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Apple Sauce, previously known as Leroy, is a pig that Benson owns as a pet.


He looks like a pig with half a skull on his arm


Apple Sauce, when under the name Leroy, robbed banks with his partner Harry Roughauser. Leroy wanted to opt out of the bank robbing routine to live a normal life. Being Harry wanted otherwise, the two had an altercation, then parted ways.

Leroy joined the Oink Foundation, and then was later adopted by Benson whom (unknowing of his former title) changed his name to "Apple Sauce". While being delivered to Benson, Harry calls him and he alerts him that he's being held in jail, and that he needs his assistance.

When Apple Sauce arrives at the park, Benson introduces him to the park staff. Once he had done so, he hands Apple Sauce to Mordecai and Rigby, requesting the two employees to supervise the pig at his apartment, so he can attend his meeting with the City Park Council.

Before Mordecai and Rigby complete the drive to Benson's apartment, with Apple Sauce alongside them, they decide to have some fun first.

It is revealed in A Regular Epic Final Battle that Benson still owns him.


  • Apple Sauce can talk, but his only line is “I’ll never forget you.”


"Benson's Pig"

"A Regular Epic Final Battle"

The Power (Part 3)