Barry is a criminal who hid in his car since the 1970s until he steals Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Hi Five Ghost's every meat burritos to eat them for himself, until he is arrested by the police at the end of the episode.


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When Barry was around the 1970s, his hair was styled from a mullet (where the hair is lshort from the front & sides and long curved hair from the back) the top appears to be large .He also has a horseshoe mustache with sides of his head which appears to vaguely look like a beard-style. He wore a white, buttoned shirt

When Barry reappear to the 2010s, he appears to age quite a lot with notable changes, he now has wrinkles, a longer hair, brown being diminish from it's color and a large bald top spot with only a patch of hair left on it.


Barry was a criminal during the 1970s, one day at one of his robberies, while trying to escape from the police he ended up getting cornered. With no other choice, Barry was forced to bug out by hidden in his car's from arrest. Barry would end up taken to the Police impound stuck there for several years only surviving from leftovers of doughnuts and coffee.

Barry finally emerge from several years when he attempts to steal the Burritos from Muscle Man & Hi Five's and attack Mordecai

Barry finally appears and explain to Mordicai and Rigby

He attempt to attack Mordecai and Rigby by using his "Kung Fu" against them. Though he end up having himself open to several punches by Mordecai with dramatic fashion.

Barry felt relief and satisfied to have a new life in the modern world. But suddenly, an Officer attack him then he yet again exaggerating with dramatic slow mo before being arrested by the Police.


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