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The Astronauts are two minor characters featured in "Grilled Cheese Deluxe".

The Astronauts take Mordecai and Rigby on a tour of the compound, thinking that Mordecai and Rigby were actually astronauts. They believed everything Mordecai and Rigby said during their lying contest up until Rigby said they weren't actually astronauts. 



The most talkative of the two, Jones is the one with grey, nearly black hair. His ID card shows that his birthdate is May 8, 1956, making his age at the time of Grilled Cheese Deluxe 54 years old. He is 6'2" tall, slightly shorter than Mordecai.


He is the brown-haired astronaut who doesn't talk very much. He has a moustache and is around the same height as Jones. He wears the exact same spacesuit as Jones, as they are both astronauts who work together.


The astronauts are shown to be very friendly to Mordecai and Rigby when they overheard that were astronauts, unaware of the fact that they were lying about it. They are extremely social and were fond of duo's fabricated stories when they were touring the compound. However, as soon as the anti-matter nucleus became unstable, they were not hesitant (Jones in particular) on sacrificing Rigby to prevent catastrophic losses of innocent lives. When the duo finally dropped their facade, the astronauts kicked them out of the compound and threatened violence should they ever pretend to be astronauts again, severing whatever friendship they had with Mordecai and Rigby.


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