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"Bald Spot" is the sixth episode of Season Four of Regular Show. It is the eighty-fifth episode overall, and first aired on November 12, 2012.


Muscle Man gets a bald spot from a bad haircut on his one-year anniversary with Starla, and goes out of his way to prevent her from noticing.


The episode starts with Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost at a barber shop called "Cheap Cuts." Muscle Man tells Tony, the guy giving him a haircut, that tonight is his and Starla's one year anniversary and they're planning on going to the roller rink in town and that he requested their favorite song at the end of the night. After Tony finishes Muscle Man's haircut, he holds a mirror for Muscle Man to look at and he quickly notices a bald spot. Thinking that Starla won't love him because he's bald, Muscle Man tries various methods of covering the spot, such as wearing a novelty hat, having it combed over and even using a hair-growth spray, but none of them work.

Back at his trailer home, Muscle Man tells Hi Five Ghost the only thing he has going for him is his hair, which he's losing, and his "muscles" (which are actually man boobs). That gives him the idea to flex his man boobs all throughout the night so Starla would only pay attention to them, and wouldn't notice his bald spot. When he arrives at the roller rink, he begins to do this and it works. However, as soon they get tired, he tells Starla he needs to go to the bathroom, and walks away. After a while, Starla and Hi Five Ghost begin to wonder why Muscle Man is in the bathroom for so long, so Hi Five Ghost goes to check on him. In the bathroom Muscle Man tells Fives that he started slapping and punching his "pecs" and now they're flexing uncontrollably.

HFG tells him their song will play any minute and he needs to get back out into the rink, so he does and he and Starla begin to skate. But Muscle Man's breasts hypnotize all the girls in the rink, and they throw Starla out of the way and begin to chase after them. Then all the girls' boyfriends attack Muscle Man for stealing their girls, causing Muscle Man to fight all the boys and Starla to fight all the girls. While they're fighting, Starla asks Muscle Man if he's flexing his muscles to attract other girls and wants to break up with him. He hesitates to confess, but he admits he's bald and shows everyone his bald spot, which un-hypnotizes all the girls and everyone goes away. Muscle Man tells Starla she probably hates him now, but she tells him she still loves him and it's what's on the inside that counts. Then she sees stubble on Muscle Man's bald spot and tells him he's not going bald, he just got a bad haircut. They then start making out on the floor and a disgusted Mordecai, Rigby, HFG, Margaret, and Eileen leave.





  • Skips reveals that he is bald and his hair is actually a comb over.
  • Muscle Man's pecs are shown to be dangerous when a skater trips and gets his head stuck between said pecs, being burned in the process.
  • Ironically, while this episode focuses on Muscle Man's fear of losing Starla because of his baldness, he does eventually go bald in the series finale but his marriage to Starla remained stable.
  • The barber shop scene is a Homage to the movie Rushmore, where the character of Max Fleischer is talking to his father about his school. In this episode Muscle Man talks to the Barber name Tony.


  • When Starla said "You're lying!" after Muscle Man claimed she was the only one he loves, her lipstick is missing.
  • When Hi-Five Ghost entered the restroom, the stall handles were on the left side. When he opened the door, the handle was on the right side. Also, the door opened inwards, but when Muscle Man was explaining the issue with his pecks, the door is missing.
  • When one of the male skaters punched Muscle Man's pecs, it vaporized his hand yet after the trance was broken he still has it afterwards.

Production Notes[]

  • This is the lowest-rated episode on IMDb, with a score of 6.8/10.