turn, the pair have a talent for setting off Benson's short fuse. He even choked Mordecai in "Gold Watch". In "Cool Bikes", however, he admits that they are the coolest guys he knows of. Even though they rarely get along, in "Busted Cart", Benson does not hate Mordecai and Rigby, he just wishes they would get along and listen to him so he doesn't lose his job.

When they're on their own, Benson seems to treat Mordecai with more respect and trust than Rigby. Anytime when Benson gets angry at them it is either as a duo, or it's just at Rigby. One example is in, "Terror Tales of the Park II" when he got in a pushing match with Rigby. Benson's animosity towards the duo tends to stem from Rigby's behavior. He recognizes Mordecai's ability to get his job done if not for Rigby's bad influence on him.

However, he can also be insensitive towards Mordecai, particularly in "Eggscellent", which makes the latter fight back to him, yet at the end of the episode, they reconcile. His relationship with them gets better over the course of the series but still yells at them frequently in order to ensure that they do their jobs and clean up the chaos wrought by their misadventures.  In "Blind Trust", the three of them all admit they love each other during a near-death experience, and in "World's Best Boss", Rigby admits that while Benson often yells at him and Mordecai, it's usually their fault. In "Gamers Never Say Die", Benson chased them after they stole his car battery for their video game journey. Towards the end, he lists off all the interesting things he encountered during the chase, noticeably happy, and Mordecai sees how Benson mainly just wanted to hang out with him and Rigby, to which, he uses their nature to his advantage in "Guitar of Rock".

Despite their love-hate relationship, he draws inspiration from the duo. For instance, they stand up and fight the criminal group to retrieve the items they stole, something which he was unable to do previously.

He does share some negative things with the two, such as with Mordecai of having broken up with his respective first girlfriend, and with Rigby of having humiliated on national TV.

He also does make some important points with them, such as when Margaret was "engaged" and Mordecai was really depressed, he told Mordeicai he had no right to be depressed, especially since he never told Margaret how he really felt.


Pops and Benson, the park managers, seem to be very good friends. Still, Pops sometimes reprimands Benson for his yelling and short temper with Mordecai and Rigby, and, rarely, Benson scolds Pops for his childish attitude. Pops once even threatened to fire Benson for his anger issues before realizing it was the wrong thing to do.


Skips and Benson are very good friends. Due to Skips' knowledge of the unknown, Benson will sometimes go to Skips for help. Since Skips doesn't slack off like Mordecai and Rigby, Benson has a lot of respect for him, never really yelling at him as he does to Mordecai and Rigby. Benson considers Skips to be very reliable.


In "Stick Hockey," Dave was Benson's student and was killed by Chong, who snapped his head off. Until then he was avenged by Benson after beating Chong in a Stick Hockey game.

Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost

Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost don't communicate with Benson much, but they usually have his trust and respect. Even though Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost slack off more than Mordecai and Rigby, Benson doesn't seem to mind because unlike Mordecai and Rigby, they get their jobs done. However, in Season Three, he began to get annoyed by them. Benson seems to be annoyed with Muscle Man more than Hi Five Ghost, mainly because of his 'My Mom' jokes. In fact, Benson only showed negativity toward Hi Five Ghost when he threatened to be fired along with Muscle Man, but he still doesn't yell at him at all. He is not above getting angry with Muscle Man in the same fashion as he does with Mordecai and Rigby as he did in "Firework Run." In "The End of Muscle Man", he was sad that he thought Muscle Man was going to die, but then was furious to find out the whole thing was for his proposal to Starla and told him that "I leave this world tonight" is not a wedding metaphor. He then told Muscle Man that he owes him 12,000 dollars after he splurged most of his money on his bucket list.


