Announcer Bot is a minor character in Regular Show who first appeared in the episode "Fool Me Twice". He is the co host of a Japanese TV game show called Fool Me Once, Shame on You, Fool Me Twice, I Punch Your Face! of the host, Game Master Mitsuru Shinehara.


Announcer Bot states that the show is looking for American contestants. It also says that at 4:30 in the afternoon, a telephone number will flash onscreen and the first person to dial the number will be chosen to participate on the show. Mordecai and Rigby say that they will attempt to enter the contest. And when they do, Mordecai and Rigby along with Benson get teleported to Japan. They end up at the game show and participate in it and managed to win. When they get to pick the prizes the Announcer-Bot comes in and tells the three that they're the very first contestants to ever beat the Baka Blitz without being punched or dying. Because of this, Announcer-Bot says that he "failed." Announcer-Bot says sorry to his master (Shinehara) until his parts all break apart and he dies.


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