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Alpha-Dog is a minor character in Regular Show. He made his debut in the Season 3 episode "Rap It Up". He is the leader of the rap group "CrewCrew" voiced by rapper Childish Gambino


He wears a turquoise and white cap, a red plaid shirt, black jeans, and white shoes. He also has a red lollipop in his mouth.




  • Alpha-Dog is the third antagonist who is a musician, the first two being Future Mordecai and Future Rigby, and the second being Summertime Song (character).
  • He oddly resembles Vyron Dalyan Turner, widely known as Left Brain of the rap group OFWGKTA, the same rap group Tyler The Creator founded. Tyler also voiced the character Blitz Comet in the episode "Rap It Up".
  • Alpha-Dog's red lollipop is more than likely supposed to resemble a cigarette.
  • He was not revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. in Exit 9B.
  • He is voiced by Donald Glover, who also guest stars in Adventure Time as Marshall Lee. Oddly enough, Alpha-Dog wears a red squared-pattern shirt similar to Marshall Lee's, though this might only be a coincidence.
  • He ended up dying in the explosion that Pops' poetry rap caused.


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