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Ballroom Ghosts
Ballroom Ghosts
Biographical Information
Home: The Park
Occupation: Dancers
Species: Human (formerly),
Ghosts (currently)
Gender: Male
Show Information
Voiced by: Jaleel White (Darryl and Cool Shades)
Roger Craig Smith (Emp'r)
Appears in: "T.G.I. Tuesday"

The Ballroom Ghosts (Johnny Empr'r, Darryl and Cool Shades) are the main antagonists in "T.G.I. Tuesday".

In 1985, Empr'r, Darryl and Cool Shades wanted to throw a party for a young woman named Charlene. Before she was able to show up, however, they partied so hard that their bodies stopped working, turning them into the Ballroom Ghosts. They believe that one day Charlene will return.

Almost 30 years later, they still haunt the trashed ballroom and won't let Mordecai, Eileen and Rigby use it to party. The ghosts challenge Mordecai, Eileen and Rigby a dance off, mocking their plans to throw a party on a Tuesday. Although the ghosts keep using the same moves over and over, they continue to out-dance the competition.

Mordecai tells the Ballroom Ghosts that they want to throw a party for Margaret in case they never see her again. The ghosts finally realize that Charlene is never going to return and they decide to let Mordecai and Rigby use the ballroom (they also agree that they should have partied on a Tuesday as well).


  • Jaleel White (well known as Steve Urkel in Family Matters) voices Cool Shade and Darryl while Roger Craig Smith voices Johnny Empr'r.
    • Coincidentally, both actors have voiced Sonic the Hedgehog at one point.


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