Mr. Maellard

Mr. Maellard strongly disproves and disgraces Benson. Just like how Benson threatens to fire Mordecai and Rigby, Mr. Maellard does the same to Benson. He calls him names such as "Bean Bag" and "Ball Bucket". He even blames Benson for everything Mordecai and Rigby do in the park. Though, in "Busted Cart," it is shown that Mr. Maellard began trusting Benson until Mordecai and Rigby crash the golf cart. Also, in "Benson Be Gone," even after his car being totaled and a former employee being killed, Mr. Maellard shows some happiness towards Benson. Maellard also recognizes his efforts in Pops' successful inauguration of a park statue in "Dizzy". At the end of the series since Pops' sacrifice to save the universe from his older twin brother, Anti-Pops, whereas Mr. Maellard passed away many years later, it is assumed that Benson succeeded as a new park owner.

Love Interest


In "Weekend at Benson's," a woman named Audrey, who lives across the hall from Benson, appears to have a crush on him and was greatly disappointed that Benson would be unable to attend her party (having, unbeknownst to her, been knocked out by Mordecai and Rigby), as she wanted a chance to get to know him better. Mordecai and Rigby then took Benson to the party, hoping that Audrey's interest would keep Benson from getting mad at them when he woke up. When Audrey's ex-boyfriend Chuck wanted to see how manly Benson was, he challenged him to a hot food eating contest. When Benson woke up after his injury, he wanted to impress Audrey, so he continued the challenge, despite being subjected to the hallucinatory effects of Chuck's drink "The Mississippi Queen." At the end of the episode, after waking up from his hallucinations Benson discovered that he'd finally got Audrey's number. In "The Christmas Special," Audrey attends the Park's Christmas party and compliments Benson on his fearlessness for wearing the "worst sweater ever," unaware that Benson was not wearing it ironically.

In "Party Re-Pete," Benson has successfully asked Audrey out on a date and celebrates by impressing her with his party skills. At the end of the episode, after Benson has been rescued from Party Savers, he is seen partying with Audrey again.

In "Skips in the Saddle", Benson claims that he is taking Audrey to a jazz concert, possibly hinting that the two may be growing closer together.

However, in "Real Date", it is revealed Benson is apparently still single, meaning that they aren't dating yet, despite growing closer to one another.

In "The Real Thomas", he and Audrey broke up prior to the episode. He mentions being sad for months and virtually every park employee helping him get over it through such activities as training for a marathon, but no one can recall any of this happening.

Audrey is among the ex-girlfriends mentioned by Benson during his chicken-wing binge flashback visits to Dumptown in "Dumptown, USA."



Susan is the first foe in the series, who initially replaced him in the episode "Benson Be Gone" when Mr. Maellard appointed her as park manager. He gets demoted to a park worker and, as a result, he disobeys her orders and resigns from his occupation. He eventually ousts her and gets his job back.


Chong is Benson's second foe in the series who appeared in "Stick Hockey," He is responsible for using deadly cheat tricks to keep him from losing to his opponent, such as killing Benson's apprentice, Dave. Benson ultimately defeats Chong in the game and avenges his apprentice's death.


In "Prankless," it is seen that he has a rivalry with the East Pines manager Gene. However in "The Christmas Special," Gene showed some trust to Benson and took them to the lava pit.


Benson's Family are the people who encouraged Benson to yell to get what he wants - which is why he yells at Mordecai and Rigby and has a short temper. In "Think Positive," it is shown his family was always arguing, as young Benson just sat and watched. When he wanted salt, his father encouraged him to yell if he wanted it.

Towards the end of "Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit", Mordecai, Hi Five Ghost, Rigby, & Muscle Man come out of the car and give him the camera. Benson looks at them funny, asking why they risked their lives for the camera, and Mordecai says it was park property and they could not replace it, causing Rigby to add on that it was his for his family's reunion. Benson looks at them thoughtfully, telling them "thank you", before looking up and wondering aloud, "Maybe now my Dad will stop yelling at me," revealing that even though he is an adult, he is still yelled at by his elders.

In The Lunch Club, Benson has some strained relationship with his father. When he was younger and was in Heir To The Throne, his father would always tell him he doesn't have any talent and get a real job. Toward the end of the episode, after Benson got in the car with his father, he tells him they should talk more.

