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All That You Be is the final song in "Rap It Up", sung by Pops, Mordecai, Rigby, Alpha-Dog, Demel-Ishun, and Blitz Comet.



Beauty's in the center of all that you see,

Simple, yet complex and fully textured.

And beauty be apart of all that you be,

For you are the best rhymers that I've ever heard.


Why you talking 'bout beauty, man?

Don't understand what that has to do with you, fool.

You guys are like spoiled hams in a can, super-bland.

Expiration date's overdue!


The canning of meat is quite a sweet treat,

So thanks for comparing us so.

Your words are inspiring, ideas so concrete,

You really put on quite a show!

Blitz Comet:

Okay hold up, you wanna talk words and verbs,

But your face is distracting, so ugly it bugs me.

Take care of that mess and sweep it under the rug, please,

So trust me, you're only taking matters from bad to worse.

Only solution is to turn around and reverse!


A gift to us, new perspective on things,

Life looking different from where you stand true?

So much to discover, so spread your wings,

And take flight for a bird's eye view!


Okay, this be getting serious.

You guys are delirious. Are you hearing this? Talking 'bout

Positive things, but you ain't got no game.

And it's plain-to-see-you're-strange-to-me 'cuz we be,

Shining like diamonds, y'all be penny cash.

Nice moustache, conquistadors be wanting it back.

In fact, what are you? A rat, a squirrel, some sort of fat meerkat,

Who thinks he's rad? And look at 'dat,

Your bird friend's barfing words absurd again,

Useless bits of rhyme that expose the nerd in him.

And you think Alpha-Dog is gonna lie down and let you win?

Your head be all inflated, I guess just like a giant blimp!


It's been some time since I felt this way,

challenged by such worthy opponents.

Your rhyme scheme is good,

but you're missing a few components.

You may say things that hurt, or some that will sting,

But for you, it's all just postering.

Look inside and be true to some real feelings

And the world will be yours, I'm assuring.

So I thank you good sirs for this great contest

It's certainly been lots of fun.

But there's nothing you can say to put me to rest,

So really, I've already won!


  • Mordecai, Rigby, and Pops all use regular rhyme scheme. Blitz uses a Cinquain scheme.
  • In the rap, it's the first time that somebody mentions that Mordecai and Rigby are animals.
  • Rigby turned into a rat a squirrel and a meerkat
  • The entire Crewcrew died during the song.
  • Francois and V-Tron are the only ones who never had solo lines.
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