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This page is the transcript for "Appreciation Day".

(The episode begins with Benson giving out appreciation plaques.)

Benson: The next person receiving an appreciation plaque is... Skips. (applauds) It says here in the Book of Park Records that you went the whole year without taking a day off.

Muscle Man: Oh, man, that's like, 400 days!

(Mordecai and Rigby look at Muscle Man in confusion)

Benson: Thanks, Skips, we appreciate it. The next is... Pops.

Pops: Hooray!

Benson: For helping a baby bird back into its nest.

Mordecai: Oh dude, we're next.

Rigby: That plaque is gonna look sweet hanging on over my bed.

Mordecai: Yeah. Finally some recognition. (high-fives)

Benson: And last, but not least, two guys who really pulled it together this year. Two guys that remind us to not just work hard, but to work hard at having a good time. Two guys that we couldn't do without. And these two guys are Mmmm... Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost.

Muscle Man: WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Yeah! Eat on that, Mordecai and Rigby!

(Muscle Man and Hi Five ghost go into the golf cart).

(Muscle Man drives in a circle).


(Muscle Man drives away).

Mordecai: Come on Benson, what about us?

Benson: Oh, yeah. Mordecai and Rigby. Let's see, let's see. (closes book) Clean up this mess.

(Benson starts to walk away).

Mordecai: Wait, Benson. What about our appreciation plaques?

Benson: In order to get a plaque, you have to do something that's appreciated. And according to The Book of Park Records, all you guys do is mess up and slack off.

Mordecai: We do stuff for The Park all the time.

Rigby: Yeah, there has got to be something good about us in that book.

(Rigby reaches for the book but Benson pulls back).

Benson: This book is a record of everything that has ever happened in The Park. It's been handed down from manager to manager since The Park's founding. It's a sacred document, so keep your dirty hands off.

Mordecai: Can't you fund in a bit to make us look better?

Benson: No, I can only write the truth, and the truth is I don't appreciate you.

(Benson drives away).

Rigby: Awwwwwww, I can't believe this.

Mordecai: Relax, dude. We just need to do some work so he'll see what awesome employees we are. I bet if he sees us doing one job, he'll totally appreciate us.

Rigby: Yeah! We'll make him appreciate us so hard, we'll be the ones handing out the plaques. To.....ourselves.

(The scene then cuts to Mordecai and Rigby raking leaves. Mordecai points out Benson riding up to them on the golf cart. Mordecai and Rigby start to rake the leaves. When the golf cart comes up to them, it turns out it was Pops. Pops waves to them. Mordecai and Rigby then start to fight, and end up in the leaves beating each other up. Benson walks up to them and sees them beating each other up. Then he writes something about them in The Book of Park Records. The scene then cuts again to Mordecai and Rigby mowing the lawn. Rigby points out Benson. Mordecai then makes the lawn mower goes too fast, resulting in them almost running over Benson and both of them crash into a tree. Benson writes something about them in The Book of Park Records. The scene then cuts once again to Mordecai and Rigby painting the house. Rigby and Mordecai are painting when the ladder Rigby is standing on falls over and knocks into Mordecai. The paint bucket Mordecai was holding drops. The paint lands on the golf cart, and Benson once again, writes something about them in The Book of Park Records).

(We then cut Mordecai and Rigby cleaning the golf cart with sponges).

Mordecai: Aww, this is hopeless! Benson is never gonna appreciate us! Anyone who reads that book will think we're complete slackers.

Rigby: What if we change it? We can re-write it, so we look like the employees of the century!

Mordecai: Dude. Let's go change that book.

(Scene goes to Mordecai and Rigby sneaking into Benson's office).

Rigby: (Looks around the room) The coast is clear.

Mordecai: The Book of Park Records.

(The book suddenly moves in Mordecai's hand).

Rigby: Dude, open it up.

Mordecai: I don't know, man. Maybe we shouldn't do this. What if we aren't meant to see what's inside?

Rigby: Pfft. If we were not supposed to see what's inside, they shouldn't have taught us how to read. (Looks in the pages in the book).I found our names!