Benson-Themed Content


  • Benson has the second most number of appearances out of the Park Workers, trailing Mordecai and Rigby.
  • Benson is the only character for which Sam Marin uses his natural speaking voice, as opposed to the voice changes when he voices Pops and Muscle Man.
    • Additionally, when asked, Sam Marin picked Benson as his favourite character. His favourite character used to be Pops.
  • Benson is spoofed in one episode of the TV show, MAD. In the episode, Benson appeared in a snippet called "Celebrities Without Their Make-Up", and said that actor Zack Galifianakis "looked like a regular guy" without make-up, and a make-up brush paints Benson's face of Galifianakis' face.
  • In "Rage Against the TV," Benson lives in an apartment and not at the park with the others.
    • Benson's apartment number is 1635.
  • Even though Benson has anger issues, he has been shown to also have a sense of humor.
  • Whenever his car was busted, he blamed it at Mordecai and Rigby, even though it was not their fault at all. However, in "Regular Show : The Movie" and "Dumped at the Altar", Muscle Man can clearly seen to destroyed his car, but he didn't yell at him.
  • In "Think Positive", Pops is Benson's boss whenever Mr. Maellard is not around.
  • In both "Dizzy" and "Benson Be Gone", Mr. Maellard says Benson's name as "Beanbag", "Bean Teen", "Beanton", "Beanson", and "Ball Bucket".
  • He was based on a convenience store clerk, named Sam after his voice actor, in J.G. Quintel's short film, "2 in the AM PM", who briefly turns into a gumball machine.
  • The name Benson was taken from J.G Quintel's student film "The Naive Man from Lolliland", because the Lolliland Man's driver is named Benson (who looks nothing like Benson from Regular Show), later used for the gumball machine manager in the series.
  • He fired Mordecai and Rigby in "Really Real Wrestling", but after Pops explained everything, he rehired them; this is the first time that Benson actually kept to his threats, despite it being taken back after Pops explains the truth.
  • In a deleted scene from "Mordecai and the Rigbys", it was revealed that Benson once had a girlfriend named Veronica, but she left him for a businessman. Due to him being a hippie, it was also implied that he was in a band; however, this has yet to become official. The fact that he plays the drums very well supports the band idea, especially since he played a legendary drum solo for a band named Hair to the Throne.
  • There have currently been four occurrences when Benson's gumballs came out of his hatch: twice in Season One and twice in Season Three; the first instance was in "Caffeinated Concert Tickets" when he dropped his gumballs after almost crashing into a speeding lawnmower. The second instance was in "The Unicorns Have Got to Go" when the unicorn punks took two gumballs from Benson (and ate them without any adverse effects) while he was tied up to a door. The third and fourth were in "In the House", where he vomited up his gumballs and when he was flushed down the toilet.
  • Benson's stick hockey nickname is "Death Dragon".
  • Benson has fired employees nine (technically eight) times in the series so far, in "Don", "Benson Be Gone", "Really Real Wrestling", "Under the Hood", "Weekend at Benson's", "Replaced", "Muscle Mentor", "Terror Tales of the Park II", and "Firework Run". Most of these times, it was Rigby (and often Mordecai) that was fired.
  • Benson is one of five Park Employees to get fired and then rehired. The other four being Muscle Man, Mordecai, Rigby, and Hi Five Ghost. Out of all of them, it only happened to Benson once where he was fired by Susan but was about happen a second time when he was almost fired by Pops for his anger.
    • Pops and Skips are the only ones who were never fired (Skips helps out Benson a lot, and Pops is the other Park manager).
