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"Bank Shot"
Season 5, Episode 10
Production code: 511
Premiere date: November 11, 2013
Written &
storyboarded by:
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"Power Tower"

"Bank Shot" (Originally Titled "Rigby Jam 2") is the tenth episode of the fifth season of Regular Show. It is the one hundred twenty-sixth episode overall, and premiered on November 11, 2013.


Rigby has to win a bet by beating a guy at basketball bank shots.


The episode opens at Wing Kingdom, where Rigby is seen throwing a successful bank shot into the hoop. He challenges Skips to do a better bank shot than him, but Skips ends up failing to score the basket. Rigby throws another successful bank shot. He then puts on his eggscellent net hat (previously seen in Eggscellent) and gloats in victory and then tries to challenge his friends. A mysterious voice is heard, accepting Rigby's bank shot challenge. The source of the voice is revealed to be Cash Bankis.

Bankis decides to make a bet with Rigby to see who can do the better bank shot. The rules are that the loser has to pay the winner's meal. Mordecai then warns Rigby that Bankis is weird and to not trust him, but that didn't change Rigby's mind because his first name is Cash. Bankis then removes his hood revealing that his head is the shape of a basketball hoop. Rigby lets Bankis take the first shot, which he does with no problem. Rigby takes his turn in confidence, but ends up missing the basket. Bankis makes another successful bank shot, winning the bet, and making Rigby pay Bankis' meal bill of $12,000. Rigby then takes it up a notch by betting double-or-nothing. Mordecai tries to stop him, but is unsuccessful once again. Bankis tells Rigby to gamble the hat as well, then he has a deal. Still determined to win the bet, Rigby refuses Mordecai's warning and strategizes to make the perfect bank shot, but ends up throwing the ball out the window instead.

Bankis then takes Rigby's hat and demands him to pay up. Rigby tells Bankis that he doesn't have that kind of money, but Bankis, showing no remorse, tells Rigby that he shouldn't have made that kind of bet and then tries to get the money out of Mordecai, Skips, Muscle Man, and High Five Ghost. Out of options, Rigby bets triple-or-nothing, angering Mordecai. Bankis accepts the bet. Before the game could start, Mordecai makes a compromise to give Rigby a few days to improve his skills. Bankis accepts the compromise and tells Rigby that he has until tomorrow and that if he loses, he has to pay the $36,000 and that him and his friends are banned from the restaurant. After when Bankis and his goons leave the restaurant, everyone turns angerly towards Rigby, making snide remarks and threats.

The scene changes to the park where Rigby is making his own bank shot hoop to practice with. He throws unsuccessful bank shots, breaking a window and angering Benson in the process. With no more choices, Rigby picks up the phone, and calls Don, asking for help. Rigby is then seen sitting outside on the steps, waiting for his brother to arrive. Don shows up and happily greets his older brother. He quickly takes notice of Rigby's make shift bank shot hoop and throws a successful bank shot himself. Don then asks his brother what the problem is. Rigby then explains to Don about his confrontation with Bankis and that he needs his help to win the bet. Don gladly accepts and tells Rigby to show him what he's got. Rigby shoots the ball and ends up missing and breaking the same window, angering Benson yet again.

After failing some practice shots, Rigby asks Don how he can never miss a bank shot. The younger raccoon tells his brother that he's just over thinking it, and compliments him by telling him that he's just as good, maybe even better at it and that he believes in him. Rigby then shoots a successful bank shot, as much to the others' surprise. Rigby explains to his friends that Don helped him improve his skills. Muscle Man tells Rigby that they are with him no matter what. Skips then says that they would prefer that Rigby wins.

Rigby and the others arrive at Wing Kingdom as much to Bankis' delight. Bankis starts the match off, by throwing a successful bank shot into the hoop. Rigby then prepares himself to make the shot, until Bankis puts on the eggscellent hat. Rigby glares and then shoots the ball, and scores. The match continues with some really cool bank shots being thrown by each player. Bankis, obviously getting frustrated, throws the basketball towards the wall near a corner booth, then it rolls off the antlers of a stuffed moose head, hits the ceiling fan propeller, bounces off the counter, hits a cup and falls into the hoop, shocking Rigby. Rigby then shoots a better bank shot and scores. Bankis, now really frustrated, throws another bank shot, but ends up missing.

As his friends cheer him on, Rigby closes his eyes, concentrates and then throws the ball. The ball hits and bounces off a jukebox, and then it hits a neon light, ricochetting the ball towards the bathroom. It then rolls around the toilet seat and then launches out of the bathroom, hits a wall, and then finally sinks into the hoop, making Rigby the winner of the triple-or-nothing bet.

Rigby walks up to Bankis and tells him that he's going to be paying for his own meal and then demands for his hat. Bankis reminds hm that he still won fair and square on the double-or-nothing bet, and  refuses to give up the hat, disappointing Rigby. The God of Basketball enters the room and tells Rigby that his double or nothing shot is still in play. Surprised by this statement, Rigby asks the god how this is possible. The god tells Rigby that after when the ball flew out the window, it never stopped bouncing, that that he followed the ball as it bounced all the way around the world, and that he came to the restaurant ahead of time to catch the final moment himself.

The ball ends up breaking through the cardboard window, bounces and breaks the bar stools, hits the fountain drink dispenser, breaks a plant pot, bounces off a couple's banana split, flies towards the bathroom, flies back out, rolls off the moose head's antlers, bounces off a customer's plate of wings, hits Bankis, rolls around the rim of the hoop, and then finally, dropping through the net, causing the entire restaurant to break out into applause. The god then gives Rigby the eggscellent hat and tells him that he has made the greatest bank shot of all time. The gang then cheers an "OOOOHHHHH!" and the episode ends.




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