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"Alpha Dome" is the eighteenth episode in Season 8 (and two hundred and thirty-fifth overall) of Regular Show. It aired on October 20, 2016.


The park team finds the Alpha Dome, the first dome sent to space. When the crew goes to investigate they find that their inhabitants believe it is 1690.


The episode begins with Rigby sleeping under the controls because it's on autopilot, which means he doesn't have to touch any buttons. After arguing for some time, the crew reach Rawls' coordinates, where they find the Alpha Dome, the first dome sent into space. The Park Dome's computer provides a list of the Alpha Dome crew and Eileen attempts to make contact. But when the Alpha Dome does not answer the Park Dome's hails, Benson instructs Skips to go inside the Alpha Dome with Mordecai and Rigby to figure out what's going on and to keep a look out for anyone trying to get Pops. Before they depart, Skips warns Mordecai and Rigby that whatever stopped the Alpha Dome could be waiting to stop them as well.

Upon entering the dome, the three discover that the Alpha Dome is now a colony dubbed "New Silaston" and they are welcomed by pilgrim villagers. Skips recognizes one of the villagers as Mary Stone, the Alpha Dome's captain. But she is confused when Mordecai asks her why the Park Dome's computer brought them here as she finds the word "computer" unfamiliar, believing it to be a horse's name. Curious, Skips asks Mary what year it is: she responds that it is the year 1690, shocking the three.

The guys huddle up to discuss their next move following this revelation. Rigby wants to tell the villagers that they're in the future, but Skips disagrees since it could send them into total shock. Mordecai wants to get to the bottom of this, since he believes there is a reason as to why Rawls sent them here. Skips uses his colonial knowledge to ask Mary who the town's leader is. She and the other villagers claim that their leader is someone called "Silas the Wise", who appears on a crawling pilgrim as the pilgrims praise his name. When the crawling pilgrim asks if he carried Silas well, Silas warns his "carriage" of the consequences for talking before having a pilgrim boy feed the man like livestock.

Mary tells Silas that the newcomers arrived on a horse named "Computer", which immediately causes Silas to grow worried before he brushes it off. However, Skips notices something familiar about the man, who has a striking resemblance to Alpha Dome crewmember Steve Mikulski shown in the crew photo. When inquired of this, Silas is instead confused about the word "photo" and congratulates Mary for her discovery by feeding her. A frustrated Mordecai tries to ask Silas to take them to the dome's control room, but he is interrupted by a pilgrim alerting Silas that Stephen has accidentally buckled his shoe to his hat again. An amused Silas calls the pilgrims "simple creatures" and welcomes the trio as guests... but suspiciously stares at them as they depart.

Mordecai, Rigby, and Skips investigate the Alpha Dome and find various pieces of spaceship technology hidden throughout the colony: a mechanized walker behind a pile of hay, an escape pod behind a fake cow, and finally the dome's bridge in an animal pen. After the guys deal with a robotic pig that tries to blast them when they access the main console, they find a ship's log recorded by Steve Mikulski. He explains that the Alpha Dome had warped into their coordinates only to be immediately caught in a pink wormhole identified as a time anomaly. While the crew attempts to break free from the anomaly's pull, Steve grows paranoid and anxious as the odds of failure increase. He eventually gets so terrified he bolts from the bridge in a panic, which he describes in the log as a heroic sprint to a time-proof shed. Without Steve to engage the auxiliary engines and save the crew, the Alpha Dome is sent through the time anomaly while he cowers and hides in the shed.

When Steve emerges from the shed, he finds that the entire crew- even Mary- had regressed to pilgrims and lost all memory of their prior identities. When the pilgrim-ized Mary asks Steve for his name, he responds "Silas the Wise". After 2 days, Steve realizes that his shipmates' regression has made him the smartest person on the ship and their superior, which he uses to intimidate his former crewmates into submission-namely by firing a laser pistol- and deeming himself an all-powerful ruler.

Mordecai radios Benson to tell him what they have learned, and devise that the only way to learn why they were brought here is to restore the Alpha Dome crew by using the time anomaly to bring them forward in time. After sending Eileen the anomaly's coordinates and a plan is made to push the Alpha Dome in from the opposite direction, the trio are ordered by Benson to get out of Alpha Dome... but before they can, they are confronted by Steve, who has grown tired of their snooping around. He manages to capture Mordecai and Rigby, but Skips manages to escape. When Mordecai tells Steve that he won't get away with this, Steve replies that he can do whatever he wants now that he is above everybody on Alpha Dome in every way.

Steve decides to make an example of Mordecai and Rigby via a witch trail, using the technology of Rigby's video game system- which he had brought in case they had down time- to frighten the villagers. However, a villager named Wallace is confused over what makes that "witchery" evil and what makes the "witchery" Silas uses to rule over them good. Steve is quick to respond by claiming that Wallace is a witch, turning the villagers against him and ensuring he is no longer a threat to Silas' rule. Steve demands that Skips show himself, who is hiding behind some bushes while formulating a rescue plan.

Meanwhile, the rest of the park crew begin using their dome to move the Alpha Dome towards the time anomaly, which causes the Alpha Dome to shake and shudder. These "witch tremors" further motivate the villagers' anger towards Mordecai and Rigby, with Silas about to execute them until his blaster is shot of his hand. Skips, riding in the mech the guys found earlier, causes the pilgrims to scatter in fear before he blasts off the ropes binding Mordecai and Rigby. Back on the Park Dome, the crew needs to take caution, or they will be sent forward in time as well. After Eileen warns him of this, Benson claims that he is not ready to face his future yet.

The trio make a break for the escape pod, but Silas cuts off their escape and destroys the mech by ambushing them. Steve claims that he'll only get more smarter once the Alpha Dome goes through and laughs in triumph until Rigby attacks him. Steve tries to retaliate as everyone piles on top of him and pulls the trigger, but the recoil from his weapon sends all of them into the time-proof shed just as the Park Dome disengages and the Alpha Dome passes through the time vortex again. A shocked and horrified Steve hurries out of the shed... but finds himself too late. The Alpha Dome crew are no longer pilgrims, but are now glowing beings that scold him for being a jerk.

Mary explains to Mordecai that they are now super-advanced energy beings from the year 3300, meaning Steve is no longer on top. The crew quickly decide to keep Steve as a pet from the early twenty-first century and feed him some hay just like Steve did to them, establishing Steve's new place at the bottom of the ladder. Mordecai tells the crew that the guys still have no idea why Rawls sent them here, and Mary replies by saying that Rawls had instructed Alpha Dome to give the Park Dome some new coordinates. Upon receiving them, a frustrated Mordecai asks why Rawls didn't give these to them in the first place, to which Mary answers "We needed to hide your path." As she says this, she reveals a mark of Pops' face on her palm, showing that she and the rest of the Alpha Dome are part of the galaxy-wide resistance movement sworn to protect Pops from Anti-Pops at all costs. With a new destination to travel to, the Park Dome blasts off into space.


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Episode Connections[]

  • The resistance insignia from "New Beds" is seen again.

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