  • Benson knew about "the coffee girl" in "Yes Dude Yes," even though he hasn't seen Margaret face-to-face.
  • In "Out of Commission" and "Blind Trust", it was revealed that Benson had a dog. He let Mordecai and Rigby watch it, but it ran away when they were at Cheezer's.
  • In "Busted Cart", when he finds that Mordecai and Rigby have been wasting time at a video game arcade, he starts to cry very hard. This is probably the only time so far we've seen this side to Benson.
  • Benson can be crabby around kids revealed in "Fuzzy Dice", and (possibly) "Just Set Up the Chairs".
  • Benson genuinely enjoys working at the Park, even turning down the opportunity to reunite with Hair to the Throne to keep working there.
  • In "TGI Tuesday", he met Eileen for the first time, but he already knew her name. This could be because Eileen was shown in "One Pull Up" and off-screen, she could have talked to Benson, but this is unconfirmed.
  • Benson is shown to be left-handed. You can tell in "Just Set Up the Chairs" if you look closely during the first part. In "House Rules", he is seen writing something down with his right hand. Either he may be ambidextrous or this could be an error on the storyboard artists part.
  • Benson has had three jobs so far: a champion stick hockey player, a skilled drummer for Hair to The Throne, and a park manager.
  • In "Busted Cart", Benson reveals that he doesn't hate Mordecai and Rigby, he just hates the things they do.
  • Benson's gumballs do not move realistically when inside his head, most clearly shown in "Pie Contest" when Benson is thrown by Promise Pie and his gumballs do not move at all.
    • They can be heard rattling in his head on several occasions, however.
    • However, in "Skips' Stress," when he was getting swung around by the Stress Monster, his gumballs briefly followed the laws of physics.
  • Benson looks a bit different when he first appears in "Starter Pack" in his office (his headpiece/hat is positioned and shaped a bit differently, his body and arms seem fatter, and his eyes seem bigger). However, he appears a second later in the living room looking normal.
  • In "World's Best Boss", Pops reveals that Benson has worked at the Park for 10 years.
  • In "Guitar of Rock", it is revealed that Benson is a huge Bruce Rock fan.
  • Benson, Muscle Man, Starla, and Reginald are the only characters who seem to have anger problems.
  • Several things were revealed about Benson in the episode "Expert or Liar":
    • He appeared on an old game show called "Say That Word!"
    • He used to have a full head of hair, and he used to wear glasses.
      • This fact also proves that Benson is bald.
      • And he looks like his voice actor.
    • If Benson won the game, he was going to quit his job at the Park, which reveals he's been working there since he was younger.
    • When he lost in the game show, he lost all of his hair, and he was humiliated and people mocked him by calling him "banana".
  • In "Gold Watch", it is revealed that Benson likes to "play it safe". He even admits to setting three alarms every night and eating stale toast when he wakes up so that he isn't late for work.
    • It is also revealed in Gold Watch that Benson loves wings, although they seem to put him in a drunken state every time he eats them, which is also revealed in the episode "Dodge This".
  • In "Format Wars II", he was the fifth DiscMaster.
  • He's the third Park worker to have broken up with their own first girlfriend after Muscle Man (who later did get back with his) and Mordecai.
  • He is also the first character to have most exes, second being Mordecai and Margaret.
  • Benson's last name was revealed to be Dunwoody, as revealed in the episode "The Dome Experiment" and "Hello China".
  • In "Cat Videos", he got a pet cat name McFluffin.
  • It is likely Benson now lives in Mr. Maellard's mansion after his death and sold his apartment in the final episode.


