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"Bachelor Party! Zingo!!" is the thirty-fifth episode of the fifth season of Regular Show. It is the one hundred fifty-first episode overall, and premiered on July 31, 2014.


Skips must plan the perfect bachelor party for his cousin, Quips.


Skips receives an invitation from his cousin Quips to his bachelor party. Quips arrives shortly after, and makes a few requests for the party: for Skips to be his best man, and to enjoy eating "Wings on a Hill" with his best friends. Skips promises to get everything sorted.

While Mordecai and Rigby are preparing their sack lunch in the kitchen, Skips calls up Wing Kingdom, only to find that they're closed for a private party. Mordecai and Rigby (along with Muscle Man and Fives) hear from Skips that he needs to plan a bachelor party for Quips, which he doesn't even know how to do. Despite who it's for, the guys decide to handle the celebration while Skips deals with the wings.

After "ambushing" Quips at his day job, the celebration gets underway while Skips calls every wing restaurant in the city with no luck. After various activities, Skips talks with Mordecai and Rigby. They suggest calling Wing Kingdom again to check if the private party is over: Unfortunately, it's still going. Skips ends up stuffing tissues in a Wing Kingdom bag. When Quips discovers this, he obviously doesn't take it as a real joke, and start sobbing at the failure of "Wings on a Hill". Luckily, Muscle Man know another place with wings.

The place is called "Wings for Real Men". As they head over the creek, Muscle Man warns the guys that the people who run the place "take their wings super seriously". They go inside the old building and Skips calls the men out. Three men come out, and Skips asks them for a bucket of wings to go. He notices a poster saying they can earn "Free Wings for Life" by completing the Inferno Wing Challenge. He accepts, but the 3 men tell him that the wing sauce is made from dangerous ingredients, being mutated ghost peppers, hot magma extract and black widow venom, and the challenge must be completed in 2 minutes without bleu cheese as an assistance.

Quips begs him not to do it, but Skips decides to stick to his cousin's promise. Starting the timer, Skips begins eating the wings. Despite the spiciness, he manages to make it through a lot of wings, but his body looks like it would fail him. With three wings remaining, he enters a subconscious state. When he opens his eyes, he is in an inferno-likeplace. He hears the chanting of  "Zingo!" by three live chicken wings, dubbed the "Zingos". Skips decides to fight his way out, and he throws the leader Zingo down the river. He beats the first two Zingos, who revert to the regular wings and he eats them. He jumps down on the platform and gets in a headlock with the leader, who tells him this is his biggest failure since Desdemona. Enraged, Skips lifts him up and sends him in the waterfall. Eating the last wing as the rain comes, he shouts a triumphant "Zingo" and wakes up eating the final wing while being cooled with lemonade.

The others congratulate him, even Quips. Skips demands the men for the wings, but they show him the fine print; you don't get free wings if you live among city folk. Skips punches the leader and steals the wings. The guys run out as the building sinks into the creek. As the sun rises, Quips thanks his cousin for the best night of his life as they all eat wings on a hill. Quips' soon-to-be wife Monica drives up and meets with everyone, and tells them her bachelorette party at Wing Kingdom was a good time. Quips tells the guys she'll be wearing his "wedding wing", to which they all shout "Zingo", amusing Monica.


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  • Quips' full name is revealed to be Quintin Q. Quippenger, as shown on the wedding invitation that was sent to Skips.
  • It's possible that the episode takes place on July 29 because during Skips' search for wings he said: "Oh, why'd today have to be National Wing Day?", which is celebrated annually on July 29.
  • The places Skips asked to see if they have any wings on his list: Wing Kingdom, Inherit the Wing, Thighs Guys, The Wing in the Willows, ...One with the Wing, 12 Angry Wings, Wing Suit Riot, Wicky Wild Wild Wings, Guess Who's Coming to Winger?, Ding-A-Wings, Wingin' It and Blingin' It, and If You Like It Put a Wing on It.
  • Quips gets engaged and latter married to a woman named Monica who actually finds his jokes funny.
  • Prior to this episode, Quips reveals he didn’t have any friends before Skips and the others, more than likely due to his bad jokes.
  • Its revealed that Skips has a fear of letting people down ever since he lost Mona.
  • After finishing the final inferno wing, Skips yells out "Zing-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!" while being showered with lemonade. This is a reference to "A Streetcar Named Desire" when yells for Stella in the rain.

Episode Connections[]

  • This is the second appearance of Quips since his debut. (TV: Quips)
  • The last Zingo mentions that the wing challenge could have been Skip's biggest failure since losing Mona. (TV: Skips' Story)


  • At one part where Everyone is running out of the "Wings for Real Men" Restaurant, Quips' Chain Ball is missing.