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"Appreciation Day" is the third episode of the season two (and the fifteenth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on January 10, 2011.


Mordecai and Rigby decide to write fraudulent statements in Benson's book of park records, but trouble ensues when the listed events happen for real.


It's Appreciation Day at The Park and everybody (except Mordecai and Rigby) get appreciation plaques. Angry that they didn't get plaques, Mordecai and Rigby decide to try and do hard work, but more often than not, they mess up in front of Benson. Late at night in Benson's office, they sneak inside, find the Book of Park Records and change their terrible records into very unrealistic, outstanding ones. Before Rigby can write the ending of a fake story about them, Benson enters the office and they are forced to hide under the desk as he takes the book.

The next morning, Mordecai and Rigby awake to find blueberry pancakes in the pan. Benson enters and believes the two made them, as they wrote in the book that every morning they make pancakes. Other events they wrote about mysteriously occur, such as the dishes being cleaned and Benson liking Mordecai and Rigby; later, an unexpected blizzard occurs, and the pair realize that everything they wrote in the book is coming true. They remember that Skips is supposed to break his leg, and set off to find him in a cart; the two crash into Skips, at which point he breaks his leg. Mordecai and Rigby help him into the cart, but get stuck in an area of thick snow. Mordecai removes the snow with a lawn mower, just as a massive pile of snow is electrocuted by broken power lines and turns into Snowballs the Ice Monster.

The monster starts breathing fire on the trees and the three flee in the cart. Mordecai realizes that if everything in the book comes true, then all they have to do is find Benson and erase all of the lies. They reach Benson and Mordecai grabs the book, but the monster snatches it before he can change anything. It slithers away, ripping out the pages with its claws. Rigby catches the pages and brings them to Mordecai, who repeatedly tries to write an ending to the story in which the monster dies, to no avail; Skips tells them they can't change anything because Snowballs has the cover. Still in the cart, Skips speeds up and smashes through one of the monster's arms, causing the book to cover to fall into the snow.

At this point, Rigby, determined to save the park, runs straight for the cover, and the monster chases him. Rigby gets there first, tossing Mordecai the cover as Snowballs, having caught up, eats him and heads for the latter. Mordecai reconnects the pages with the book, and frantically writes that the monster "went away and everything went back to normal" just as Snowballs reaches him. The monster disintegrates and forms a large ball of snow which explodes. Mordecai falls back, and the two wake up to find that everything is the way it used to be. Benson takes the book away and tells them, as usual, to clean up the mess, or they'll be fired. Rigby says that they did everything he told them to do and there was no mess to clean, so Benson drives away, silent. Confused and slightly annoyed, Rigby shouts, "What? Still no appreciation plaques?"


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  • Skips went a whole year without taking a day off.

Pop Culture References[]

  • The opening scene in this episode, where everyone gets appreciated except Mordecai and Rigby is very similar to the opening scene in episode 6 of the British sitcom, The IT Crowd, "Aunt Irma Visits".


  • When Benson is looking at the waxed floor, his lips are gray instead of purple.
  • There is a brief scene where after Benson gave Pops his appreciation plaque, there are three appreciation plaques left on the desk despite saying that Benson would be giving only two more. Plus, before Benson announces the winners, there are four appreciation plaques.
  • When Benson drives off, the front cover of the "Book of Park Records" doesn't contain the text "Park of Records" on it when Benson drives off.
  • When Rigby runs up to the phone and kicks it, the stapler from earlier in the scene where Mordecai and Rigby enter Benson's office to alter the "Book of Park Records" disappears.