Major Appearances

Original Pilot

  1. Pilot

Season One

  1. The Power
  2. Just Set Up the Chairs
  3. Caffeinated Concert Tickets
  4. Free Cake
  5. Meat Your Maker
  6. Grilled Cheese Deluxe
  7. The Unicorns Have Got to Go
  8. Prank Callers
  9. Don
  10. Mordecai and the Rigbys

Season Two

  1. Appreciation Day
  2. Peeps
  3. Dizzy
  4. My Mom
  5. High Score
  6. Rage Against the TV
  7. Party Pete
  8. Brain Eraser
  9. Benson Be Gone
  10. But I Have a Receipt
  11. This Is My Jam
  12. Muscle Woman
  13. Temp Check
  14. Jinx
  15. See You There
  16. Grave Sights
  17. Really Real Wrestling
  18. Over the Top
  19. A Bunch of Baby Ducks
  20. More Smarter
  21. First Day
  22. Skunked
  23. Karaoke Video

Season Three

  1. Stick Hockey
  2. Skips Strikes
  3. Terror Tales of the Park
  4. Cool Bikes
  5. House Rules
  6. Under the Hood
  7. Weekend at Benson's
  8. Fortune Cookie
  9. Think Positive
  10. Eggscellent
  11. Gut Model
  12. Big Winner
  13. The Best Burger in the World
  14. Replaced
  15. Trash Boat
  16. Busted Cart
  17. Muscle Mentor
  18. Out of Commission
  19. Prankless
  20. Fuzzy Dice
  21. Sugar Rush

Season Four

  1. Exit 9B
  2. Terror Tales of the Park II
  3. Pie Contest
  4. 150 Piece Kit
  5. One Pull Up
  6. The Christmas Special
  7. TGI Tuesday
  8. Firework Run
  9. Sandwich of Death
  10. Caveman
  11. A Bunch of Full Grown Geese
  12. Fool Me Twice
  13. Limousine Lunchtime
  14. Skips' Stress
  15. Trailer Trashed
  16. Country Club
  17. Blind Trust
  18. World's Best Boss
  19. Sleep Fighter
  20. Party Re-Pete
  21. Steak Me Amadeus

Season Five

  1. Silver Dude
  2. Benson's Car
  3. Wall Buddy
  4. A Skips in Time
  5. Survival Skills
  6. Terror Tales of the  Park III
  7. The Thanksgiving Special
  8. The Heart of a Stuntman
  9. Dodge This
  10. Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit
  11. Saving Time
  12. Guitar of Rock
  13. Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys
  14. Bad Portrait
  15. Expert or Liar
  16. Catching the Wave
  17. Gold Watch
  18. Paint Job
  19. Take the Cake
  20. Thomas Fights Back
  21. Tent Trouble

Season Six

  1. Terror Tales of the Park IV
  2. The End of Muscle Man
  3. The Real Thomas
  4. The White Elephant Gift Exchange
  5. Park Managers' Lunch
  6. Mordecai and Rigby Down Under
  7. Married and Broke
  8. Format Wars II
  9. Benson's Suit
  10. Gamers Never Say Die
  11. Party Horse
  12. Men in Uniform
  13. Garage Door
  14. Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special
  15. Lunch Break
  16. Dumped at the Altar

Season Seven

  1. Dumptown USA
  2. The Parkie Awards
  3. The Lunch Club
  4. The Dome Experiment
  5. Cat Videos
  6. Struck by Lightning
  7. Terror Tales of the Park V
  8. Benson's Pig
  9. Hello China


Minor or Mentioned

Season One

  1. Death Punchies (cameo)

Season Two

  1. Ello Gov'nor
  2. Do Me a Solid
  3. The Night Owl (on a screen in the future) 

Season Three

  1. Skips vs. Technology (non-speaking cameo)
  2. Butt Dial (mentioned)
  3. Fists of Justice
  4. Yes Dude Yes
  5. Trucker Hall of Fame
  6. The Best VHS in the World

Season Four

  1. Starter Pack
  2. Bald Spot
  3. Guy's Night
  4. The Longest Weekend (non-speaking cameo) 
  5. Quips
  6. Picking Up Margaret
  7. Carter and Briggs

Season Five

  1. Laundry Woes (cameo)
  2. Every Meat Burritos
  3. Tants
  4. Bank Shot (voice only) 
  5. New Year's Kiss
  6. The Postcard
  7. Rigby in the Sky With Burrito (cameo)
  8. Play Date (mentioned)
  9. Skips in the Saddle
  10. Real Date

Season Six

  1. New Bro on Campus
  2. Lift With Your Back
  3. Merry Christmas Mordecai
  4. Happy Birthday Song Contest
  5. 1000th Chopper Flight Party
  6. Death Kwon Do-Livery (mentioned)

Season Seven

  1. Local News Legend
  2. Struck by Lightning
  3. The Return of Party Horse

Overall Appearances: 149


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