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April Stewart (also known as Gracie Lazar)[1] (born February 8, 1968)[2] is a singer and a voice actress for Regular Show.[3] On Regular Show, she voiced the first female antagonist, Susan, among others.

Early life

Her father was Freddie Stewart, a jazz singer.[1] She graduated high school in 1987.[4] She grew up in Truckee, California, starting her acting career by performing in the Truckee Actors Guild.[1] She had theatrical training at the Pacific Conservatory for the Performing Arts.[1]


She is best known for voicing several characters, most of which being mothers, in the animated television show South Park.[5] She also voice acted in shows such as Grim & Evil and Winx Club, and as Maria Rivera in El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera.[1][2] Her voice acting agency is AVO Talent.[6] She also acted in theater as Portia the stepsister in an adaption of Cinderella.[1]

Voice credits

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Season 2

Personal life

She is married and has a daughter.[3]

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