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Alastair Duncan
Full name: Alastair Neil Duncan
Birth date: 1958
Birth place: Edinburgh, Scotland
Occupation: Actor
Voice actor
Spouse(s): Anna Gunn (divorced)
Children: Emma (b. 2001)
Eila Rose (b. 2006)

Alastair Neil Duncan[1] (born in 1958)[2] is a British actor, a voice actor and a real estate broker for Regular Show.[1][3]

Early life

Alastair Neil Duncan was born in 1958 in Edinburgh, Scotland.[2]


He began acting in the early 1980s.[1] He played Jim Taggart's sidekick Peter Livingstone in the Scottish detective series Taggart.[1] He has also provided the voice of Alfred Pennyworth on The Batman and Councilor Sparatus in the video game Mass Effect.[1] He also acted in the film Split Second.[1] He has also used the pseudonyms Alastair Ducan, Alistair Duncan, Alister Duncan and Neil Duncan.[4] His voice acting agency is SBV (Sutton, Barth & Vennari).[5]

Voice credits

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Season 5

Personal life

He was married to actress Anna Gunn, well known for her role as Skyler White in Breaking Bad. Together the couple had two children: Emma (born 2001) and Eila Rose (born September 12, 2006), with Eila weighing 7 1bs, 1 oz at birth.[1][6] However, they would soon separate and in 2008 Duncan filed for divorce. The divorce was finalized the next year.[1][7] In the divorce settlement the couple agreed that Duncan would not have to pay for child support; however, Duncan is currently seeking child support after learning his ex-wife made more than a million dollars from her acting career, $890,858.83 of which being from her role on Breaking Bad alone.[7]

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