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Andres Salaff
Andres Salaff
Full name: Andres Rafael Salaff
Birth date: August 30, 1981
Occupation: Storyboard artist
Storyboard revisionist
Voice actor
Supervising director
Education: CalArts
Gobelins L'Ecole de L'Image
Spouse(s): Sunha Salaff (m. since 2011)

Andres Rafael Salaff[1] (born August 30,[2] 1981)[3] was a storyboard artist for Regular Show.

Early life

He graduated high school at Shaker Heights in 1999.[2] He later graduated at CalArts,[4] and was also an exchange student for Gobelins L'École de L'Image.[5] In high school he won first prize in an art contest.[6]


Before being a storyboard artist, he was a storyboard revisionist.[5] Andres earned a bronze medal for his work on Lifeline at the 2010 Student Academy Awards in the category of "Animation".[7][8] He has recently become supervising director on Adventure Time, leaving Regular Show in the process. After season 7 of Adventure Time, he then went on to work on the last season of Uncle Grandpa.[5] Also, he does the voice of Princess on Harvey Beaks.

Boarded episodes

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 8

Voice credits

In addition to storyboarding, he also voice acts occasionally for the show; His first role on the show was that of Hector in "Firework Run", an episode which he also storyboarded.[9] He has since voiced minor characters on the show, such as Timmy in the "The Last Laserdisc Player", the only episode he has voiced in that did not involve him storyboarding it.

Season 4

Season 5

Season 7

Personal life

On July 7, 2011, he married a woman named Sunha,[10] who helped work on his student film, Lifeline.[11] He also has a brother named Carlos[12] and a sister-in-law named Jen.[13]

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