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Benny Harris
Benny Harris
Biographical Information
Occupation: Painter
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Show Information
Voiced by: Chris Cox
Appears in: "Bad Portrait"

Benny Harris was a character who appeared in "Bad Portrait."


Benny Harris is first shown as Mordecai watches a television program, Painting is Great with Benny Harris, as "inspirational" material for drawing Benson's self-portrait.

Benny Harris reappears seemingly as a ghost during Mordecai and Rigby's fight between the animated, incomplete Benson drawings to assist them in battle. He suggests using paint to eradicate the alive "Bensons", which successfully destroys the Bensons in turn by dirtying Mordecai's self-portrait of Benson. The current fate of Benny Harris's phantom is unknown. 


  • Benny Harris is a parody of the late artist, Bob Ross.
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