Mordecai: Give me that.

(Mordecai takes the book back from Rigby).

Rigby: Hey!

Mordecai: Mordecai and Rigby are lazy, GOOD-FOR-NOTHING SLACKERS? Awww!

Rigby: It's kind of true.

Mordecai: Their continued employment is one of life's greatest mysteries? Can't be taught, untrustworthy, useless, destruction of park property?

Rigby: Oh sure, that one time.


Rigby: Ugh! Anyone who reads that is gonna think we're complete tools. (Kicks the phone).

Mordecai: No, they're not. Let's change this stupid book. Mordecai and Rigby are my two favorite employees.

Rigby: Let me try. Every morning Mordecai and Rigby make blueberry pancakes, do the dishes, and wash the floor.

Mordecai: I save all my hardest jobs for them.

Rigby: They're always sweating from all the hard work they do.

Mordecai: Hahahaha! They're the most reliable guys I ever met.

Rigby: I trust them with my own life.

Mordecai: Wait, wait. I got one. Check it. There was this blizzard, and Skips broke his leg, but it didn't matter because Mordecai and Rigby took him to the hospital.

Rigby: Hahaha! They totally took him to the hospital!

Mordecai: Yeah, the emergency part of the hospital!

Rigby: Then they were suddenly attacked by Snowballs the Ice Monster. It was like 20 feet tall with-

(The duo hear footsteps coming toward them and see the doorknob start to move).

Mordecai: Dude, it's Benson. Dude, we gotta get out of here.

Rigby: Wait, I'm not done!

Mordecai: Rigby!

Benson: (Benson walks into the room, looking at his desk). There it is. (He walks to his desk and picks up The Book of Park Records) Huh? Hmmmmm... (Leaves the room).

Rigby: Awww, man, I didn't get to write the ending!

Mordecai: Whatever, dude. It's not like anyone is gonna believe that stuff. Just be glad we didn't get caught.

(The scene then cuts to the next day, where Mordecai and Rigby are in the kitchen).

Rigby: Are those pancakes? I smell pancakes.

Mordecai: Blueberry? Man, those smell good.

Rigby: Yeah. Who's making them?

Benson: What are you two slackers- (Sniffs the air) Wow, Rigby, those smell great.

Rigby: Yeah, but-

Benson: Are they ready yet? I'm starving.

Rigby: Ugh, sure.

Benson: (Eats a pancake) Rigby, these are incredible. Thanks. You made my morning. Oh, no. Oh, no you didn't. Did you guys do the dishes too?

Mordecai and Rigby: Ugh, yeah.

Benson: And you washed the floor?

Mordecai and Rigby: Yeah!

Benson: Oh, man I appreciate that, you know I do.

(Benson, Mordecai, and Rigby all high five each other).

All 3: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!!!

Benson: I need reliable guys like you to do some hard jobs for me today. Are you in?

Mordecai and Rigby: Yeah...

(Various scenes cut to Mordecai and Rigby doing a ton of hard jobs).

Rigby: Ugh! It's so hot. I can't stop sweating.

Mordecai: Dude, is it just me, or does being appreciated blow?

Rigby: Yeah man. It's not worth it.

(Pops drives by).

Pops: Mordecai, Rigby, did you hear? There's to be a blizzard this afternoon!

Mordecai: But it's the middle of Summer.

Pops: I know, but look! (shows he has tennis rackets tied to his feet) I've already donned my snowshoes.

Rigby: Pfft, snow? Sounds like more crazy Pops talk to me, right?

Mordecai: Yeah.

Mordecai and Rigby: (Start laughing)

(A giant blizzard appears out of nowhere).

Mordecai: This is crazy!

Rigby: Dude, I think it's the book!

Mordecai: What?

Rigby: Don't you get it? The pancakes, Benson liking us, the work, this blizzard!

Mordecai and Rigby: Skips!

(We then see Mordecai and Rigby driving the golf cart).

Mordecai: Dude, how are we gonna find him? I can't see anything!

