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The Ancient Order of the VHS are the main antagonists of the Season Four episode The Last Laserdisc Player. They are a group of men whose job it is to protect the VHS. The leaders, SP and LP, first appear in the library, telling Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost that they should use VHS instead of laserdisc players. They appear again in the basement, preventing the Librarian from giving Mordecai and Rigby the last laserdisc player, because they aren't using VHS. They are about to destroy the laserdisc player, when the Guardians of Obsolete Formats stop them. They eventually get defeated by the Guardians and by the Librarian, whose true form is a supernatural crystalline creature known as the Laserdisc Guardian. For some reason, almost every single member has some form of facial hair and a variety of old fashioned haircuts.


All members are human, so no real abilities though they are still dangerous. They mostly rely on firearms for combat (though they appear to only use what appears to be the MAC-10 sub-machine gun), plus they use explosive bombs that look like VHS tapes with a red switch on the side. It also appears they rely heavily on numbers to win fights. They also have a vehicle known as Tape Rewinders, which look like VHS tapes on wheels that have missile launchers on top. Also, when the Order is in trouble, they summon a large, VHS robot called the VC-Arbitrator to help them in their fight.


  • Since Timmy survived the three electric attack, it is possible that SP and Ancient Order of the VHS (Excluding LP and some others) can survive it too.


"The Last Laserdisc Player"

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