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Adams doing a guest lecture for a school (video is below in links section)

Ben G. Adams[1] was primarily a character designer for Regular Show.[2] Adams lived on a houseboat at one point.[3] He attended Galt High School before attending Sheldon High School, enrolling in animation classes[4] before graduating in 2004.[5] He eventually graduated college at CalArts, earning a bachelor's degree in Character Animation.[6] He has a brother, who is also an artist.[7] On Regular Show, he did a storyboard test, and once J.G. Quintel saw his test, he offered him the job of character designer, which Adams accepted.[5] He also helped storyboard a couple of episodes with Andres Salaff for season 3. Adams also worked on other Cartoon Network shows, such as The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack and Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.[8] He resides in Los Angeles, California,[9] and has recently pitched his show idea, Odyssey Squad, to Nickelodeon.[5] He recently left Regular Show at the end of Season 7 in December 2015 to storyboard a new show over at Disney Television Animation. He was replaced by Kacie Hermanson.

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