Rigby: Just keep going! (The duo crash into something) What was that?

(Mordecai and Rigby get out of the cart and realize that they ran over Skips).

Mordecai and Rigby: Skips!

(Mordecai and Rigby lift Skips up. His leg is broken because of the crash, making him scream)

Rigby: That's not good.

Mordecai: Help me get him into the cart!

(Mordecai and Rigby get Skips into the cart and drive away. They keep driving until the cart gets stuck in the snow.)

Rigby: Oh no! We're dead!

Mordecai: Wait here!

(Mordecai runs away).

Rigby: Mordecai! Come back!

(Mordecai uses a snow machine to clear all the snow. We then see a giant piece of ice starts to fall).

Rigby: Look out! (Mordecai notices the ice and runs away just in time. A giant ice monster resembling a spice worm from Dune appears out of a block of snow.) I don't remember writing that in the book.

Mordecai: You had to say Snowballs the Ice Monster?

Rigby: He doesn't look that bad.

Mordecai: Fire? You made him breathe fire? Are you kidding?

Rigby: It's looking at us! (The duo drive away.) This is all your fault!

Mordecai: You were the one who wanted to change the book.

Skips: You wrote lies in the Book of Park Records?

Mordecai: Maybe...

Rigby: Yeah, well... You're the one who made me stop writing. There's gonna be a super sweet ending with bazookas, and explosions, and a heli--

Mordecai: Rigby, the book. If everything we write in the book comes true, then all we need to do is... (gasp)

Mordecai and Rigby: We gotta find Benson.

(The duo meet Benson near Pops’ house.)

Benson: Hey, just the guys I wanted to see. I’ve got your appreciation plaques.

Mordecai: (grabs the Book of Park Records from Benson) Not now. I'm gonna make everything go back to normal.

Rigby: Wait, you're not gonna change everything back, right? At least, leave some of the good stuff.

(Snowballs the Ice Monster grabs the book from Mordecai.)

Mordecai: The book! (Mordecai and Rigby chase after the Monster. The Monster rips the pages out of the book and tosses them away.) NOOO!

Rigby: (Snatches all the pages) Mordecai, hurry! Write something!

Mordecai: "...then the monster breathed fire on itself and he melted." (The Monster is still alive and it burns park visitors’ cars.) "...and then the monster disappeared forever."

(The Monster burns Pops’ house.)

Rigby: Why isn't it working?

Skips: (drives past them in the cart) Because he still has the cover!

(Skips drives towards the Monster as fast as he can. He steps on the gas and increases the speed even more that makes his cart fly. The cart crashes into the Monster’s arm that makes the book cover fall to the ground. Rigby speeds towards the cover.)

Mordecai: Rigby!

(While Rigby runs towards the cover of the book, Snowballs the Ice Monster notices him running to get the book cover and chases after him. Rigby speeds as fast as he can to get the cover, and jumps in the air, just when Snowballs was just about to bite him, and finally grabs the cover. Then, Rigby notices that Snowballs was running towards him, getting ready to swallow him.)

Rigby: Mordecai, catch!

(Rigby throws the cover to Mordecai and right after that Snowballs swallows him. Mordecai grabs the cover of the Book of Park Records, restores the book, and starts to write in it.)

Mordecai: "...and the monster went away and everything went back to normal."

(Snowballs the Ice Monster was about to eat Mordecai, but the melts down to ground, and then, the snow from Snowballs absorbs into a little snowball and completely blows up. And just like that, everything was all back to normal.)

Mordecai and Rigby: Whoa.... Cool...

Benson: I'll take that. (snatches the book from Mordecai) I don't know what's been going on here, or why you two jokers have my book, so you had better clean this mess up starting now, or YOU’RE BOTH FIRED!

Mordecai: What mess?

(Benson looks around and sees no mess at all.)

Benson: Uh...

Rigby: We did all the jobs you asked us to do.

Benson: Skips, let's get out of here.

(Benson and Skips drive away in the cart.)

Rigby: What? Still no appreciation plaques?

(End of Appreciation Day)