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Angus is the losing candidate of the Australia federal election, making him the leader of the opposition. He served as a main antagonist in Mordecai and Rigby Down Under.


He is first seen at Outback Joey's, drinking a Koala Cola and ranting about the Australian Prime Minister's return, while Mordecai and Rigby are trying to find a way to get back to USA after being accidently shipped to Australia while sleeping in the box. When he hears the new about the Prime Minister returning to Australia after a surgery on his stomach, Angus made a vow to punch the Prime Minister before going to toilet.

The following day, he arrives at the airport, around the same time when Mordecai and Rigby accidently released the kangaroos into attacking the Prime Minister and his bodyguards. Angus charges towards the Prime Minister while his bodyguards were occupied by the kangaroos, and aims his punch towards the Prime Minister's stomach However, Mordecai was able to thwart this attempt by stealking a nearby rugby team's football and pitching it towards Angus. The ball hits the back of Angus's head causing him to barely miss the Prime Minister's stomach and punch himself instead, knocking him unconscious. He then falls down the stairs where he is noticed by the news reporters who recognize that he was a former candidate for the position of Prime Minister of Australia and laugh at him for still being mad that he lost the election.


Angus is a muscular man wearing a green military helmet, a black torn suit with a white collared shirt and brown tie underneath, blue shorts, black boots, and white shin socks. He does not appear to have any hair.


Angus is a mean-spirited, vengeful man who holds a grudge against the Australian Prime Minister for beating him in the election. He seems to be mentally unstable as he mostly shouts his words and stabs a can of soda with a knife to drink out of it.


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